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The Sunday Somethings, 02mar14 and 23feb14

March 2nd, 2014

Something that makes me happy: A wonderful vacation with my family!

Something I’m thinking: We are thinking about when we can go on another Disney cruise.

Something I’m hoping: I’m hoping that we can get the kids back into routine this week. We had some challenging moments in the last few days, especially today during our recovery from the trip.

Something happening around the house: Well, it was clean when we arrived home, but we fixed that with just one day home.

Something I’m reading: I didn’t get any time to read while on the cruise, so I’m still reading the third book of The Demon Cycle.

Something Gabe is reading: He is still reading Pandora’s Star.

Something I’m watching: We’re catching up on The Amazing Race since it started while we were on vacation. While on vacation, we watched Disney live entertainment and the Frozen Sing-a-long version.

Something I’m playing: We did a lot of the Mid Ship Detective while we were on board the Disney Fantasy. Gabe and I participated in several trivia sessions on the ship.

Something tasty: We had a lot of tasty food on the ship, though no one thing in particular stands out.

Something about both kiddos: We had an amazing week! We drove down to Port Canaveral, stopping at Savannah overnight at a hotel on Thursday. We went the rest of the way on Friday, and we went to the cruise terminal on Saturday morning so that we could get onto the Disney Fantasy with the first groups of passengers! The kids did great in the car on the way. It’s a relief that they are decent travelers. We listened to the Frozen soundtrack over and over. Our whole family has been excited about it. We saw the sing-a-long version of the movie on the ship. I’ll have to write up all of the summaries for our days. Highlights included the beautiful beach in the US Virgin Isles, the Aladdin stage show, the pools and Aquaduck, midship detective, meeting so many characters, pirate night and the fireworks, and getting so many awesome photos. And then there was the incredibly lucky, special thing where we were selected as The Magical Family of the Week. This meant that our special friend in guest services showered us with gifts every night of the cruise. That was amazing. We were thrilled that the kids had so much fun playing in the water at the pool and even in the ocean. I see a trip to Great Wolf Lodge in our future! They both loved the hot tub, and I appreciated that as it often wasn’t warm enough for me to want to swim in the regular pool! Another great thing about Disney is that just about any Disney movie ever made is available on demand. Cullen and Maddie mostly wanted to watch Lilo and Stitch (either the first or second one). I’m not sure why they are so fascinated with Stitch. The kids went to the kids club once, and they had fun. They didn’t want to do it again (and it was challenging to talk them into it the first time). Oh, well. Maybe they will be ready for it next time.

Something Maddie is doing (6 years old): Maddie absolutely loved the Aquaduck. She did it about 10 times, and she even wanted to go with Grandpa on it (though Grandpa never did it). Maddie couldn’t wait to meet Anna (from Frozen) and Sofia the first. She was very excited about both of them, and she was able to meet both of them twice. Anna was one of the most popular greets on the ship. Maddie’s birthday was the day that we left for the trip. We celebrated with a tiny 4″ cake on the way down to Savannah. I spent the day with her before we left, and I took her to her favorite restaurant (Shiny Diner) and to the toy store to pick out a toy. She picked a play set with Anna and Elsa as young kids. She acted out the songs with her figures in the car, and she used them to explain the movie to Grandma. She also wanted to show Anna her dolls. The nightly Mickey bar was another highlight for Maddie. She still didn’t like being called a princess some of the time, but she accepted it other times. Plus, she was dressed as Sofia twice, and she absolutely adores Anna. Shockingly, she agreed to get her picture with the four princesses that Cullen wanted to meet.

Something Cullen is doing (4 years old): Cullen says that the Aquaduck was one of his favorite moments of the trip, but he never did want to go again. He said he might do it again when he’s a grown up. From the looks of his photo taken on the Aquaduck, I think he was quite scared! He is funny about things like that. He’ll say it’s awesome, but clearly he has no intention of getting on it again! Cullen didn’t really nap on the trip, but he fell asleep a couple of times at shows or other random moments. We tried to get him to take a nap a few times on the trip, but it was futile. He just won’t nap, but he sorely needs it. By the last few days, the trip definitely caught up to him. Cullen loved swimming in the pool and playing in Nemo’s reef splash area. His highlight for characters was probably Stitch. He seemed to really enjoy the midship detective. He always loves meeting the Princesses, and we did the line where he could meet four at once.

Something I am struggling with: We’re trying to figure out a token/rewards system to curtail device time and reward good behaviors. The kids are particularly troublesome at the dinner table.

Something I’m doing towards my goals: we tried a Disney cruise, and we can’t wait to go on another!

Something I learned: I learned why people want to cruise with Disney over and over again.

Something I’m looking forward to: It’s hard to think about getting back to our regular life! Maddie is starting gymnastics this week. I hope that she will like it. She definitely needs some type of physical outlet, and rollerblading isn’t going to work with our schedule this time with so many Saturday snow make up days. Maddie’s birthday party is next weekend. Gabe has some fantasy drafts in the next two weeks. We have dinner and games with friends. We don’t have too much going on next week, except for games night next Saturday.

Something captured: One of our many, many photos from the trip.

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  1. Ann Says:

    LOVE that family photo!! Fabulous!! The shirts turned out so cute!