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The Sunday Somethings, 29dec13 and 05jan14

January 6th, 2014

Something that makes me happy: Group photos for events and vacations. I always regret it a little when I don’t make everyone pose for a group photo! I love having them later.

Something I’m thinking: I couldn’t live somewhere where the single digit temperatures and lower are common. Brr!

Something happening around the house: Legos everywhere!

Something I’m reading: I’m partway through both The Golem and the Jinni and Lexicon. I intend to finish both of those, but I had to take a break from the first one so that I could read Lexicon for this month’s book club. I finished the 4th book in The Book of Ember and read the first part of Sand by Hugh Howey. I also read (and recommend) a novel by a friend, An Uncertain Faith by Allie Potts.

Something Gabe is reading: He read the first part of Sand and is now reading The Golem and the Jinni.

Something I’m watching: We have caught up on most of our shows, and we watched the Downton Abbey premiere last night! The kids have been watching a ton of Ninjago now that Cullen has the first two seasons of the show on DVD.

Something I’m playing: 12-person Telestrations, Big Boggle, Village… not sure what else. Oh, and I’ve been playing Pikmin 3 on the Wii U. Fun!

Something I’m creating: I’ve been working hard on photobooks! I started and finished my WwDC/San Francisco book from last year, and I’m about halfway through my 2013 photobook. That one will be challenging to fit into one volume, but I think I can do it.

Something tasty: I was going to make some cookie dough truffles, but so far I’ve just been pinching off pieces of the eggless cookie dough. Yum! The best thing that I’ve had in a while was the Creme Brulee from the fancy dinner that we had with Gabe’s parents as part of their Christmas gifts from us.

Something about both kiddos: We had a wonderful Christmas, despite a little bit of illness at the beginning of our holiday break. We were supposed to spend Christmas Eve with friends, but nobody wanted to spread germs. We made chex mix and decorated sugar cookies. We did some crafts. We had a great time and read The Grinch and The Night Before Christmas before bedtime in preparation for Santa’s visit. The kids had a slumber party in Maddie’s room and were asleep fairly quickly. Santa visited early and finished depositing the gifts and filling our stockings by 10pm. The kids were excited, and Christmas morning started with stockings followed by opening Santa gifts. We had red and green pancakes (with chocolate chips) for breakfast. We lounged around in our pajamas all day. The next day, we celebrated with friends and Gabe’s parents arrived that evening. On New Year’s Eve, we had our usual games night party. It was a fun, chaotic evening, and we let the kids stay up as late as they wanted. Cullen made it until 11:30pm when he decided he wanted to lay down in our bed and promptly fell asleep. Maddie made it to 12:15am and watched the ball drop. She was so excited to have stayed up that late. They both need to work on thank you notes for all the wonderful presents they received, and they still have a few more presents to open. We like to spread out Christmas a little! The kids are getting along together fabulously (with the exception of our usual breakfast table drama where Cullen doesn’t want Maddie looking at him). They play with Legos, Ninjago, art projects, and more. I love how much they adore each other. They are still taking their sports lessons.

Something Maddie is doing (5.5 years old): Maddie and I worked on her science fair project last night. She is testing the strength of three different configurations of six sheets of origami paper (cube, tubes, and flat sheets). Her hypothesis was that the paper rolls/tubes would be the strongest, and she was disappointed to find out that she was wrong. She seemed satisfied that being wrong was part of being a scientist and doing science experiments. She did five different trials and recorded her observations and counts in her lab notebook. We will need to gather the results and make her presentation board by next week. Santa’s main gifts for Maddie were legos, the rainbow loom, and a kindle fire. She has made numerous bracelets since then, and it was cute when she loomed with the neighbors. Other gifts from friends and family included a Lalaloopsy doll (something she kept asking for), a bracelet craft set, Lego sets, a fancy art set, board games (shared with her brother), and new books. Maddie still loves the Legos, but she doesn’t sit and put them together for long periods of time. Her attention span isn’t as great as it used to be for that, but hopefully that is just a phase. Maddie has decided that she also likes Ninjago and plays battles and other imagination games with her brother. I think she has enjoyed the show, but she also learned that her brother will engage with her more if she’s willing to play what he wants to play.

Something Cullen is doing (3.5 years old): He barfed on the way into his classroom on December 23rd, which was supposed to be our last day of work and daycare. We started our break a little earlier, and he shared a bit of the stomach bug with me. At bedtime one evening, Cullen asked Daddy, “Daddy, is the Grinch a real person?” Gabe said, “No.” Cullen replied, “How do you know?” Daddy: “He’s just a story by Dr. Seuss.” Cullen: “Sometimes you’re not right about things.” Cullen also has said to Maddie several times recently when she has been singing, “Maddie do you think anyone wants to hear that? Nobody wants to hear that.” Cullen has had a rough time at nights, and he has been crawling into our bed in the middle of the night at least every other night. He was doing pretty well over the break, but he has resumed that pattern the last few days. I hope that it’s a short phase. Santa’s main gifts to Cullen were Ninjago spinners, Legos, and Star Wars DVDs. He has loved playing with his numerous minifigures and new Ninjago sets and spinners. Other gifts included race cars and a car track, more spinners, Ninjago DVDs, more Ninjago lego sets, and a Ninjago encyclopedia which may now be his favorite book ever. I think it’s safe to say that Ninjago was the theme of Cullen’s Christmas. He’s still crazy about Ninjago, obviously. He’s really enjoying all of his new things, and I love to watch him play with the figures and built sets. He doesn’t have the attention span to put big Lego sets together right now, but he does enjoy playing with the final result.

Something I am struggling with: Writing these reports…

Something I’m doing towards my goals: Finishing my photobooks!

Something I’m looking forward to: I’m reading to Maddie’s class on Friday, and I’m volunteering in a couple weeks for their 100-day celebration. I’m not looking forward to Gabe being out of town for a couple of days next week for a business trip. He’s going to miss Maddie’s science fair, too. Boo.

Something captured: Gabe’s family with Mickey ears – we’re ready for the cruise!

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