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New York City: Cullen’s Journal

Saturday, July 6th, 2013

I wasn’t sure how Cullen would do with the journal, but I knew he would be excited to have one as well. In many ways, he did more meaningful “journaling.” He at least got closer to the intent of a trip journal!

He did this one on the airplane and claims that this is a drawing of our airplane.

He drew these before we got to NYC, and this type of drawing was repeated several times throughout the trip (though later in the trip, he claimed it was Bridget’s building instead of just random skyscrapers).

And for some random reason, he decided to draw Totoro. I helped him with the spelling (his writing is excellent!), and I thought he did a rather accurate job with the drawing!

The Empire State Building is a bit of a mess.

He often had quite the commentary on his drawings. Chocolate was a big theme of the trip.

He even drew what HIS chocolate restaurant would look like. It would have lots of chocolate gummies.

He drew the Statue of Liberty several times.

Sometimes she was orange.

This is his rendering of the NYC subway (the trains are to the left and the pathways between the platforms are on the right side). I can’t remember what all those specks were, but he had some reason for it. Maybe he was trying to represent how dirty it can be in the subway system!

He even drew his smiling pizza from Max Brenner.

I love the journals! I can’t wait to see what they come up with on our next trip.

New York City: Maddie’s Journal

Friday, July 5th, 2013

Both kids kept “journals” throughout the trip, though their journaling was not very extensive. I like the idea of encouraging the kids to keep trip journals, so this is a start. I had fun seeing the things that they decided to draw.

They sometimes drew things that they saw, like the Empire State Building.

And sometimes they just drew whatever they wanted to draw. My kids are quite the abstract artists.

She drew this one after the Natural History Museum. Of course, I asked her if she could draw something from the trip, so she didn’t spend a lot of time drawing it. She did spell and write the word herself.

I like this one she drew the night that we saw the bull.

Most of her journal looked more like this.

and this…

She went through a phase where she experimented with drawing with several pens in her hand at once, like this. Lots and lots of this.

I got them some stickers from M&Ms World, and they created scenes for the stickers like this race track for the racing biker M&Ms.

I had hoped that she would do more like this one where she described one of the highlights of her day (I loved the chocolate milk and the brownie).

Overall, it was entertaining to see what they wanted to do with their journals…and it kept them entertained on the airplane, at meals, and in the hotel room. I like the idea of keeping this up on our many future trips!