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The Sunday Somethings, 11oct09

Sunday, October 11th, 2009

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Something that made me happy this week: Seeing our baby boy on the ultrasound.

Something I’m thinking: It’s just a little over two months until Christmas – yikes! I have been thinking about some of our gifts, at least…of course, most people probably haven’t given any of it much thought. What can I say, I like to plan ahead.

Something I’m hoping: Same as last week…I’m still hoping to get the trip reports done for our cruise. Once I get those and the photos done on the website, I can get started on the photobook. I promised my family that I’d put together the photobook for everyone.

Something happening around the house: Gabe painted Maddie’s room! He isn’t quite finished with the deck, but he went ahead and painted her room so that I’ll be able to get started on her mural. I traced the patterns today and need to get some paints soon.

Something I’m reading: I’m still not reading. Maybe this week.

Something tasty I ate this week: I made pancakes for my family yesterday morning. Yummy! Maddie loves them (and so do we!).

Something Maddie did this week: She added a new tooth for a grand total of 6 teeth. Her teeth are taking forever to come in!! She may have one or two more, but she won’t let me feel around her gums to see. She’s definitely still teething.

Something happening with the pregnancy: We had our level II ultrasound! Unfortunately, our baby boy wasn’t cooperating and wasn’t too photogenic. We only got a few photos and none of the typical profile shots. Oh well.

Something I struggled with this week: This isn’t a struggle exactly, but I’m coming to the conclusion that Maddie has definitely regressed with her sleeping. Since our trip, I think she’s only slept through the night in her crib once or twice at most. She has been sleeping at least several hours in our bed each night (and lately more than that). Teething or adjusting from our vacation could be to blame? It is very sweet to cuddle with her in the bed. I wonder what changes we might have when we transition her to the big girl bed or stop using the pacifier at night.

Something I’m doing towards my goals: I went to a new dentist and made an appointment for a new ob/gyn (well, that’s not one of my goals). I still have one more prenatal appointment with my current doctor.

Something I learned this week: Jim and Pam got married on The Office (and maybe are having a baby?). I gathered this from Facebook updates and blogs. We loved the show but had to drop it last year as we just don’t have time for all the shows we want to watch. We’ll catch up on Netflix one of these days…

Something I’m looking forward to next week: Games “night!”

Something random: Gabe and I shouldn’t be allowed to buy Halloween candy over 3 weeks early. We’ve both been eating a bit of it each day, and I’m pretty sure that we won’t have any left by Halloween.

Something I captured: Our son’s little feet.

It’s a boy!

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

For those of you who haven’t heard, we had our ultrasound on Monday and found out that we’re having a boy this time! After our experience last time with Maddie, I wasn’t sure whether or not we were going to believe the doctor this time around. Fortunately, we are going to have a Level II ultrasound in a few weeks by a *real* ultrasound technician. If we have any doubt, then hopefully we will have a better idea after that!

This was the first image that we saw on Monday, right away:

I’m no ultrasound expert, but I don’t think this one is very hard to figure out. The doctor asked if we wanted to know the gender to which I replied, “uh, I’m pretty sure it’s a boy!” He tried to convince me that I was seeing the umbilical cord, but I knew better. I said that we did want to know and he said, “yeah, you were right. it’s a boy, pretty obvious!”

We got a bunch of photos this time, and these are the best ones.

Here’s a decent profile:

And another profile (poor guy looks a bit cramped in that space!):

This one is difficult to tell what you’re seeing, but from watching it in motion, we could see that he had his legs crossed by this point. His feet are at the left side and they appear to be crossed at about the ankle.

Then at the very end, he opened his mouth and looked like he was smiling. So cute! Well, if you like smiling skeletons. I know I do when the smiling skeleton is my son!

Our new little peanut

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

If you haven’t heard the news, we’re having another baby! Here is the new baby’s first ultrasound at almost 9 weeks. I know the ultrasound is upside down, but the baby is right-side-up. Baby #2 has an estimated due date of January 29th, just about a month before Maddie’s 2nd birthday.

Well, actually….It’s a GIRL!

Monday, October 15th, 2007

So…we had our doctors appointment today. We were expecting to have our ultrasound and confirm that we were indeed having a baby boy. We had to wait a while today, but we have learned to bring our own books for entertainment at least! Our practice has two main doctors, and they make sure that you see both of them at some point during your pregnancy. We saw the other doctor for the first time today. (more…)

Photo Calendar Updated for August and September

Saturday, September 29th, 2007

I’ve been falling behind on the photo calendar lately, but I guess that’s nothing new. I’m now caught up with both August and September. In addition to the photos from our Alaskan Cruise, I’ve posted photos from the jewelry party, some new shoes, a prize pyramid, part of my birthday presents, our baby, and yardsailing loot.

It’s a….boy! Well…maybe…

Friday, September 21st, 2007

We had our doctors appointment on Tuesday. This was our 16 week appointment (well, a week late since we were actually at 17 weeks). Usually this involves the normal monthly checks…blood pressure, weight, listening to the heartbeat. The doctor asked us if we would like to know the sex of the baby next month at our ultrasound, and we said that we would. He then asked if we would like to know right now. Of course, I thought he was joking and wasn’t going to fall for that one, so I said, “You’re not going to tell us today!” The doctor turned to the nurse and said, “can you believe this girl? We’ll show her! Get that ultrasound room ready!” And he wasn’t kidding! He said that this ultrasound was a freebie and that we would have a longer and more extensive one next month, but he could try to determine the sex for us (and we got to see the baby which is awesome!). (more…)

Photo Calendar for July

Monday, July 30th, 2007

More Photo Calendar updates! I finally downloaded all the images from both cameras. I haven’t had a chance to sort through them, aside from pick the photos-of-the-day for the calendar. In July’s calendar, you will find more painting projects, a family visit, a bridal shower, an afternoon tea, our baby’s first photo, and more. I should be posting more photos soon…hopefully.

Changes in blog content

Thursday, July 19th, 2007

Many of you have probably heard the news, but for those of you who haven’t… the blog is about to become a bit more boring (for some of you), though I suppose some of you may find it more interesting. I guess it depends on your interests. (more…)