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The Sunday Somethings, 16mar14 and 24mar14

March 25th, 2014

Something that makes me happy: Our dinner out on Saturday without kids was nice! We already had a sitter for a party, so we thought it would be a nice time for a decent dinner.

Something I’m thinking: Staying up until 3am these days takes a lot longer to recover from…

Something I’m hoping: I’m hoping that we can find some time to get Maddie some new shoes this week. She’s been complaining about her tennis shoes for a couple of weeks.

Something happening around the house: The cleaners are coming tomorrow, so we have some work to do in order to get ready for them.

Something I’m reading: I finally finished the third book of The Demon Cycle. Wow, that one seemed to take forever. I started and finished both Spring Fever and Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library. They were quick and easy reads, and I enjoyed both of them (especially Lemoncello!). I started reading Hollow City, the sequel to Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.

Something Gabe is reading: Gabe is still reading Pandora’s Star.

Something I’m watching: Lots of NCAA basketball. We’re also caught up on Amazing Race and The Walking Dead. We’re behind on quite a few other shows, though we started watching Resurrection, which is based on the novel I read recently, The Returned. It seems fairly loosely based so far!

Something I’m playing: We had a games night last weekend, and I played Nations, Glass Road, Amun Re, and a quick round of Sour Apples to Apples.

Something I’m creating: I finished Maddie’s letter, and I started to think about the blog posts for the cruise. I really need to work on those. I haven’t had time to sort photos or anything. I need to get back to my 2013 photobook as well. I had made pretty good progress on it, but then we’ve been quite busy with the cruise and crazy weather and all.

Something tasty: I still can’t stop eating Hiding Eggs.

Something about both kiddos: At games night last weekend, they were crazy. I don’t know what was up with them. They didn’t get along with friends that they usually play with quite well. They fought with each other and their friends, and they were so loud. I’m guessing next time, one of us will have to be on constant kid duty to keep them in line. The worst part is that the kids all managed to trash every room that they were in. It wasn’t just a matter of taking out lots of toys and not putting them away, it was more along the lines of them dumping out EVERY container. And that isn’t even quite accurate. It was like they threw everything into a different corner as they did it. We were not happy with that. We’ll have to put down some ground rules next time. Both kids finally finished their birthday thank you notes, though I know a few things slipped through the cracks. Both kids filled out NCAA tournament brackets. I was amused by their choices. Maddie’s bracket is holding pretty strong, and she has Kentucky winning it all. Cullen’s bracket is totally trashed with picks like Coastal Carolina winning a couple of rounds and American making it to the championship. He had Kansas winning it all. Gabe’s bracket is awesome. Mine is doing worse than Maddie’s. It’s been fun to have a family pool this year.

Something Maddie is doing (6 years old): Maddie had a tough week at school this week, according to her teacher. We got a couple of notes from her teacher, so that was a little frustrating. She was asking for some ideas of how to help Maddie, and I think I have some good ones. I think understanding why she breaks a rule is more significant than the rule. She often has logical reasons why she “misbehaved,” and they aren’t excuses. She wants to follow the rules. For example, she got in trouble this week for not answering a question when asked. She said, “but I didn’t raise my hand, and I didn’t know the answer.” She was perceived as being stubborn. I explained to her that she has to say something when called upon, even if she didn’t raise her hand. And that she can say, “I don’t know” if she doesn’t know the answer. She hates making a mistake and hates being put on the spot. She is loving gymnastics. She was nervous at first with the bar, but she did a flip on it after some encouragement. She’s always worried that everyone else already knows what they are doing, and she doesn’t know how to do it. Maddie had a firm understanding of the seeds in the tournament, but when presented with Mercer 14, Duke 3, she immediately said, “Mercer! Nobody is worse than Duke!” I guess that maybe Daddy has had some influence here??

Something Cullen is doing (4 years old): Cullen had another fever bug and missed two days of school, and one of those was the one that Maddie was home from school due to ice. Poor guy. He is still obsessed with the iPad, but we have the kids turn in “tokens” that they earn for good behaviors. Each token is 10 minutes of time. This is working pretty well, though Cullen was banned from turning in tokens for more than a week. Cullen has been experimenting with big words lately. He has always had a strong vocabulary, but we’ve heard some surprising ones coming out of his mouth. He says words like humiliating, tragedy, antagonize, hilarious, concentrating, distracted, and fabulous. Disgusting is one of his favorite words. He’s gotten interested in reading recently, and we’ve been starting on the early phonics readers. He gets frustrated sometimes, but he’s so proud of himself when he figures it out. It’s exciting to go through this process again, though I remember it taking a little while to get some traction. I hope that he will stick with it for a while. It’s so fun to watch the process of a kid learning to read, but it definitely takes a lot of patience with an eager 4-year old.

Something I’m looking forward to: Let’s see. Over the next couple weeks, we have a festival at Maddie’s school, I have book club, Maddie has gymnastics (every week), Gabe has another fantasy baseball draft, my parents are coming for a visit (and returning from their South American cruise), and we’re walking to raise money for the National MS Society. Whew.

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