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The Sunday Somethings, 08sep13

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013

Something I’m thinking: If I don’t write this thing now, I’ll never be able to catch up with the things the kids are doing.

Something happening around the house: The cleaners are coming tomorrow for the first time in a month since we were on vacation when they were supposed to come last time. That means we have more than the usual amount of cleaning to do for the cleaners.

Something I’m reading: I read the Dry Grass of August, Hissy Fit, and Shanghai Girls. I’m almost finished with Old Man’s War. None of these are for book club, and I’ll need to read October’s book before too long. It’s been a while since I’ve read a book club book!

Something Gabe is reading: Gabe is reading Dust. He can’t seem to get too excited about it. He finished Shogun.

Something I’m watching: The fall tv shows are about to start! We recorded the new Survivor season premiere and hope to watch it tonight. We have some other shows on our radar.

Something I’m playing: While we were in Kentucky, we played Pandemic and Password. At That Board Gaming Thing, I played Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers, Smash Up, Hanabi (4 times), Escape: The Curse of the Temple (5 times), May Day May Day, Mascarade, Terra Mystica, The Resistance, Augustus, Santiago de Cuba, Shadows Over Camelot, Revolution!, Tick Tock Woodman (6 times), Key Market, Fische Flippen Frikadellen, Times Up (once with the 5th charades flip side round and once with the 4th freeze round and 5th charades flip side round), The Castles of Burgundy, Castle Panic, Felix: The Cat in the Sack, Forbidden Desert, La Boca (twice), Pluckin Pairs (twice), Tichu, and Wurfel Bohnanza. Whew! Gabe played Bora Bora, Trains, Space Cadet’s Dice Duel, King of Tokyo, Biblios, Spyrium, and maybe some others.

Something I’m creating: Nothing. I want to get back to the photobooks, but I’m having a hard time catching up from our vacation, TBGT, and being sick.

Something about both kiddos: We went to Cincinnati and Kentucky during the week of Labor Day. Highlights included the Reds baseball game (kids did great!), seeing Gabe’s dad and sister’s family at Entertrainment Junction (the kids will probably tell you their favorite part was playing in the mud), a big bonus fireworks show, playing in the fountain at Fountain Square, Graeter’s ice cream, touring the Hilton Netherland Plaza and Carew Tower, and our nice room at the hotel. Gabe’s parents joined us for the baseball game, and Gabe’s mom spent some time with us and stayed in the hotel on our last night. We took a tour of where Daddy grew up which was a fun trip down memory lane for him. Kentucky highlights included the horse park, the arboretum and children’s garden, visiting with Gabe’s parents/nephew/sister, bubble tea, surprising Heidi with an early birthday cake, and Maddie and Grandma getting twin Love Cats t-shirts. Things have been a little crazy since we got back from the trip. We had That Board Gaming Thing this past weekend, and this year my parents and sister came to watch the kids while we stayed in the hotel all weekend. That was great! We’re still trying to catch up from all the madness and have a little more craziness left this month.

Something Maddie is doing (5.5 years old): Maddie enjoyed her second week of art camp before we left for our trip, and she put on a cute art show. I’m so impressed with how her art is evolving. She’s been branching out from stick figures (well, sorta, they are now stick figures with more features and clothes). She’s been drawing tons of flowers, beach scenes, butterflies, fancy cakes, hearts, and houses. She nearly filled two full sized notebooks while we were on our week vacation with drawings. She did a lot of drawing while we were riding in the car. When we got back from the trip, Maddie had two days of track out before going back to school. We wanted to see how she would do with staying home while Daddy tried to work. Next time, she’s definitely doing some kind of camp! Grandma gave her a fancy, twirly UK skirt while we were in Kentucky, and she made all of us happy with her happy twirling in it. She was also very excited to get a UK hat like Daddy. She’s starting to bring home some more interesting work from school, and she’s starting to tell us more about what she’s learning. The transition back to school has been a little rough, but it’s better than we expected. She mostly doesn’t want to get out of the car in the morning. She seems to be doing fine with the school day, though.

Something Cullen is doing (3.5 years old): Before we went on the trip, Cullen had wet his bed a few times. Since we were worried about this happening in the hotel, we decided that he would wear pull ups at night. We knew it would be a little bit of a risk for regression since he hasn’t worn pull ups in a while. As it turns out, it caused not only regressions in his daytime pottying, but it created a rash. Poor guy just was diagnosed yesterday with a strep rash mostly in his underwear area (but it had been spreading to random places all over his body). Hopefully the antibiotic will clear that all up. Until recently, I didn’t even know that a strep rash like that was a “thing” – I only associated it with strep throat. Aside from one odd incident at school, he seems back on track with pottying. He has been wetting his bed some, but hopefully that will continue to improve. Cullen continues to be our funny kid. While we were in Kentucky, Grandpa was teasing him. Cullen looks straight at him and says, “Grandpa, that may be funny to you, but it is NOT funny to me.” Also, when he was walking into the horse park, he said, “I’m walking in like a man!” He also informed us that the old horse shoe that he got from the farrier used to be on a horse but had to be taken off because now the horse is a statue. On the way home, he entertained us with a chant about lighting and thunder after telling us that his whole body was an angry storm cloud and that his hands could shoot storms. You never know what he’s going to say next.

Something I am struggling with: Getting caught up…this is the last time that we’ll go on a week long trip right before TBGT! That was just too much…then we stayed up too late while at TBGT (guess we were a little crazy without the kids), and I caught some kind of con crud…then Cullen was diagnosed with this strep thing. I’m still not feeling better, and we just can’t seem to get anything done.

Something captured: If you don’t see the embedded video below, visit this link to see how Cullen entertains us in the car.

Allure of the Seas Cruise Highlights Video

Friday, January 13th, 2012

In addition to my incredibly long summaries that aren’t even half finished, I now have an incredibly long highlights video of our mediocre video footage. But, you know what? All of this stuff makes me happy, and I can look back and relive it through the posts and video over and over. The quality of the video suffered with the scaled down version uploaded to YouTube. Oh, well. You get the idea.

Video moments:
0:08 – My dad ziplining
0:23 – Jason ziplining
0:33 – Melissa ziplining
0:43 – Jason on the FlowRider
0:54 – Maddie dancing in Central Park
1:05 – Cullen dancing at breakfast
1:20 – Maddie dancing crazy in the Promenade
1:28 – Flash mob clips
1:55 – 70s dance party clips
2:04 – Belly flop finale
2:07 – Bartending Demo
2:10 – Qwest clips
2:24 – Italian night
2:31 – Cullen attempts the head waiter’s “mouse” napkin trick
2:48 – Carousel clips
3:33 – Parade clips
3:45 – Character breakfast clips
4:23 – Maddie dancing with Fiona
4:45 – Fountain shows

Christmas Songs by Maddie and Cullen

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

I usually like to keep my video clips under a minute, or as close as possible, but I wanted to put together several of their Christmas performances into one video. Maddie’s classroom performed a concert at school, but we were on the cruise when it happened. They had been practicing for weeks. Maddie gave us a private performance the night before the cruise.

Click on this link or visit the blog post to see the embedded video.

It’s mostly Maddie singing songs, but Cullen has a few cute moments and some singing of his own towards the end.

That Board Gaming Thing – Late Night Songburst

Monday, October 24th, 2011

I’ve been meaning to post this video, taken at about 2am during this year’s That Board Gaming Thing in September. I think a karaoke machine is in order next year.

Maddie’s birthday party video

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

I posted this video to YouTube a while back, but I forgot to link it onto the blog. It’s just a little video from Maddie’s birthday party at the museum. Click on the original post to see the embedded video.

More Walking

Monday, March 28th, 2011

Cullen’s walking and talking has taken off lately. We have a few more (bad quality) video clips of Cullen-Man walking. Click on the post to see the embedded video.

Stroller Derby

Saturday, March 26th, 2011

Cullen’s favorite activity right now is pushing Maddie’s baby doll strollers around the house. This is an activity that frustrated him at first, but he’s learned how to maneuver the stroller around corners, back it away from the wall, and remove obstacles. Maddie and Cullen have so much fun strolling around the house and going “shopping.” They pick up random items and put them in the strollers as if they were shopping carts. Cullen mimics his sister and does the same thing. He also will say, “Pooh!” and go across the room to get him to put him in the stroller. It’s very sweet!

Click through to the post, if you can’t see the embedded video.

Maddie the artist

Friday, February 18th, 2011

Last week, Maddie drew our family for the first time. The first drawing was done in crayon on a scrap sheet of paper with stuff on the back. It was pretty difficult to see as the marks were light and the print on the back showed through as well. I asked her to draw another one using marker and a fresh sheet of paper.

I loved the result!

She had running commentary the entire time that she was drawing. I took video of her creating the masterpiece. It’s a little long, but I found so much of it so amusing that I couldn’t cut too much! I love her little thought process. Click on the post to see the embedded video.

Cullen and his girlfriend – late 2010

Monday, February 7th, 2011

I’ve obviously been sorting through semi-recent videos and putting them together. This one combines videos from two music sessions in November and December 2010. Cullen loves his music teacher, Nelle! He gets so excited to see her, and he gets upset if he sees her and can’t sit and listen to her music. I love it! He’s only seen shaking his rattle in the first few seconds of the video (in the title frames), but he was shaking it like crazy before I ran to get my camera. Oh well, I included it for our memories of the “shake your rattle” song. We sing that song around the house all the time. Cullen loves it! Click on the post to see the embedded video.

A Tour of ShambroLa

Saturday, February 5th, 2011

My in-laws fulfilled a dream and opened their own shop in Lexington, Kentucky. They have had their book and wood art businesses for years, and they are excited to combine them into one physical shop. They have a partnership with a few other Kentucky artists as well. At ShambroLa, you can find a variety of unique gifts in the form of books, artwork, jewelry, ornaments, and more. Their shop is located at 208 West Maxwell Street in a charming shotgun style house in the historic district. We saw ShambroLa for the first time when visiting last Thanksgiving, and we were very impressed with how nice it was! They did a wonderful job with it, and I took some videos during our visit. Please enjoy this tour of ShambroLa! Click on the post to see the embedded video.