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The Sunday Somethings, 28apr13

Monday, April 29th, 2013

Wrote this last night (on Sunday), but I forgot to post…

Something that makes me happy: Finally finishing A Dance with Dragons. I have been working on reading that series for more than 6 years, and some of it has just been a chore. I guess that means I don’t love the series quite as much as others do!

Something I’m thinking: I knew after the yard sale in 2007 that I would never have another one, and I relearned this on Saturday at my sister’s moving sale. The yard sale subculture is fascinating, but it’s not worth the trouble. That being said, Gabe and I were happy to get rid of a few big items at the sale that we might have had trouble offloading otherwise. It was also nice to spend some time with my sister and brother-in-law, though I think next time we’ll pick a different activity!

Something happening around the house: I’ve been forcing the kids to pose for pictures next to windows and open doors for my photography class assignment this week.

Something I’m reading: I finished A Dance with Dragons, and now I have to figure out what’s next!

Something Gabe is reading: He finished Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Book Store and started and finished City of Bones. He enjoyed both of those. He’s now reading Elantris by Brandon Sanderson.

Something I’m watching: We’ll probably get back to watching Game of Thrones this week (after I finish the book).

Something tasty: I’m looking forward to dinner with friends tonight at a tasty Italian restaurant!

Something about both kiddos: They both had their bike days this week! Maddie zipped around on her strider at her last bike day, and Cullen plodded around on his new scooter at his first bike day. Both seemed to have a good time, and I had my best two sessions as far as taking photos of them at bike day! We are ready to take a break from rollerblading. Both kids have lost some of their motivation for it.

Something Maddie is doing (5 years old): I can’t believe that Maddie has now had her final bike day! She is making progress on her big girl bike without training wheels, but she was nowhere near comfortable enough to try it at bike day. She will be zipping around unassisted on that pretty soon, I’m sure. Maddie continues to do well when going to bed at night and has been sleeping through the night most of the last month. It’s an amazing difference, and I think that it has positively affected her in other ways. It has certainly been positive for her parents! I signed her up for two more sessions of swimming classes. She’s taking a level 1 preschool class now, and I thought she’d be ready for level 2 after these are finished. Her instructor wasn’t so sure at the beginning of Tuesday’s lesson, but by the end of the lesson she agreed that Maddie was more than ready for level 2. She jumped into the pool without any assistance from the instructor, and she was comfortable submerging her head under water several times. Considering how terrified she was of the water at the beginning of last summer, I’m extremely proud of her progress!

Something Cullen is doing (3 years old): Cullen is excited about his new scooter. He wasn’t very fast at bike day, but he seemed excited. He was exhausted by the end! We were laughing on his last laps as he tried to “sleep” on the handlebars. He even stopped in the middle of the course to sit on the scooter and take a rest. Cullen continues to be accident free with potty training during the day AND night. Of course, now that just means we’re in the phase where he goes to the potty by himself but yells from the bathroom for someone to wipe him. Cullen didn’t seem to be into rollerblading on Saturday, but he ended up doing some drills with skating around cones and even enjoyed skating backwards.

Something I am struggling with: I’m FINALLY feeling better with my bronchitis. It seems that the new antibiotic didn’t try to kill me, and it actually cured me instead. Hooray!

Something I’m doing towards my goals: I’m taking another photography class, and this one is called “Photographing Children.” I have been wanting to take it for a while. The class started last Monday, just in time for me to use tips for both bike days. I struggled a little with our assignments this week. The kids aren’t the best subjects on demand. I took about 400 shots to submit one for my “homework.”

Something I learned: I learned some useful tips for shooting the action of bike day!

Something I’m looking forward to: We have swimming lessons for Maddie on Tuesday and Thursday, photography lessons on Monday for me, strawberry picking for the family on Friday, and rollerblading for both kids on Saturday. Maybe this week’s assignment will have something to do with strawberry picking or swimming??

Something captured: Two pictures this week, two of my favorites from the bike days.

Maddie’s 2nd Bike Day

Friday, January 13th, 2012

Maddie’s 2nd bike day was held in early October (yes, you’re going to be seeing some old posts as I get caught up on photos). She couldn’t decide the day before which “bike” she wanted to ride. She was trying to choose between the tricycle, balance bike, and scooter. She ended up choosing the tricycle at the last minute, and we were pretty sure it was going to be her last bike day with the trike. She is almost too big for it! She will be getting a bike with training wheels for her birthday (we thought we could skip that kind of bike with the balance bikes, but I guess we need both?).

I wasn’t happy with the photos this time (despite taking many), but here are a few from her second bike day.

She wasn’t the only kid with a trike, but most of the kids have training wheel bikes. A few kids zipped around the circle without training wheels.

She was excited that we came to watch her (and proud of herself!).

Afterward, we went to have lunch at the cafe with Keira.

She has developed this goofy, new smile.

Then, we left the girls to play together on their playground! BFFs!

Maddie’s 2011 School Photos

Monday, June 27th, 2011

Maddie’s photos turned out pretty well this year! I am a sucker for photos, so it’s hard for me to turn down the school pictures (though Cullen’s were a different story). I especially love the class photo as it’s just about the only way that I’m going to have photos of all (or most?) of her classmates.

Maddie’s 39 month letter (a bit overdue)

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

I decided that I wanted to continue doing the letters every 3 months for Maddie. I still feel like so much happens in that time period, and I just want to keep it all documented for her (and for me!). I hope to put letters to Maddie into books for her along with other keepsakes, photos, and milestones. I only need to write one letter this month, since I’m doing Cullen’s every 3 months now, but I still can’t manage to get it written on time! I’ve had this one mostly written for a couple of weeks…but I just now found the time to add the photos. (more…)

Muffins for Mom with Maddie

Monday, May 16th, 2011

Maddie’s classroom also hosted a Mother’s Day event. When talking to other parents, I didn’t hear from too many other moms who had Mother’s Day events in either the 1-year old classrooms or the other classes at preschool. Lucky me! I love these events! Maddie was excited to have me visit her in the classroom.

The children were instructed to serve their special guests first and then serve themselves. We all received a tasty muffin and a giant strawberry. Most of all, I enjoyed spending special time with my special girl.

After we had our breakfast treat, we had time for Maddie to show me some of her work. Of course, she wanted to make necklaces. As she was stringing the beads, she said, “I’m making this for you, Mommy.”

After she completed her necklace, she gave me the present that she made in the classroom which was a very special necklace with a pendant that had a photo of Maddie. I wore both necklaces proudly the rest of the day!

Bike Day!

Friday, April 29th, 2011

The kids at the daycare take little field trips over to Children’s House to see Bike Day. Bike Day happens twice a year (for each classroom). The kids get to bring their bikes, tricycles, and scooters to school. They have two opportunities to ride around the front circle for 30 minutes. The kids have a blast!

The timing wasn’t great as Cullen was recovering from his surgeries. We didn’t know whether both of us would be able to go or not. Cullen seemed to be in good spirits in the morning, so we took a chance. He did great and absolutely loved seeing Maddie ride her bike. Every time he spotted her, he’d point and clap and say, “Mah-DEE! Mah-DEE!!” I think it was a nice distraction for him. He got a little cranky by the time Maddie had her second run, but overall he did great.

We wished we could have taken the balance bike, but Maddie doesn’t quite have enough practice yet. We thought that she was going to bring her scooter, but at the last minute she decided to bring her trike. I’m glad that she did! I was a little nervous for her, but she did wonderfully. I was so proud of her. She had a little trouble with the uphill portion, but she even did that section by herself a few times (she had a few times where she started going backwards and needed a push).

On your mark…get set…go!

Maddie was near the back of the pack (I think they put the younger kids near the back so that they don’t get run over!). It took me a while to spot her.

I thought she might need a little help from us to get started, but she didn’t need us at all. She was awesome.

She was very excited about Bike Day! She often shows her excitement in subtle ways (or looks miserable when she’s really happy). We caught quite a few smiles, though.

Daddy was proud of his little girl!

The timing was bad due to Cullen’s surgery, but it was great timing for Gabe’s mom! It’s not likely that she will get to see too many bike days. This could very well be her only one.

My sweet boy!

Maddie was so excited to ride her bike and to see us. Bike Day looked exhausting. The kids biked for 30 minutes straight the first round. They weren’t as energetic for the second round! They didn’t bike quite as long. I commented to several people that my daughter might actually nap after all of that. I got reports later that she actually did nap, for a change.

Grandma helped her up the hill a few times on the last round.

We had a very successful first Bike Day!!!

Pajama Day!

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

Shortly after Maddie started Children’s House in March, they had their first event…pajama day! I thought pajama day sounded like a brilliant idea. Any time that I can skip a part of our morning routine is fabulous. Unfortunately, we put the kiddos in long sleeved pajamas that night and the temperatures were forecast in the 80s. I guess we should have checked the forecast the night before!

She was excited because she got to wear brand new jammies and bring Winnie the Pooh to school for naptime.

She also thought it was great fun to run around in the yard before we left for school (so Mommy could take photos, of course).

Sweet girl!

I thought that this one was neat – I must have been adjusting the zoom as I was taking the photo. I liked the effect around her.