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That Board Gaming Thing 2012

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

This may be my best TBGT year yet. We took vacation for Thursday and Friday and played games while the kids were in daycare, plus Kristin babysat for us at our house overnight on Friday. That worked out splendidly. Then, Gabe decided to just keep the kids at the house on Saturday evening. It was wonderful to have two late nights where I could actually sleep in the next morning. We’ll have to arrange something like that again next year.

The game wall (just a portion of the games that people brought that were available to play):

My “welcome board:”

We played many games new to us (and only a few that weren’t), and I got in a lot more play than Gabe (as usual). I present them in alphabetical order. Once again, I would be willing to play a 10 almost any time, and you couldn’t pay me to play a 1.

7 Wonders with (and without) the Cities expansion (Kerry only): I played 7 Wonders twice, once with the Cities expansion and once without any expansions (to introduce new players). I enjoyed the expansion, though some of the cards can be particularly brutal. I have no commentary on the balance of the new cards as I don’t tend to think about it that heavily. I give 7 Wonders an 8.

Botswana (Kerry only): This was my last game of TBGT. I wanted to play something light, and this one is definitely light. Unfortunately, I think that perhaps the mechanics of the game are broken or just the combination of people made it not work so well. I thought the animals were cute, but the game itself just didn’t seem to work. I give it a 2.

Castles of Burgundy (Gabe only): This one wasn’t new, of course. He played it late, so he was tired and one of his opponents was quite drunk. Still, it was enjoyable. Gabe gives Burgundy a 9.

Cranium Hoopla (Kerry only): We own this game, but we have never gotten a chance to play it. I needed to pick up the kids as Gabe was in a longer game, so I only had a few minutes to play. Hoopla was a great choice! We shortened the game initially to ensure it would fit within our time constraints, and I thought it was a lot of fun. I hope to pull it out at games nights at our house soon. I give it a 7.5 for party games.

Edo: I had wanted to play this one as it is one of the new games that has been generating some buzz. It’s one of the few games that Gabe and I played together, so it was nice to play in the same game at the same time (and we were able to play it with good friends). I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it either. I wouldn’t refuse to play it again, but it wouldn’t be my first choice. I give it a 5.5. Gabe gives it a 6.5.

Felinia (Gabe only): Gabe says, “Other than the bizarrish cat people theme, I found it to be an enjoyable game. I liked the mechanics. I’d have to play it again to make a final decision, but it was fun.” Gabe gives it a 7.5.

Fische Fluppen Friskadellen (Kerry only): I think that I have played the single board version of this game quite some time ago. I found myself in a 3-board/table, 15-person version of this game. The amusement factor in organizing such a large board game was great. The game itself isn’t bad, either, but I started on a very slow board. That was a bit frustrating. Much of the game is dependent on how fast the players around you play, so I’m not sure if our initial board suffered from sluggish players or a slow set up. Hard to say. Either way, I enjoyed playing and would definitely do it again. I give the game a 7.5.

King of Tokyo (Kerry only): This was a hot game last year, and it still got a little bit of play this year. We played it during an organizer meeting as we were making decisions and getting ready for the Saturday night festivities. I give it an 8 for filler games (last year, I apparently gave it a 9 for filler games).

Kingdom Builder (Kerry only): I didn’t get a chance to play this one until the last day, and I played it twice. I’d have to play it a few more times to see how well it comes together. The first time was more enjoyable due to the board and goal combinations. The second time felt much more frustrating. Considering it’s by the same guy who designed Dominion, this is not surprising. I liked it well enough that I put this one on our wishlist, but I’d have to play it more to determine whether the first or second time was a more typical experience. I give it a 7 due to that uncertainty.

McMulti (Kerry only): Paul has been trying to get me to play this one for the past couple of years, and we had a chance to play it this year. It’s apparently getting republished as Crude, and I’d be up for playing the new version next year. I lost miserably, but I still liked the game well enough. I give it a 7.5.

Milestones: I only got to play this one once, but Gabe won a copy of it in a random drawing. I’m guessing we’ll get a chance to play it some more! It felt a little tedious. It’s hard to say from a single play whether that is how I would feel each time. I would be willing to play more to find out. So far, I give it a 6.5. Gabe gives it a 7.

Municipium (Kerry only): This one didn’t seem to come together very well for me. I had fun playing due to the company, but I didn’t feel like the game was great. I would play it again, but it wouldn’t be my preference. I feel like I’m saying this a lot about games from this year. I give it a 5.5.

Nefarious (Kerry only): I only was able to play this once, but I was amused by it! I would definitely play it again, and I think I’ll even put it on our wishlist. I wonder if it would be less amusing after a few plays. I did enjoy it, and I give it a 7.5 for light games.

Peloponnes (Kerry only): I had to think for a minute to remember which one this was. We played with some expansions, and one of the expansions had a VERY frustrating last round. It had some interesting aspects, but I don’t see playing it again. I give it a 5.

Riff Raff (Kerry only): This is one that people saw from afar and wondered what it was. I knew I had to play it! The pirate ship is cleverly designed and has a counter weight in the bottom section to keep the ship swaying. It starts out a little unbalanced, too. I really like it, and I definitely want to add this one to my collection. I give it an 9 for dexterity games.

Say Anything (Kerry only): I was surprised that I liked this one. I have seen it for a while, and I would describe it as a sort of cross between Apples to Apples and Balderdash and Wits and Wagers. Or something. I don’t know. I played it very late at night, and I think that people who like Apples to Apples would enjoy it. I give it a 7.5 for party games, and I’d like to add it to my collection.

Seasons: I thought I might like this one more, but it felt too random and I had no idea what was going on in other people’s areas. It might be a better game when played with the draft phase, but I doubt that I will give it much more of a chance. I liked some aspects of the game, but it just didn’t seem to work well enough. I give it a 6. Gabe gives it a 7 (but he only played it once).

Skull & Roses (Kerry only): This was a quick filler game, and I found it to be amusing enough. I played it around the same time that I played Cranium Hoopla, getting in a few bonus games before I had to run off and get the kiddos from daycare. I’d play it again! I give it a 6.5 for filler games.

Songburst 70s/80s (Kerry only): Songburst usually comes out during TBGT at some point, and we played it on Friday night. It was not as fun as the previous year when we had massive, crazy sing-a-longs. We semi-played the game, putting everyone on the spot. I enjoy a sing-a-long, but I’m not so keen on getting put on the spot. So, I give this experience more of a 6 this year.

Taboo: We played Taboo very late on Friday, and I think everyone was tired. We had a few issues getting the game started as we located an electronic version with dead batteries and the timer in the real version was smashed to bits. We didn’t end up playing long. It was fun, but it wasn’t the best game of Taboo ever. I give that experience a 6 as well.

Ticket to Ride: Team Asia (Kerry only): I played this late on Thursday (not party game late or anything), and I was quite amused by the mechanics. The rules are very much like the regular Ticket to Ride (with the Asia map), but you have a partner. Partners act back to back and are not allowed to communicate their plans. Everyone has their own trains, and you and your partner share a set of trains in the same color. You have ticket and train cards in your hand, your partner has ticket and train cards in their hand, and you have a shared tray. You put one card into the tray when drawing new tickets or train cards. Some inflection table talk was allowed in our game which lead to some amusing “I’m putting the WHITE train card INTO THE TRAY.” The team dynamic was entertaining as people placed trains and said, “I hope this is what you wanted us to do here!” I give this version of the game an 8, and I’m putting it on my wishlist.

Time’s Up (regular and then regular combined with Title Recall twice) (Kerry only): I played Time’s Up three times during TBGT, and I greatly enjoyed it each time. I particularly enjoyed combining Title Recall with the regular set, and the “freeze round” was more entertaining than I had expected. I played with some awesome people, resulting in some highlights of the party gaming from the weekend. I give my experiences with Time’s Up from this year’s TBGT a 9 for party games.

Trajan: I only played this once, but I really enjoyed it! I don’t know if I will be adding it to my wishlist since it’s a longer game, and we don’t get as much opportunity to play those at our regular games nights. I’ll have to find out if it plays well as a 2-player game. The mancala type mechanic was interesting. Gabe and I each played once, but not in the same game. I give it an 8.5 (and it has potential for more). Gabe also gives it an 8.5.

Village: Village was another favorite for both of us of this year’s TBGT, and it is one that we’re definitely adding it to the wish list. The balance between using meeples to get points and killing them off at the right time was entertaining. I played twice, and Gabe played once. I give it an 8.5, and Gabe gives it a 9.

More photos posted!

Monday, October 1st, 2007

We’re caught up on our photo albums as of this moment. We’ll have lots more photos by Sunday since Erin and Julian’s wedding is this weekend! We’ve posted photos from my birthday and That Boardgaming Thing. We didn’t take very many photos from either event (we were a bit overloaded with Alaskan Cruise photos at that point!).

Photo Calendar Updated for August and September

Saturday, September 29th, 2007

I’ve been falling behind on the photo calendar lately, but I guess that’s nothing new. I’m now caught up with both August and September. In addition to the photos from our Alaskan Cruise, I’ve posted photos from the jewelry party, some new shoes, a prize pyramid, part of my birthday presents, our baby, and yardsailing loot.

TBGT photos

Monday, September 11th, 2006

Added That Board Gaming Thing photos. We played a ton of games in four days at the local boardgaming convention.

TBGT photos

Monday, September 19th, 2005

Added That Board Gaming Thing photos.