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The Sunday Somethings, 08may11

Sunday, May 8th, 2011

Something that makes me happy: Taking the kids to the park.

Something I’m thinking: I’m thinking about getting the cleaners to come more often. When the cleaners were once a month, we were thinking that about 3 weeks would be perfect. Now that they are coming every 3 weeks, I think that every other week would be perfect. I think there’s something to the fact that we’ve added two kiddos to the household since we started having cleaners.

Something happening around the house: We removed a tree this week. I’m sad about it, but it was dangerous structurally to our house, our neighbor’s house, our fence, and our satellite dish.

Something I’m reading: I finished House Rules and started on Honolulu by Alan Brennert. I enjoyed Moloka’i, so I have been looking forward to reading another one of his books. It has not disappointed so far! I will probably finish it in the next few days. I suppose I will need to read Sarah’s Key next for book club. I’ve been doing such a great job reading from the books we own and need to read. I think I’ll probably buy Sarah’s Key on the kindle so I can actually use it. I feel like once I get through the physical books we already have, I’ll probably buy new books on the kindle. I’m disappointed, though, that Sarah’s Key is not a lendable title. Boo.

Something I’m watching: I saw Water for Elephants with girlfriends who had also read the book. The novel is one of my favorites, and the movie was a very good screen adaptation!

Something I’m playing: We had games night yesterday, and since it is Mother’s Day weekend, Gabe let me play while he tended to the kids. I played Call My Bluff (twice), Stone Age, Appletters, Scattegories, and Trivial Pursuit 25th Anniversary Edition.

Something tasty: Chocolate chip banana muffins. I’ll post the recipe in a few days. They were YUMMY!

Something Maddie is doing (38 months old): We had Muffins for Mom in her classroom this week. The kids served their mothers first and then themselves. After we finished our muffins and strawberries, we had some time to explore the classroom. Maddie showed me her favorite work: making necklaces. She was stringing beads and said, “I’m making this for you, Mommy.” Awww. So sweet! She had already made a necklace for me with a laminated pendant with her photo as well as a ribbon and beads. It was great, and I wore both necklaces proudly all day at work and this weekend. This week, Maddie wrote her name for the first time! It surprised Gabe and me!! I was so proud of her.

Something Cullen is doing (15 months old): We’ve completely lost track of Cullen’s new words. I know he is saying new ones every day. Just today, he said “egg” and “stick” possibly for the first time. Cullen had a Mother’s Day event in his classroom and made me a box that matches one that Maddie made for me in the same classroom. Cullen painted it himself (perhaps with a little help), and it has an adorable photo of him on the top. This week, Cullen has been super sweet. One day, I asked him if he can give me some kisses and he leaned in with his wide open mouth to “kiss” my face. He did this numerous times this week. It’s so sweet, and he says something like “awwwww” at the same time. he’s also getting good at things like pointing at his belly when asked, “where’s your belly?” He had some very rough nights this week, including a few that may be his worst ever. He is continuing to recover from his surgery, but I’ll be glad when he’s completely healed. Cullen continues to be a big climber. Yesterday, Gabe turned away from Cullen for less than a minute. When he turned around, Cullen was sitting on top of a card table.

Something I’m doing towards my goals: I can’t remember if I mentioned this before, but we have both kids signed up for swimming lessons this summer.

Something I learned: Shutterfly made an announcement this week that I’m very excited about! They have released their truly custom books. I can’t wait to try them out. It sounds like you can put images and text wherever you want them. They also have something called embellishments that are like stickers in traditional scrapbooking. I’m going to finish my 2010 books the old way (there’s no way to convert existing projects anyway).

Something I’m looking forward to: Carpet cleaning, a special day for Cullen (as I did with Maddie when she turned one), a big party at work (I hear there will be fireworks!), and our Wine & Design fundraising event.

Something random: I learned this week that Cullen was ranked number 413 for boys’ names in 2010. At least with Cullen’s name, we were not mislead by the popularity ranking.

Something captured: We went to the park this afternoon, and I tried to get a photo with the kids like I did last Mother’s Day. It’s like herding cats.

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The Sunday Somethings, 27feb11

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

Something that makes me happy: We drove back from Atlanta on Monday. We pass several outlets on the way, and sometimes we stop at Stride Rite outlet in the hopes of getting good deals on our shoes. This usually makes our trip too long. This time, it paid off! We found 8 pairs of shoes for about $100!!! I know 8 pairs sounds excessive, but we really got 3 pairs for Maddie (sandals, tennis shoes, and mary janes) and 2 for Cullen (man sandals and tennis shoes). We’re all set for spring and summer!

Something I’m thinking: Spring! We’ve had beautiful weather for the past several days.

Something I’m hoping: I’m hoping to finish Maddie and Cullen’s letters this week. Maddie’s is already a week overdue and Cullen’s is almost a week late. I’ve written most of Maddie’s and made some notes for Cullen’s.

Something happening around the house: The garage door acted a bit strange for a few days. That makes me nervous that we’re going to have to get it fixed.

Something I’m reading: I finished Water for Elephants which I thought was awesome! It was definitely one of the best books that I have read. I’m reading Nurture Shock. It seems very interesting so far (though I haven’t read much of it yet). I’m trying to decide if I am in the mood to read it, though.

Something I’m watching: I didn’t really watch much of anything this week, though we just watched this week’s Amazing Race.

Something tasty: Now that I’m able to eat dairy again, I’m able to eat all kinds of tasty things that I’ve been missing. Some of it was built up too much in my head.

Something Maddie is doing (36 months old): We found out that Maddie is moving up to preschool in 2 weeks! We will probably have a conference with her new teacher this week. We’re excited (and a little nervous) about this big change. She had a lot of fun with her friends at her birthday party this weekend. It was a bit crazy and chaotic in the party room. You only get the room for an hour, but that was good. We didn’t need to plan any additional activities, and the families could get out and enjoy the museum. We explored the museum with a few friends and had a wonderful (and exhausting) day. Her favorite things about the party included the cake and the lemurs. She went with me to a baby shower today, and her favorite thing about that party was the cake.

Something Cullen is doing (13 months old): He’s a pro at climbing onto the ottoman and the couch now. He continues to take steps here and there, but he’s still not really walking. He does a little walking by holding onto one hand. He’s getting closer and closer, but he’s just not showing too much interest in actually walking. Friday was the first day that I didn’t come over at lunchtime to nurse (since I was taking a vacation day to work on Maddie’s cakes). I haven’t decided how much longer I will go over during lunch, but I probably will still go at least this week. We don’t have a move up date for Cullen yet, but I don’t plan on going over to nurse when he is in the new classroom. We took him to the doctor on Tuesday, and we found out that he still has no progress on his ear infections. Poor little guy. We put him on a new antibiotic, but I don’t think that it is working either. I’ll be shocked if he doesn’t need to get tubes.

Something I am struggling with: Pink eye! I am still not 100% better from my mystery illness. Thursday, I woke up with my eye gooped shut. By the end of the day, I had been putting in drops and still had a super pink, itchy eye. Neither of the kids had it (thankfully), so it is a mystery as to how I ended up with it. Unfortunately, this means I’ll be wearing my glasses for the next week or maybe more. I had to throw out my last pair of contacts and need to schedule a trip to the eye doctor.

Something I’m doing towards my goals: I applied my cake decorating skills from class to cakes and cupcakes for Maddie’s party on Saturday. They turned out pretty well!

Something I’m looking forward to: Dinner with friends.

Something random: I miss planning vacations. Small kiddos, limited funds, and limited vacation time puts a damper on my fun vacation planning! I guess that’s what we get for planning a cruise over a year and a half in advance…

Something captured: Our family at the Museum of Life and Science for Maddie’s party.

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The Sunday Somethings, 09jan11

Sunday, January 9th, 2011

Something that makes me happy: Getting stuff accomplished.

Something I’m thinking: I’m thinking about all the things left on my “to do” list and wondering which things won’t get done…

Something I’m hoping: I’m hoping that the winter mix coming our way will not interfere with my cake decorating class tomorrow night.

Something happening around the house: We moved the glass top table from our kitchen into the dining room, and the light wood oval table into the kitchen. We are trying to sell the glass top table. Both rooms look weird to us right now, though I’m getting used to the light wood table in the kitchen. I think it will be fine there. We’ll need to get something more appropriate for the dining room, though!

Something I’m reading: I’m getting close to finishing The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (January’s book club book). I’ll have to read Rebecca and the final Hunger Games book for February’s book club. Also….I’m very excited to be getting a KINDLE! Woo! Gabe and I decided we’d probably get one this year, and all of a sudden we decided we were ready for it. My parents had been planning on making a payment for the cruise, but they agreed to get us a kindle at the last minute! Yay!! I can’t wait to see it! I hope that I’m going to like it, but I worry I might like it too much and refuse to read real, print books. We’ll see! I have quite a few books on my shelves that I need to read (including some I received for birthday and Christmas).

Something I’m watching: I haven’t watched much TV at all lately. It helps that most of the shows are taking their mid-season break. I feel like there are too many sports going on right now, though!

Something tasty: Since we all got the terrible stomach flu this week, none of us have had much of an appetite.

Something Maddie is doing (34 months old): Maddie had been sitting in a regular chair at the dinner table for a couple weeks now. Last night, Gabe and I couldn’t stand the constant wiggling and lack of focus, so we installed the portable booster seat again. We are considering one of those Euro chairs that adjusts to the child (not a high chair, but just an adjustable chair thing). Maddie is extremely wiggly, and I think she’s getting wigglier every day. It’s crazy. Last night after I put her to bed, she started calling for Daddy about 5 minutes later. She had Daddy come down and get her dolls. When he retrieved them, she said, “It was dangerous for them to be alone, they were probably crying!” Earlier last night in the bathtub, she was telling me about her bucket of hot dogs made from octopus. Where does she come up with this stuff? Maddie was probably the one member of the family least affected by the stomach bug. She threw up at school around nap time and then again on the way home when I came to pick her up. She wasn’t quite herself, but she had no other symptoms after that. In good news, she managed to take a nap both yesterday and today (a rarity when she’s at home these days!). Oh, and she’s on a reasonable bedtime schedule again…finally! She goes to bed between 8 and 8:30 now, without too much trouble. That is such a relief.

Something Cullen is doing (50 weeks old): His birthday is quickly approaching!!! He started us out with the stomach bug last Sunday. Fortunately, he only vomited 3 times during the day and that was it. He did have some yucky diapers for days, though. I think his appetite for solid foods wasn’t very high either, but he still nursed pretty well. He now has a cold, I think. He’s been fussy this weekend, has a little bit of a runny nose, and had a minimal fever yesterday. Poor little guy can’t catch a break this year! His verbal skills are picking up, though his “words” aren’t particularly easy to understand quite yet. He still says “ball” appropriately. He repeats what we say sometimes. In the past week, he has been saying something that sounds like “thank you” when he hands you something. He likes to act like he’s going to give you something and then snatches it away at the last minute and laughs. Today, he started pointing at things and says, “that.” I wonder if he’s trying to say, “What’s that?” and wants us to identify items for him. I remember Maddie doing something similar when she was around his age. He’s a good eater, but he will let you know when he doesn’t want something by throwing it on the floor, piece by piece. Messy boy! He likes to play with recorder type instruments with a whistle you blow into, and it’s so funny watching him play it (he really does get it to make the noise). He likes Maddie’s guitar that plays songs and plays it and dances to the music. He still likes to shake the egg rattles. He rolled his eyes a ton at daycare this week, according to his teachers. I saw it a few times at school, but I haven’t seen it at home in a while.

Something I am struggling with: Whew, we struggled with the stomach flu this week. That was not fun! The only good things that I can say about it is that the worst parts of it didn’t last for more than a day and that we all came down with the bug on different days (thank goodness). I’m not sure what we would have done if both Gabe and I had been sick on the same day. Neither of us were able to do anything when we were sick.

Something I’m doing towards my goals: I worked on my 2010 photobooks this week! I still have a long way to go. I finished through April and did a few parts of May so far. I start my cake decorating class tomorrow! I’ve been working on getting things organized for both Cullen and Maddie’s birthday parties.

Something I learned: I’m learning how to find deals on kindle books.

Something I’m looking forward to: Getting my kindle (should be by Wednesday!!), my cake decorating class, and a visit from Gabe’s cousin.

Something random: I bought lunch for Maddie and me from Burger King at the mall today, and I felt ashamed. I guess at least she had apple slices (shaped like fries) and milk. That’s something, at least.

Something captured: Maddie in her big, big girl bed.

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The Sunday Somethings, 02jan11

Sunday, January 2nd, 2011

Something that makes me happy: Getting some of my photos organized. I’m slowly catching up with sorting the photos and uploading them to Shutterfly. The next step will be to blog a few things here and there (hopefully) and to create our photobooks. I also need to work on Cullen’s photo-a-day book.

Something I’m thinking: I’m trying not to think about the fact that I have to go back to work tomorrow. It’s been a nice, long break. Of course, it’s also been quite hectic at times! We’ve had a wonderful break.

Something I’m hoping: I’m hoping the weather doesn’t interfere with the kids’ birthday plans this year. We are going to have birthday parties for both kids plus a special day for Cullen and Mommy (possibly Cullen, Mommy, and Daddy) and a possible trip to the American Girl Store for Maddie.

Something happening around the house: We’re trying to get the house in order after the Christmas explosion (we got a few new storage shelves), house guests, and our New Year’s Eve party. Today, we really need to take down the tree.

Something I’m reading: I read a few more pages of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I need to set aside some time so that I can finish it before the book club meeting at the end of the month.

Something I’m watching: Um, I don’t think that I have watched much of anything since my last somethings post. Maddie hasn’t even been watching much.

Something I’m playing: On New Year’s Eve, I was able to play Parade, Poison, Telestrations, Traumfabrik, Word on the Street, Trivial Pursuit: Bet You Know It, and Bananagrams. I think that we will limit the Bet You Know It teams to two people. It seemed too easy with 4 on each team! It did make for a pretty quick game, though.

Something tasty: I made a particularly tasty batch of Chex Mix for New Year’s Eve! YUM. We also had pizza with vegan cheese, and it wasn’t bad! I should write up a separate post about that…

Something Maddie is doing (34 months old): It is clear to us that she needs to take a nap by the time dinnertime rolls around, but she refuses to take one at home most days. She has only completely resisted her nap at school twice (one of those times, she was described to be in “rare form”). After a week and a half with only one or two short naps, I’m pretty happy to be returning to our normal schedule again. Suddenly, Maddie seems very independent to me. We put her in a “big, big girl bed” a few days ago. Santa brought her bed rails, so we put the bed frame and box springs in her room. We also added the side table and the lamp that matches her decor. Her room looks awesome – I love it! We finally allow her to go up and down the stairs without any supervision, though she still has to have permission to go up or down them.

Something Cullen is doing (49 weeks old): He has been standing up in the middle of the room or letting go of the furniture to stand unassisted quite often! He will stand for almost a minute or so. He hasn’t tried to take any steps yet, but I’m guessing it won’t be long before he tries to walk. Lately, he has been eating like a horse. I am going to be surprised if he doesn’t have some significant weight gain. Of course, this afternoon, he had some vomiting…so that could mean a set back if it keeps up. We are hoping that it was an isolated incident and not a full blown nasty bug. Cullen’s favorite toy continues to be whatever Maddie is playing with. She does not like that one bit. When Maddie is not available to bother, he does like playing with the farm quite a bit. He likes his new tool bench, too.

Something I am struggling with: The thought of going back to work tomorrow. I do have mixed feelings as in many ways it is easier than chasing around two little kiddos!

Something I’m doing towards my goals: My cake decorating class starts in a little over a week. Yay!

Something I learned: Oh, I meant to say this the other day. I learned that if you discover a price drop on Amazon within a certain amount of time of placing an order (7 days??), they will honor that price. I wish I knew that when something I ordered dropped 50% a day or two afterward.

Something I’m looking forward to: Surprisingly, a week with no plans (aside from the return to work). Yay!

Something captured: Our new toy storage in the foyer. It’s so cute!

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The Sunday Somethings, 14nov10

Sunday, November 14th, 2010

Something that makes me happy: Getting some Christmas shopping done early! Santa has made a lot of progress.

Something I’m thinking: I’m not sure who I am rooting for in this season’s Amazing Race. Meh. My favorite teams have been eliminated.

Something I’m hoping: I hope that Maddie is better soon. She came down with a sudden fever this evening.

Something happening around the house: Um, well, on Saturday about an hour and a half before our guests arrived for games “night,” I backed out of the garage and hit the mirror of the car. Our garage is a little bit of a tight fit with both cars, so we often pull way over to the side with the Accord. I knew the neighbor’s dog was in our yard, and I was paying attention to him and missed the fact that I was about the whack the mirror. Oops. I popped it back into place, closed the garage, and went to run a couple errands. I arrived back at the house about an hour later, and opened the garage. In slow motion, the garage came off the rails as it lifted. It stopped in what looked to be a pretty dangerous position, half off the rails. Yikes! I was concerned about someone being under it and then the door crashing down on them. I was also concerned about our van! I arranged to move the van as far up in the garage as possible, though it was still just barely under part of the door. Fortunately, I have some handy friends who helped get our garage door functional during our games night.

Something I’m reading: I’m reading The Secret History and should be finished with it soon. I’m not sure what I’m going to read next. I need to read Mockingjay, especially since Gabe has already finished the series (and book club is reading it for February as an optional selection).

Something I’m watching: I went to see Megamind with a friend. It was cute and funny, though I prefer Despicable Me. The movies had some similarities, but they were quite different overall. I was glad that I saw Megamind, but I don’t need to see it again. I will want to get Despicable Me on Blu-ray (it’s hard not to type “DVD”).

Something I’m playing: Ooh, I got to play a few things this weekend. We played Macao on Friday night. I played Cluedo Super Sleuth for the first time in years on Saturday as well as Telestrations and Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture 2 DVD. Gabe played Princes of Florence.

Something tasty: Yummy dairy-free brownies.

Something Maddie is doing (32 months old): Well, tonight she suddenly got very cranky and clingy, and I then discovered she had over 103 degree fever. Fortunately, some ibuprofen and a bath got the fever down. We’ll probably be taking her into the doctor in the morning. I don’t know if she has what the rest of us had last week or if she has something else. Maddie tends to run high fevers when she gets sick! I introduced her to Toy Story this week. Cars is currently her favorite movie, but she now requests “Book Story” some of the time, too.

Something Cullen is doing (42 weeks old): Cullen had one of his worst nights yet on Wednesday. I have had lots of dairy lately (especially Wednesday), and I was starting to think that it is still affecting him. He hasn’t been spitting up much (though he did a bunch on Thursday morning), so it wasn’t as obvious. Until Wednesday night, I still thought that the antibiotic may have been the culprit. Since he had not had the antibiotic for a week, we can now rule that out as the sole cause anyway. Our best guess now is silent reflux. I’m almost positive that this is the case. He arches his back frequently when screaming at night (and sometimes during feedings during the day). We called the pediatrician on Thursday and started the reflux meds on Thursday night. It may take a week or two for that to help. I’ve gone back to being strict about the dairy which will be challenging during the holidays. Our nights have been a little better but still aren’t great just yet. Last night was the best yet, so I hope we are turning a corner. As of this afternoon, Cullen has a new tooth. He was cranky at some point last night, and something told me that he might be in pain. I gave him some Tylenol, and upon discovering the new tooth this afternoon, I’m glad that I did! This week, Cullen added chicken and tofu. He seems to love them both. I think he’s just happy to be able to feed himself. He will not eat any of the veggie purees. He still loves the fruit purees.

Something I am struggling with: I’m struggling with taking decent photos lately. I hope that I will be more inspired to do better over the holidays.

Something I’m looking forward to: Dinners with friends and seeing family. Thanksgiving is just around the corner!

Something random: Today while I was driving down the highway, I wondered whether anyone had hot tubs in their vehicles. Pretty random that the thought even occurred to me.

Something captured: Any photos that I got this week are still on my cameras, so I thought I’d share another one from our trip to Atlanta. My grandpa loves babies (especially great grandbabies!).

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The Sunday Somethings, 07mar10

Sunday, March 7th, 2010

Something that made me happy this week: Going on a walk this evening before dinner with my family.

Something I’m thinking: I’m thinking about buying a double stroller. We could have both pushed strollers tonight, and that would have been fine. I’m sure there will be times where one of us will need to stroll both kids, and Maddie is still a bit too young to walk everywhere. I actually walked this evening’s walk with Cullen in the Sleep Wrap. It wasn’t too bad, but I don’t think I could walk around all day at a zoo or park like that.

Something I’m hoping: I’m hoping that Cullen doesn’t get sick again. His temperature is a little elevated this evening (though not a fever at this point), and he’s not quite himself.

Something happening around the house: Ugh. We’re experiencing some “fun” home ownership issues. I guess our house is starting to act its age. The water heater broke yesterday. Gabe walked out with Maddie to go grab some lunch, and he discovered that the garage was full of steaming hot water. Not good. Fortunately, we found someone to come out almost right away and they fixed it yesterday. We have been enjoying our hot water today. We also bought a new kitchen sink and faucet today and plan on having the same guys install it. Our kitchen faucet and sink are falling apart and got worse this morning with the messed up water pressure due to air in the pipes. We are thinking about getting lighting installed in our library, something that we have wanted to do since we moved into the house. What kind of library doesn’t have suitable lighting? We are debating replacing the remainder of our brass light fixtures. I’m not sure we’re ready to do all of that.

Something I’m reading: I finished Flyte! Our book club is sorting out our picks for the next 6 months, so I might have to start reading some of those if I’m ever going to finish any of them.

Something tasty I ate this week: I made my own pizza for the first time! I didn’t make Cindy’s pizza, but she inspired me to give homemade pizza a try. Yum! I will have to make Cindy’s someday. It looks very good.

Something Maddie did this week (24 months old): Poor girl got strep throat for the first time. She seems to be getting all the same kind of illnesses that I had frequently as a child. Maddie felt pretty bad, resulting in some sweet cuddles with her Daddy. I think she’s feeling more like herself now. Not feeling well did contribute to some extra toddler tantrums. She is certainly embracing being a two year old. She continues to say funny things. She often requests socks saying, “her feet are cold” (whether or not that is actually true). This week, she came up with a new one. She said, “Daddy, I need my shoes. My socks are cold.” I love the toddler logic!

Something Cullen did this week (6 weeks old): He rolled over from his front to his back this week, though clearly not intentional. He has done this a few times previously on the bed, which I thought was a little sloped so it didn’t “count.” This time he rolled over on the floor. It certainly wasn’t intentional, but he was happier afterward. Cullen smiles a little each day. He still has a little acne and a lot of cradle cap. He’s holding his head up extremely well. We estimate he’s between 11.5 and 12 pounds.

Something I struggled with this week: Broken water heater, sick child, recovering my iTunes library (the only copy of it was on our iPods and a broken hard drive), dealing with toddler tantrums, realizing that my maternity leave is half over, realizing that Cullen is no longer a newborn, accidentally not refrigerating Maddie’s antibiotic necessitating a new prescription (which is not covered by insurance, by the way), chronic lack of sleep.

Something I’m doing towards my goals: I’ve been actively gathering suggestions and sending out emails for our book club. This falls under my goal of staying active in at least one book club. I’ve also done a little bit towards my MS fundraising goals and plan to focus some more efforts in that direction soon. I went back and created my 2005 photobook, so I guess that can potentially count as “create yearly photobooks for my family” since some of it has both Gabe and me. Ooh, and I see that “replace the kitchen sink” was one of my goals…we bought the sink and faucet and are replacing it very soon!

Something I learned this week: I learned that I had already scrapbooked 2005….after I finished my 2005 photobook! Hrm, oh well, the old scrapbook was heavy and bulky. The photobook version is a little different, but the important things are well represented.

Something I’m looking forward to next week: A relaxing, stress-free week???

Something random: We’re watching more reality shows than normal this season – Survivor, Amazing Race, and American Idol. We’ve really been enjoying all three! I’m not sure who we want to win Survivor, but I love the Heroes vs. Villains thing. I haven’t watched Survivor in several seasons, but I know a lot of the players this season. The cowboys on Amazing Race make us laugh. We are rooting for Crystal Bowersox on American Idol and also like several others: Alex Lambert, Andrew Garcia, Casey James, Lee Dewyze, and Lilly Scott. Lee Dewyze is probably my second favorite at the moment.

Something captured: Poor sick little girl wanted to snuggle with Daddy and read books.

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The Sunday Somethings, 25oct09

Sunday, October 25th, 2009

Something that made me happy this week: Celebrating my 3rd anniversary with Gabe!

Something I’m thinking: I came to the realization this week that my daughter no longer sleeps through the night. We had a few months of her sleeping through the night before the regression. We’re in big trouble when the new baby arrives!

Something I’m hoping: I’m hoping to see the rest of our photos from Catherine Keene Photography soon! We had a photo session with her yesterday, and I’ll be posting a few sneak peeks tomorrow.

Something happening around the house: Gabe stained the deck! We have been a bit stressed over how it was going to weather the winter without protection. The rails still aren’t finished, but we’re far less concerned about that part. Maybe we will have a few more nice days so he can finish those rails. I also made a little more progress on Maddie’s mural.

Something I’m reading: I finished reading The Graveyard Book for book club. I started reading The Help which is our next book club selection.

Something tasty I ate this week: Gabe and I had a tasty, fancy dinner at Second Empire to celebrate our 3rd anniversary.

Something Maddie did this week: Maddie continues to amaze us every day. This week, she said one of the most complete sentences that we have heard her say. While Gabe was getting her dressed for school in the morning, she said, “Dada, I need my pants on.” She’s a little chatterbox these days for sure. This week, we acquired a potty for her as she’s been showing some interest in wanting to sit on the potty. The first night we had it, we sat her on it before bathtime. She was so excited to sit on her very own Maddie-sized potty. She even peed in it! I think it just surprised her a little, but it’s a small step in a series of steps towards potty training. I don’t think we’ll focus on the potty training for several more months, but she’s at least getting used to the idea and starting to get some of the necessary concepts. She also appears to have (or will very, very soon) her 7th tooth.

Something happening with the pregnancy: This week, I felt very pregnant. I’m getting bigger, the trips to the bathroom at night have increased to at least two or three times, I’m no longer wearing my wedding ring, and I’m starting to see the swelling that I was oh-so-familiar-with last time. Waddle, waddle. Appropriately, I’ll enter my third trimester by the end of this week. Time flies.

Something I struggled with this week: I struggled with the thoughts that Gabe was leaving us next week for a business trip for about 3 days. Fortunately, his business trip has been postponed to November (and may only be a day or so). I know I can handle it, but it’s still scary for me. Soon, we won’t have a choice but to have a one-to-one ratio between parents and kids. I know I’ll look back on these days when it was just Maddie and think about how easy it was with just one kid!

Something I’m doing towards my goals: Hrm, nothing much in particular. We celebrated our 3rd anniversary, so I suppose we’re on our way to the goal of celebrating our 10th in style!

Something I learned this week: I attended a Mothers & More meeting where we had two members present about cultural differences between Europe and the US. One of the members is from France and the other is from Germany. It was very entertaining and informative! I learned many little cultural tidbits in this discussion!

Something I’m looking forward to next week: Book club, Halloween, and the Spooooooooky Sleepover.

Something random: Not everything happens for a reason.

Something I captured: Bengals are looking good at the half, so I thought it might be a good time to post this photo taken last week.

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The Sunday Somethings, 06sep09

Sunday, September 6th, 2009

Others writing The Sunday Somethings: Audrey

Something that made me smile this week: Buying more clothes for Maddie’s fall wardrobe. It’s so much fun to shop for her!

Something I’m thinking: Sometimes I feel like I take way too many photos, yet I often find myself wishing that I had taken more in specific situations.

Something I’m hoping: To get moving on my 2009 family photobook so I can have a chance of finishing it up before the new baby gets here.

Something happening around the house: Gabe is getting closer to finishing the deck. He’s removed probably 90% of the paint now. We’re eager to have the deck finished again and protected from the elements.

Something I’m reading: Loving Frank by Nancy Horan (wow, it’s not even a book club selection!).

Something tasty I ate this week: I know I’ve used this one recently, but I had the Birthday Cake Remix from Coldstone Creamery. I had been wanting another one of those ever since my movie date with Audrey a few weeks ago.

Something Maddie did this week: She added even more new words to her vocabulary. We’re constantly amazed by her expanding vocabulary.

Something happening with the pregnancy: We took another photo of my growing belly. I should post a few of those soon.

Something I struggled with this week: Deadlines at work. It’s a holiday weekend, so I’m trying not to think too hard about it right now!

Something I’m doing towards my goals: I’m starting to sound like a broken record here. I’m not doing anything active towards my goals at the moment.

Something I learned this week: That our harddrive has “lost” 200-300 gigs of photos and music (and who knows what else). It seems like every folder over a certain size is just missing. I know that they can be recovered, but the question will be how expensive it is (and how badly I need to get those files as I believe the majority of them should be on DVD). The music files will be a bit of a pain. We have all of them on our iPods, but I’m not sure how tricky it will be to retrieve them.

Something I’m looking forward to next week: My birthday!

Something random: Last night, I had a dream which involved a great deal of frustration with my point-and-shoot camera. I find it funny that even my dreams are trying to convince me to get a new one. I’m trying to hold out another year or so before replacing it. That will be some kind of record for me – keeping a camera over 4 years, wow!

Something I captured: Maddie tried on some of her new clothes. She is going to be super cute on the cruise with all of her new dresses!

The Sunday Somethings, 16aug09

Sunday, August 16th, 2009

Others writing The Sunday Somethings: Audrey

Something that made me smile this week: Watching Maddie and her best buddy Keira interact on Friday and Saturday on our mother/daughter sleepover!

Something I’m thinking: I am way behind on photo and blog stuff.

Something I’m hoping: To get a bit more caught up on photos and blog stuff. All of that can be pretty time consuming.

Something happening around the house: We had a new cleaning service come for the first time on Friday. So far, so good…of course, they are trying to ensure that they do an excellent job right now. Gabe started the deck refinishing process. Right now it looks to be about 50/50 whether he will do it all himself or hire someone to finish it!

Something I’m reading: The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie. I haven’t gotten very far, so I have some work to do for this month’s book club in less than 2 weeks.

Something tasty I ate this week: Birthday Cake ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery. YUM!!! I introduced Audrey to it on our date this week.

Something Maddie did this week: A few nights this week, she went back and forth between Mommy and Daddy giving out kisses. Very sweet!

Something happening with the pregnancy: Not too much going on this week, though we did think a little more about names. I’m not sure we’re that much closer to deciding, but we keep narrowing down the potential pool of names.

Something I struggled with this week: Backing out of our driveway. I managed to hit our CR-v with the Accord on Tuesday. Nice.

Something I’m doing towards my goals: I started working on the document to list all of our accounts to store in a safe place. Lately, I’ve realized that I think I’ve accomplished the “sleep 8 consecutive hours again.” Even once Maddie started sleeping through the night, I kept waking up every few hours. I guess I had been conditioned for so long to do this. Now I wake in the morning and do not remember waking up a bunch through the night…just in time for pregnancy things to kick in again. Anyway, I marked that one off the list.

Something I learned this week: The Museum of Life & Science in Durham is a pretty cool place! Maddie and I went with Keira and her mommy and had a great time exploring the exhibits. This was the first time that I had been to the museum, and I look forward to going back sometime with Gabe.

Something I’m looking forward to next week: I’m looking forward to the routine prenatal visit tomorrow morning and seeing family at the end of the week. My in-laws will be showing off their art in the Lazy Daze Art festival. Stop by and say hello to ShambroLa Wood Art on Saturday!

Something random: Audrey and I went to see Julie & Julia – cute movie! It was a perfect girl date!

Something I captured: The girls during our sleepover weekend. They were so cute together!

Fall Colors

Sunday, November 16th, 2008

Fall is my absolute favorite season. I especially love when the leaves change. The change is always too quick for me, but I try to appreciate the colors while they are in their peak. I took a few photos this year around work and home (and one near my parents). The trees in front of our house are quite pretty! I posted some photos here.