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New York City: Day 4, part 2, Central Park, Baseball, and Chocolate Fondue

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

After the meal, Melissa and Jason rushed off to the Ed Sullivan Theater where they had tickets to see David Letterman. They had signed up for the lottery, and Jason got a call a few days before we left for NYC. He had to answer some easy trivia questions about the show in order to get the tickets. Gabe and I were a little jealous as they also got to see Will Smith!

Meanwhile, we went to Central Park. Cullen fell asleep on the way, so he slept through our stroll in the park. We ended up doing a bit of walking since we weren’t exactly sure where the carousel was. We wanted to surprise the kids with the carousel since we had been misinformed that it wouldn’t be open on Monday. We stopped at an ice cream cart and Maddie chose a Hello Kitty popsicle. She had a treat filled day!

We found the carousel, and it was running! The look on Maddie’s face when she realized that she was about to ride the carousel was priceless. It was too bad that Cullen missed out on the experience, but he definitely needed his nap. He slept through all the excitement.

Cullen continued to snooze while Maddie climbed all over Central Park rocks.

This was clearly another highlight to her day (and the entire trip).

Cullen was still sleeping when we exited the park to head to the Ed Sullivan Theater to meet Melissa and Jason after the taping. We were supposed to meet them somewhere across the street, but that place turned out to no longer exist! Fortunately, the taping let out right after we arrived, and Melissa and Jason spotted us (and we spotted them). They had a great time at the show!

We split up again, but this time Jason and Gabe headed to the baseball game while Melissa and I took the kids for further adventures. We at a Applejack Diner which was right on Broadway, and we all thoroughly enjoyed sitting on the sidewalk. The food was just ok, but the meal was a great experience. The waitress was very good with the kids and very nice to us. I just thought it was neat to watch the world go by during our meal. I think this was the first time that I had had a meal on a NYC sidewalk.

The big event of the evening was a trip to the Dylan’s Candy Bar and Cafe, or as we called it, “the candy restaurant.” Of course, the kids were excited about that! Melissa and I may have been a little bit excited, too. The restaurant is cute, and we sat inside of one of the cupcake booths (though you can’t tell from this picture). The kids thought the gumball table was really cool.

Melissa had a Sour Patch Kids margarita which was apparently quite sour and yummy.

The kids loved it, of course. I mean what’s not to love about chocolate fondue? We had marshmallows, bananas, strawberries, and gummy worms with the fondue. Cullen was a crazy nut with the marshmallows. He made an absolute mess of his shirt, prompting me to buy stain stick to pre-treat his shirt on the way back to the hotel!

It’s hard to tell whether Maddie was more excited about the chocolate or gummy worms. Both rank pretty highly in her world!

The kids were pretty spoiled on this day as I allowed them to pick out something at the candy store as well. They both picked cute donut pillows (and have been enjoying them ever since! Maddie even uses hers as her regular pillow at night).

Melissa helped me settle the kids down when we got back to the hotel. Needless to say, they were a little bit crazy after all of the treats and excitement of the day.

Meanwhile, Gabe and Jason were at the baseball game. When we found out that the Mets just happened to be playing the Reds while we were in town, we knew that Gabe was meant to go to a game.

They had great seats, and Jason was able to get some nice photos with their SLR.

They even managed to get a picture of the two of them together (which was my only request of the game).

Jason and Gabe were amused by the section of Choo fans in the stands. Apparently, they were Mets fans but also crazy about Choo from the Reds.

The Reds won! Gabe and Jason went to the bar near the hotel after the game, and Gabe was able to experience the tasty philly cheese steak egg rolls. Yum!

Our last full day in NYC was a great one!

The Sunday Somethings, 02dec12

Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

Something that makes me happy: The kids have been playing together so nicely today. We have a lot of trouble with bedtime, so we were seeing how Cullen would do without a nap. He didn’t seem to notice. The kids entertained themselves for hours.

Something happening around the house: We’re trying to round up toys that need to leave our house, one way or another, to make way for Christmas.

Something I’m reading: I finished the third book in The Mysterious Benedict Society series and started on The Clan of the Cave Bear.

Something Gabe is reading: The Blinding Knife, when he finds time to read.

Something I’m watching: I went to see the final movie in the Twilight series with girlfriends. We had fun with our outing!

Something I’m playing: We’ve been playing NintendoLand games on the new Wii U. Fun! We look forward to getting together more people to play some of the multiplayer games.

Something I’m creating: I created some more Disney blog posts and some photo Christmas gifts. I’m almost finished with the Disney post madness…then what will I do??

Something tasty: Dark Chocolate Covered Peppermint Jo-Jos. YUM. I’m going to have to get some more of those before they are done for the season. I also picked up several boxes of their pumpkin pancake and waffle mix.

Something about both kiddos: As I mentioned above, they are playing together so well these days. They definitely fight, but they can also keep each other entertained for quite a while. Today, they were having a “Halloween party” and used their sleeping bag bags (not the sleeping bag but the bag that we stuff them into) to dress up like “pumpkins.” I love the imagination at this age. Maddie missed having Cullen at the house when she was home sick this week. I was away from the kids for a couple of days to attend my grandma’s funeral. We decided it was going to be too difficult to go on another trip after just getting back from Kentucky. It turned out to be a good choice since Maddie was sick. That made it quite a bit more difficult for Gabe, unfortunately.

Something Maddie is doing (4.5 years old): Maddie missed most of this week due to being sick with a very high fever. Her fever was over 104 on Thursday when I returned from Atlanta. I ended up taking her to the urgent care, and she was diagnosed with strep throat. This is her third time with strep throat, so it seems that she’s following in Mommy’s footsteps. I had it a lot when I was a kid, too. Ugh. Oddly, she never complained about her throat hurting. On Tuesday, she came home with her first reader from school! She was so excited and proud to read to us. She read it without even needing to sound it out (and she didn’t have this one memorized). The book had all short a sounds which she has had the most practice doing. Many of the three letter short a words are becoming sight words for her. It’s cute when she sees a word and says, “I already know that word from another book.” She’s definitely making progress with reading! When she was at home by herself, she kept complaining, “I don’t have anyone to play with!” She really loves having a little brother. She’s getting really good at Angry Birds on the iPad. I was watching her play the other day, and when she didn’t get all of the pigs with one bird, I saw her restart the level. She wants to get 3 stars on every level. I’m impressed.

Something Cullen is doing (2.5 years old): I think Cullen had a difficult time being away from home for a week and then having me away for a few days. He had an accident at school for the first time in weeks (maybe even as much as a month). He had another one today. Otherwise, he has been doing pretty well. He did pretty well for his first rollerblading lesson, but he wasn’t a huge fan of it. He skated unassisted about 5 feet at a time several times. I think he found it a little frustrating, and he’ll be happy to have his sister there next week.

Something I am struggling with: I miss my grandma.

Something I’m looking forward to: Our division luncheon at work, the annual Christmas date with Audrey (this year with Maddie, too!), Cullen’s holiday party at school, another rollerblading class for both kids, a cookie painting class for me, and our annual poker tournament.

The Sunday Somethings, 18nov12

Sunday, November 18th, 2012

Something that makes me happy: Playing “good/bad” at dinner each night with the kids. We are all enjoying talking about our day, and the kids are sharing things with us that they might not have otherwise.

Something I’m thinking: I’m thinking about taking the kids to see Santa, maybe even before Thursday. I’m all about avoiding the crowds and getting their photo.

Something I’m reading: I decided to put down the kindle and read a dusty, old paperback. I’m reading The Other Boleyn Girl which is our book club’s choice for January. I put down the 3rd book of The Mysterious Benedict Society and will get back to that after I finish The Other Boleyn Girl.

Something Gabe is reading: Still reading The Blinding Knife, though he hasn’t had much chance to read this week.

Something I’m creating: I’ve been creating lots and lots of blog posts about our Disney trip.

Something tasty: I had pumpkin pancakes at Mimi’s. They were ok, but I’ll bet the pumpkin pancakes we’re planning for tomorrow morning will be much better.

Something about both kiddos: As I mentioned, we’re all enjoying our nightly talks about all the good and bad things about our days. They both had their last class in soccer and rollerblading and received their medals in the “medal ceremony.” We signed both of them up for rollerblading for the next session. We will have to see how Cullen does as he’s a little young (it technically starts at 3, but they make exceptions, especially for siblings).

Something Maddie is doing (4.5 years old): She’s making progress with reading and math at school. She says that she loves math, and I’m excited that she’s getting interested in it. She completed her 100-board at school (where they arrange the tiles from 1-100 in order in a 10×10 grid). We have told Maddie about some of her school options. For some reason, she thinks that she wants to go to a “ballet school.” She was smiling big smiles when she started her rollerblading lesson this week. She’s still slow, but she’s getting more and more confidence. She seems to be enjoying it and wants to ask Santa for rollerblades for Christmas. The kids have been playing MarioKart on the Wii this week, and Maddie is able to finish the race and isn’t always last. This is definitely an improvement over her past performances!

Something Cullen is doing (2.5 years old): He’s been doing great with potty training, as long as he doesn’t have an upset tummy. He had a little of that this week, so he had a couple of accidents. He’s wearing pull ups at night, and every morning his pull ups are wet and often dirty. It’s hard to know if he’s doing this first thing in the morning or if it happens at night. It’s better than cleaning up dirty underwear, but it would be much better if it all went in the potty, of course. Cullen made a lot of progress in his soccer class. He has gotten the main concept of not using your hands to handle the ball and has been learning how to manipulate the ball with his feet in more subtle ways. He’s excited that he’ll be taking rollerblading with Maddie next session, though!

Something I am struggling with: The school board made a new announcement about the school assignment plan this week. We are investigating our 3 options based on our address (down from the 8 that we had before), and we toured one of the magnet schools. For a variety of reasons, we have decided we want to try for one of the two year round options near our house. The school that we are leaning towards is less than 10 minutes from our house. If we got into one of the magnet schools, we’d be looking at about 2 hours of transportation per day. Whew!

Something I’m looking forward to: A week of vacation and spending time with family.

Something captured: The kids after their medal ceremonies for their rollerblading and soccer classes.

The Sunday Somethings, 23sep12

Sunday, September 23rd, 2012

Something that makes me happy: I am happy to get to sleep in this weekend, thanks to a hubby who would rather watch his afternoon football game in peace than sleep in.

Something I’m thinking: I am thinking I haven’t written a regular blog post aside from the somethings in months. I did finish Maddie’s letter and need to put together the photos and publish it.

Something I’m hoping: I hope to finish Cullen’s letter which I should have written yesterday. Then I’ll have a break from the letters until January/February…and then “only” every six months after that for both kids.

Something happening around the house: I see that it is going to be hot later this week, but for now I’m enjoying the fall temperatures!

Something I’m reading: I’m still reading the first book of The Dresden Files. I have a bunch of stuff ready from the library, so I need to get busy on those so I can turn the wifi back on…

Something Gabe is reading: Gabe finished the first book of The Dresden Files. He has several books loaded and ready on the kindle!

Something I’m watching: Gabe is watching tons of baseball and football. We also started this season’s Survivor and I am half watching glee. Oh, and I went to a play, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) [revised]. That is one wacky play. We couldn’t stop laughing! Hilarious!

Something I’m playing: We’re not playing much Mystery Manor. That game may have finally run its course for both of us. The last couple of days, we have been playing a lot of Ticket to Ride on the iPhones! Maddie and Cullen have been playing a lot of games. They both seem to love Catan Junior. In addition, just this week, they have played Candyland, Connect Four (though not by the rules), Animal Upon Animal, Kids of Carcassonne, Five Little Monkeys, Go Away Monster, and Pengaloo.

Something about both kiddos: As I said above, they are loving games. We are excited! They aren’t always getting the strategy, but they both seem to be able to follow the rules and learn the basic game play.

Something Maddie is doing (4.5 years old): Maddie is still playing the jigsaw puzzle game on Gabe’s iPad. She’s so good at it! Maddie seems to be learning more new lessons at school. She has started her graduate art project (she chose to do a paper mache bunny), and she is enjoying French class. At home, she is constantly doing art projects and brings home lots of coloring pages, “books”, and paintings from school.

Something Cullen is doing (2.5 years old): Yesterday, I told Cullen that he was an awesome little boy and that I was so glad that he is my son. His reply was, “I’m a star, because I’m a sun.” Funny! He had a few accident free days. We still have more issues at home than at school. We’re still working on getting the poop in the potty, though we had at least once success at home this week. That was better than we have been doing. I really thought that we’d have this potty thing under control by now! I guess we’ll be packing extra clothing for Cullen for our Disney trip…

Something I am struggling with: I’m having more pain with my hand this week. Good thing I have an appointment with a specialist!

Something I’m looking forward to: Book club, lunch with a friend, dinner and games with friends, and games night. Oh, and Maddie and Cullen will start their lessons this weekend – soccer for Cullen and rollerblading for Maddie. We’re probably going to the pumpkin patch on Sunday. Whew, lots of plans coming up for us for the next few months!

Something captured: This wasn’t taken this week, but I wanted to showcase the custom-designed alien meeples (designed by one of our organizers) that we provided in everyone’s welcome bag this year.

Cincinnati: Day 2, back at the hotel and baseball game

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

After touring the aquarium, we had lunch nearby and then returned to the hotel for Cullen’s nap. When we returned to the hotel, the maid had visited and put together this cute scene.

While Cullen napped, Maddie and I went to the pool. We learned that her swim bottoms didn’t fit, so she wore Cullen’s little swim trunks. Good thing that he was napping. They fit perfectly! She was all excited about going to the pool, but then when we got there, she didn’t want to go into the water. When she was in the water, she wrapped her arms and legs around me very tightly. She seemed quite scared. I had her go around the pool with me for a few “laps,” and then we got out and sat next to the pool. Maddie wanted to get back in after we were dried and ready to leave (of course). She had not been in a pool in a while, and it had been a year since her last lessons. After this experience, I knew it was time to get lessons again!

After Cullen woke up, we had some time to kill before dinner time. Gabe’s parents were supposed to meet Gabe just before the baseball game that evening. We walked along the riverfront, and Maddie fell asleep for a few minutes. Surprisingly, Cullen was happy to just hang out in the stroller while Maddie was snoozing. We walked past the bridge that they would be crossing later to get to the game.

This is when we realized that the Cincinnati skyline had changed since our last visit. I turned to Gabe, and said, “um, was that building behind the ballpark there before?? I don’t remember it! Sure enough, it was new.

We went to dinner where they had an entire page of mac-n-cheese varieties. They were also fairly accommodating with making some things for the kids, though they didn’t have an official kids’ menu. My mac-n-cheese was fabulous!!! I want to go back to Cincinnati just so that I can get more fancy mac-n-cheese. YUM. After dinner, we walked around a little more and then met Gabe’s parents. They walked across the bridge to the game. This is one of the views from their seats.

And another view from their seats.

Gabe showed me this photo after the game, and said, “don’t delete this one, it’s Pete Rose!” I’m glad that he told me that because I probably would have been wondering about that!

Meanwhile, I had the kids in the hotel room. Bedtime was challenging, but I finally managed to get the kids to sleep. I read some of my book while Gabe was at the game and the kiddos were snoozing.

I took a few photos of Gabe and his parents at the game as I could see the ballpark.

They had a great time at the game! It went much better than the game that we attended in 2009 with Maddie. Maybe in a few more years, the kids will be able to enjoy it a bit better.

The Reds actually won! Gabe texted me and let me know that they were about to win, and I knew that I would see the fireworks from the hotel. I managed to capture them!

I’m glad that Gabe took some photos at the game. He knew I would want to have them.

It was another fun day in Cincinnati!

The Sunday Somethings, 03apr11

Sunday, April 3rd, 2011

Something that makes me happy: Playing games with friends!

Something I’m thinking: I’m thinking about when our next games night will be…

Something happening around the house: We had about 40 people at our house yesterday for games “night!” I am pretty sure that’s a record attendance for us! Wow! Gabe didn’t expect for Kentucky to be in the Final Four, so he lost some gaming time while he was watching the game by himself in the bedroom (it was too stressful to watch with people!).

Something I’m reading: I decided not to read A Clash of Kings at the moment and started The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. I didn’t give myself much time to read this week as I was focusing on my photobooks. I finished my first volume for 2010. I am pretty sure I will need 2 more volumes. I maxed out the first 12×12 volume at 101 pages.

Something I’m watching: Baseball’s opening day was this week, so too much baseball was on our TV. Gabe’s sad that he got the internet baseball package instead of getting the better DirecTV package.

Something I’m playing: I actually got to play some games yesterday. Yay! I played Expedition, Klunker, two games of Mosaix, Taboo, Wordigo, and half a game of Set. I feel like I’m forgetting something else that I played… I haven’t played Set in a few years, so I was a little rusty. I downloaded the iPhone app this morning, so maybe I can get some practice before my next match.

Something tasty: I’m hoping that the beef stew that we have cooking in the crockpot will be tasty. It smells good!

Something Maddie is doing (37 months old): Earlier today, Cullen and Maddie were eating by themselves at the table. Cullen got to the point in the meal where he starts throwing food on the floor. Maddie gently and firmly said to him, “Cullen, that is not OK. Don’t throw food on the floor. Look me in the eye, Cullen. It is not OK to do that. You need to do the right thing.” Ha! I guess she is actually listening sometimes. I think she’s still having a rough time with her transition at preschool. This week we had a bit of a breakthrough with dinner. She is so wiggly, and we have to tell her over and over to sit still and to stay in her seat. Early this week, she was driving me crazy with all the times I had to tell her to get back into her chair. She has started picking up Cullen’s straw cup when he throws it (and he’ll do that over and over). It’s sweet the first few times, but then Maddie doesn’t focus on her dinner. So, I gave her a couple of playing cards and told her that every time she gets up from the chair, she has to give me a card. She can watch Mickey Mouse before bedtime only if she has a card left at the end of the meal. When she asks to be excused from the table, she has to scrape her plate into the trash (she was getting mad when we threw her food away after she said she was done). It worked like a charm!! She now gets 3 cards at the beginning of dinner, and if she has one card left at the end, she gets to watch Mickey Mouse before bed. If she has all 3 cards (and she eats a good dinner), then she gets a special treat like a couple of jelly beans or mini marshmallows. The last two times we have done this, she had all 3 cards left at the end of the meal. This is a huge breakthrough for us! I hope it lasts.

Something Cullen is doing (14 months old): Cullen is practically running now. We are amused by how he just decided last Sunday that walking was the thing to do, and now he barely crawls at all. It’s so cute to see him toddling around! He added some more words this week. Some of his new words this week were water, more, star, hat, box, and bubbles. I’ve also forgotten to mention that he points and says, “that” often. This morning, he pointed to Annabelle and said, “Annaboo” which was about the cutest thing ever. He said it multiple times throughout the day. It was adorable. He’s been crankier than usual off and on this past week. It may be due to the cold he has had or teething (his top two teeth are through the gums) or another ear infection. He had a few rough nights this week, too. He’s loving on stuffed animals and the dolls more. He will also pass them to us and say, “awwww,” urging us to hug the doll or stuffed animal and say, “awwwwwww.” This evening, I was blowing raspberries on his chubby baby cheeks, and he was giggling and loving it. He kept turning his cheek to me so that I could do it again. Then he gave me a series of wet, slobbery kisses all over my face. Extreme cuteness is sometimes messy.

Something I’m doing towards my goals: The Walk MS event is this week. I contacted another local company this week in the hopes that they do fundraising events. I haven’t heard back from them yet. More on that later, if it pans out… We are still quite a ways away from our $8,000 goal. I hope that we will get some last minute donations this week.

Something I learned: I learned a couple new games.

Something I’m looking forward to: Walk MS!

Something captured: Maddie made a necklace at school and put it on Cullen after school.

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Go Cats!

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

The Sunday Somethings, 28mar10

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

Something that makes me happy: Before the games on Thursday, my family realized that we had a very good chance of Gabe, my dad or me winning the pool that we are all in. The only way anyone else could have won it is if Kansas State won it all. After Kansas State lost, it was down to my dad and me. It all came down to the West Virginia/Kentucky game. Unfortunately, Kentucky lost which means my dad wins the pool. The good news is that the MS Society wins! Gabe is disappointed that Kentucky won’t be winning another national championship, of course.

Something I’m thinking: Not much.

Something I’m hoping: I hope that the slides that we’ve been scanning are going to be of a decent enough quality because I’m not going through this process again!

Something happening around the house: It’s windy out there!

Something I’m reading: I finished The Secret Life of CeeCee Wilkes! I started reading The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen. Our book club is reading her newest book in May.

Something I’m watching: We’ve been watching a good number of Dead Like Me episodes. Completing the series is actually on my goals list. Funny show

Something tasty I ate this week: Easter candy. I think I was not supposed to buy any more of that, but I just can’t help myself. In fact, I think a Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg is calling my name right now.

Something Maddie is doing (25 months old): Maddie moved up to her 2-year old room this week. She is doing pretty well with her transition, but I’m thinking it’s going to take a while for her to be completely comfortable. She missed her first day of transition due to another fever and strep (again). She seems to be much better this weekend. Hopefully, the antibiotic worked this time.

Something Cullen is doing (9 weeks old): He’s developed a fussy period in the evenings, and he’s become quite attached to Mommy. If Daddy is holding him, he will scream and scream and scream until he’s in Mommy’s arms. I remember going through this with Maddie (only the screaming was for much longer periods of time). Cullen does have a piercing scream, so it’s a bit overwhelming at times. He had his 2 month check up this week and weighs over 13 pounds. He’s officially wearing the 6 month sizes now.

Something I am struggling with: Scanning old photos. I’ll be glad when it is done, but then there’s some more organizing that needs to happen.

Something I’m doing towards my goals: I sent out some fundraising emails for Team B-Patrol but have not received much response so far. I’m hoping to get more donations in the week or two before the walk.

Something I learned: I learned that the Bower Digital Slide Duplicator seems to be an insufficient method of copying slides. Bummer.

Something from last week: I scanned a lot of photos and a few slides this week. Unfortunately, the camera approach was a failure, so I’m back to using the old, old scanner and the old, old computer which is a very slow process. The results are “good enough,” I suppose.

Something I’m looking forward to: Lunch with a friend, my return to book club, and visiting with family. I’m most certainly not looking forward to my dental appointment where I will get some fillings done…the first of too many appointments to do the same. I’m terrified of the dentist and dental work and cannot stand to hear the sound of the drill.

Something random: It’s time for us to watch The Amazing Race. I always feel like we have to watch our reality shows on the night that they air so that we don’t accidentally see a spoiler on Facebook or some other random website.

Something captured: Bathtime fun!

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The Sunday Somethings, 21mar10

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

Something that makes me happy: Surviving my first time solo parenting the two kiddos. Gabe was gone yesterday afternoon for about 7.5 hours. Maddie, Cullen, and I took a decent nap while he was gone, so that helped!

Something I’m thinking: I’m thinking about the scanning project that I’d like to do with my family’s slides. I bought a slide copier attachment for my camera as well as a light box. I hope that this approach will work and I can get to work on the thousands of slides that we have. It’s a bit of an overwhelming project.

Something I’m hoping: I’m hoping to win my bracket pool. It’s going well so far!

Something happening around the house: Typical disaster of toys, dirty dishes, and piles of both clean and dirty laundry.

Something I’m reading: I started reading April’s book club selection, The Secret Life of CeeCee Wilkes. I don’t think that it will take me very long to read, provided that I find time for reading!

Something I’m watching: We’ve been watching a lot of NCAA basketball. I entered a couple of pools for the first time in several years. And I’m winning so far (in one of the pools)!!! We’ll see if I’m still in the lead after today’s games!

Something tasty I ate this week: Gabe fired up the grill for the first time this season. We had some very tasty grilled chicken. Hooray for grilling season!

Something Maddie is doing (25 months old): We’ve been taking advantage of the beautiful weather, and Maddie has been playing outside quite a bit. She asks to “play on the deck” every afternoon where we blow bubbles, play with the ball, throw helicopter seeds, screech for joy, jump, and run around. Good times.

Something Cullen is doing (8 weeks old): This morning, Cullen rolled over 3 times in a row from his tummy to his back. He was not interested in tummy time! I’m pretty sure that Maddie wasn’t rolling over like that this early! His roll from front to back is much more graceful than Maddie’s. She tended to flop pretty hard from front to back, but he rolls over gently. Strong boy!

Something I am struggling with: I’ve been struggling with the fact that my maternity leave ends in less than a month. How can it go by so quickly??

Something I’m doing towards my goals: I arranged to have a fundraiser at Five Guys Burgers & Fries to benefit the National MS Society. I can’t wait! I’ll post more details on the blog soon. The fundraiser is at the Five Guys in Cary in the Barnes & Noble Plaza across from Cary Towne Center. I’m very excited to see how this turns out. They will be donating 10% of their sales to us on the evening of April 12th.

Something I learned: I learned not to listen to any of Gabe’s “tips” when it comes to the NCAA tournament. He said one thing to me about the brackets. If he had kept his mouth shut (or if I had chosen to ignore him), then my brackets would be doing even better.

Something from last week: I decided my haircut did not need to be corrected. I purchased several of the upcoming book club books. I said last week that I shouldn’t buy any more Easter candy, but I did just that a couple days ago. I can’t help myself. Cullen stayed fever free this week, though his sister had a fever last night. She seemed fine this morning, so we’ll see.

Something I’m looking forward to: Cullen’s two month appointment and lunch with friends. Maddie’s also starting her 2-year old room at school this week! Otherwise, not too many plans on the calendar…

Something random: Maddie has been quite attached to her snack trap which has been filled with Kix lately. She takes it everywhere like a security blanket. This morning, she set off to do something and stopped herself in her tracks and said, “I almost forgot my Kix!” She also ate just one this morning and said, “I ate one kick.” Makes sense.

Something captured: Our first walk with the new double stroller!

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The Sunday Somethings, 25oct09

Sunday, October 25th, 2009

Something that made me happy this week: Celebrating my 3rd anniversary with Gabe!

Something I’m thinking: I came to the realization this week that my daughter no longer sleeps through the night. We had a few months of her sleeping through the night before the regression. We’re in big trouble when the new baby arrives!

Something I’m hoping: I’m hoping to see the rest of our photos from Catherine Keene Photography soon! We had a photo session with her yesterday, and I’ll be posting a few sneak peeks tomorrow.

Something happening around the house: Gabe stained the deck! We have been a bit stressed over how it was going to weather the winter without protection. The rails still aren’t finished, but we’re far less concerned about that part. Maybe we will have a few more nice days so he can finish those rails. I also made a little more progress on Maddie’s mural.

Something I’m reading: I finished reading The Graveyard Book for book club. I started reading The Help which is our next book club selection.

Something tasty I ate this week: Gabe and I had a tasty, fancy dinner at Second Empire to celebrate our 3rd anniversary.

Something Maddie did this week: Maddie continues to amaze us every day. This week, she said one of the most complete sentences that we have heard her say. While Gabe was getting her dressed for school in the morning, she said, “Dada, I need my pants on.” She’s a little chatterbox these days for sure. This week, we acquired a potty for her as she’s been showing some interest in wanting to sit on the potty. The first night we had it, we sat her on it before bathtime. She was so excited to sit on her very own Maddie-sized potty. She even peed in it! I think it just surprised her a little, but it’s a small step in a series of steps towards potty training. I don’t think we’ll focus on the potty training for several more months, but she’s at least getting used to the idea and starting to get some of the necessary concepts. She also appears to have (or will very, very soon) her 7th tooth.

Something happening with the pregnancy: This week, I felt very pregnant. I’m getting bigger, the trips to the bathroom at night have increased to at least two or three times, I’m no longer wearing my wedding ring, and I’m starting to see the swelling that I was oh-so-familiar-with last time. Waddle, waddle. Appropriately, I’ll enter my third trimester by the end of this week. Time flies.

Something I struggled with this week: I struggled with the thoughts that Gabe was leaving us next week for a business trip for about 3 days. Fortunately, his business trip has been postponed to November (and may only be a day or so). I know I can handle it, but it’s still scary for me. Soon, we won’t have a choice but to have a one-to-one ratio between parents and kids. I know I’ll look back on these days when it was just Maddie and think about how easy it was with just one kid!

Something I’m doing towards my goals: Hrm, nothing much in particular. We celebrated our 3rd anniversary, so I suppose we’re on our way to the goal of celebrating our 10th in style!

Something I learned this week: I attended a Mothers & More meeting where we had two members present about cultural differences between Europe and the US. One of the members is from France and the other is from Germany. It was very entertaining and informative! I learned many little cultural tidbits in this discussion!

Something I’m looking forward to next week: Book club, Halloween, and the Spooooooooky Sleepover.

Something random: Not everything happens for a reason.

Something I captured: Bengals are looking good at the half, so I thought it might be a good time to post this photo taken last week.

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