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Disney Cruise 2014: Day 2, at sea

March 31st, 2014

Our first full day on the Disney Fantasy was at sea. These are our favorites for Day 2 (Sunday, February 23, 2014), with our top top top favorites starred.

Maddie’s Favorites

  • swimming

  • ice cream
  • eating jello
  • *** Aquaduck *** (first top top top favorite)
  • meeting Sofia
  • meeting princesses
  • *** meeting Anna *** (second top top top favorite)
  • meeting Princess Minnie
  • Mickey Bar
  • Midship Detective
  • meeting Minnie and Mickey in her Minnie dress
  • apple juice

Cullen’s Favorites

  • meeting Cinderella

  • swimming
  • Aladdin show
  • meeting Belle
  • meeting Pluto, Mickey, and Minnie
  • apple juice
  • Midship Detective
  • *** stopping by the place where we got the bracelet *** [he means the kids club open house, and he didn't list it with his favorites but said it was his top top top favorite]

Gabe’s Favorites

  • when Crush came to our table

  • seeing how excited Cullen was at the pool
  • when Maddie and Cullen got pictures with the princesses
  • *** Aladdin show ***
  • Midship Detective

Kerry’s Favorites

  • *** Aquaduck with Maddie ***

  • seeing Maddie with Anna and that interaction
  • Maddie meeting Sofia while wearing her Sofia dress
  • seeing Princess Minnie and Formal Minnie
  • Cullen seeing all the princesses and Maddie deciding to meet them at the last minute
  • Midship Detective
  • The waitstaff bending over backwards for Maddie and her pickiness
  • seeing Crush at dinner

Day 2 Photos and Summaries

We woke around 7am and decided to give the breakfast at Royal Court a try. We knew we needed to get to Royal Court at about 8am in order to have plenty of time to make it to meet Princess Anna of Arendelle at 9:15am. Meeting Princess Anna was one of our top priorities on the trip. Maddie was very excited to meet her! Maddie wanted to wear her Sofia dress to meet the characters in the morning. She had to be very careful during breakfast to avoid getting anything on her dress! We had breakfast with Grandma. Maddie and I left a few minutes before the rest of the family to go get in line for Anna at about 9am. I’m glad that we did as there was already a good sized line forming for her! Anna was one of the most popular characters on the ship. Her lines were longer than any single character. The only line that was longer was the one where you could meet four princesses at once.

Cullen decided he didn’t care about meeting Anna but he wanted to meet the princesses at 10am. Gabe, Cullen, and Grandma explored a bit and met Daisy.

They looked around a little more before Gabe and Cullen got in line for the princesses at about 9:30am. This meant that they would be in line for 45 minutes!

The interaction with Anna was awesome! She spent a good bit of time with each kid, and Maddie was excited to show her the Anna and Elsa dolls (which you can see in her photo!).

After we met Anna, we headed to find Gabe and Cullen in line. Cullen wasn’t interested in meeting Sofia, so Maddie and I went up to wait for her. Maddie wanted me to take photos of her on the grand staircase.

We were second in line for Sofia which started at 10:15am. We got there well before 10am, so we were quite early. The princesses paraded out to the balcony and down the grand staircase at about 10am. The balcony is where Sofia would be meeting, so we were right next to them when the announcements were being made. A little later, we spotted Aladdin from above walking through the princess line. I went down to see if I could get a photo of Aladdin and Cullen. Cullen wasn’t too sure about Aladdin, so I met him instead. Grandma was waiting with Maddie for Sofia while I got my photo.

I went back up with plenty of time to meet Sofia. Sofia showed up a little after 10:15am, and by then Gabe let a few people in front of him in line so we could catch up. Maddie loved meeting Sofia in her matching dress!

We rushed downstairs to see the princesses, and we got there just in time for Maddie to meet all four of them. The princess interaction was decent, but it felt a tad rushed (especially since we rushed to get down there!). I was surprised that Maddie changed her mind and wanted to meet the princesses since she is usually quite anti-princesses (except for Anna and Sofia).

They met Cinderella.

And Tiana (we should really see her movie).

And Belle.

And Snow White.

We walked around afterwards before deciding to meet Princess Minnie at 11am. I believe we may have done several clues for our Midship Detective in between meeting the characters. We were glad to get a lot of our big characters out of the way on this day since we knew that some of them only meet on the sea days.

After meeting Princess Minnie, we went back to the cabin to change into our swimsuits and head to the pool! We had the buffet lunch at Cabanas with Gabe’s parents. Gabe’s mom then joined us at the pool. Of course, an afternoon at sea is the busiest time for the pool, but we still had a wonderful time. Maddie and I got in line for the Aquaduck right away, and we had to wait about 40 minutes to ride. This was the only time during the cruise that we had a significant wait for the Aquaduck. All the other times, we waited less than 10 minutes. It was worth it, though, as we were both excited! We had an awesome first ride. Unfortunately, our photo never showed up in our portfolio. The Aquaduck photos only show up if the facial recognition works. They didn’t let me take the waterproof camera on the ride, so I didn’t get the video that I wanted of us going down the Aquaduck (this time!). We did take a few photos before we got to that part of the line.

Then we signaled to Gabe and Cullen below to come up and get the camera.

Maddie and I had so much fun on the Aquaduck!!! It was definitely a highlight for Maddie on the trip. It can be a little cold and windy when you get off of the Aquaduck, so we headed directly to the family hot tub. Maddie enjoyed playing with the underwater camera.

Both kids were thrilled to be in the pools. We were especially glad that Cullen was so happy in the water. He wasn’t too thrilled the last time he was in a pool (which was sadly, longer ago than I care to admit!).

The kids were so happy! They also loved the Nemo splash area for kids under 7. Cullen spent a lot of time in that area throughout the cruise.

On the sea days, they had special matinee performances of the night’s entertainment. We went to the 3pm showing of Aladdin, and it was my favorite show of the cruise. Gabe’s mom came to see it with us as well, and we all enjoyed it. It was an abbreviated version of the movie with some updated references as well as a few changes.

After some more midship detective clues, we went back to get dressed for “formal night” (our family was not quite formal, but we still looked nice!). We had enough time to meeting Minnie, Pluto, and Mickey. I loved that we were getting to see the characters in so many outfits. I especially liked Minnie’s formal wear!

Cullen wanted to meet Pluto, but Maddie opted to sit out.

We all met formal Captain Mickey. Maddie wanted to get a photo of just her with Mickey since she was wearing her Minnie dress for formal night.

Of course, it was another excellent opportunity for a family shot.

After meeting Mickey, we headed to my favorite of the rotational restaurants, Animator’s Palate. On the 7-day cruise, the first night at the Animator’s Palate is the Crush show.

The only downside of the Animator’s Palate is that it’s quite distracting for the kids! The dining room is full of video screens. Before the Crush show, the various Nemo characters and other animated fish will swim by the screens that are staged like aquariums. They also do a guessing game with the fish (like in the movie where they tell Dory how to get to Sydney). The kids enjoyed the guessing game!

Cullen was particularly distracted by the video screens!

On that night, the waitstaff really bent over backwards for our picky child. She didn’t see anything on the menu that she wanted, so we asked if they could bring just plain pasta and meatballs, if they could. She was interested in the Mickey pasta, but I think it came with a cream sauce. They ended up bringing meatloaf (and no pasta). She actually tasted the meatloaf after we convinced her it was the same as the meatballs, but in a different, flatter shape. She even liked it! But when she made a face at the meatloaf, the waiters were already working on bringing her more options. They brought her the Mickey pasta and managed to get meatballs from one of the other dining rooms that night (and marinara that she could pour in just the right amount). I couldn’t believe how accommodating they were despite our protests that she’ll manage just fine. Maddie loved getting the Mickey ketchup each night. Look at all of Maddie’s food!

We were also a big fan of the fact that they cut the kids’ food for us each evening. That was awesome!

Between the entree and dessert, Crush visited with every table in the room. He visited with a group of tables at a time, and I’m pretty sure he addressed every kid in the dining room. We’ve seen Turtle Talk with Crush at Epcot, and this is very similar. Our kids weren’t too responsive to Crush, but they still loved it.

Maddie even participated in the “swimming” dance after Crush left the dining room.

After dinner, Gabe’s parents went to see some live music. We took the kids to the arcade to use the tickets that Bruno left for us. He had called us earlier in the day to see if we needed more arcade tickets, and he said we could just ask any time if we wanted more. The arcade is really small, but it was a fun diversion for the kids. They each played one of those big racing games a few times. We never did ask for more arcade tickets, since we didn’t want to spend all that much time in the arcade. We had too many other fun things to do!

We then went around the ship collecting more clues for our Lost Puppies mission. The kids were having a blast with the Midship Detective. Throughout the cruise, we saw many groups of older kids who were able to roam the ship by themselves.

We returned to the room to get the kids to bed, and Gabe’s mom came by shortly afterward so that we could go to do some things without the kids. We walked around a bit, checked out our photos and bought the digital package, looked around the shops, and took a “formal” photo in our even less formal clothes.

We ended up in the adult club area and watched the juggler perform. We didn’t get there early enough to get a good seat, so we were way in the back. It was difficult to see everything that he was doing, but we were still entertained. We did some planning for our next day before the show started.

We returned to the room to relieve Grandma and to move our clocks forward an hour. We came up with our overall plan for the next day and went to bed!

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