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The Sunday Somethings, 20oct13

October 20th, 2013

Something that makes me happy: I finished the October 2012 Disney photobook! I have a few corrections to make, and then I’ll be ready to order it. Woohoo!

Something I’m thinking: I’m thinking about how to organize our general photobook for 2012. I’ll feel great to be finished with that one.

Something happening around the house: We’re getting our new roof this week!

Something I’m reading: I didn’t get very far into The Cuckoo’s Calling. I made it a little over a quarter through the book, but I was too bored to continue. I don’t know if I will reconsider if others claim it is worth reading. It’s one of our book club books, so I’m curious what others will think about it. I started The Astronaut Wives Club, but I wasn’t sure I was in the mood for it. I decided to start Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson. I really like it so far!

Something Gabe is reading: He’s close to finishing Emperor of Thorns.

Something I’m watching: I actually watched The Walking Dead with Gabe last week. I might just keep watching it with him.

Something I’m creating: The Disney photobook.

Something tasty: Maple cotton candy from the state fair!

Something about both kiddos: We had a Trunk or Treat on Friday at work. The kids had a good time, and it was fun to get them in their costumes for the first time this year. They are cute as a stormtrooper and Sofia the First! We skipped the pizza and went out to eat at Zoe’s Kitchen. The kids love eating there! Today, we took them to the State Fair with Sophie and her mommy. Gabe and I don’t care for all the crowds, but the kids had a great time. We went first thing this morning, and it was quite crowded when we left! The kids loved the giant slide (of course), the carousel, the little rollercoaster, and the ferris wheel. We were all a bit exhausted this afternoon.

Something Maddie is doing (5.5 years old): Maddie had her first field trip this week at school, and I was a chaperone. It was at a local pumpkin patch and corn maze. The corn maze was a bit long for such little kids! They were all excited about the beginning, pointing out every ear of corn that they spotted. Towards the end, they were tired, hot, hungry, and didn’t like “long corn mazes.” It was great to meet some of Maddie’s new friends. Maddie rode a school bus for the first time, and she didn’t like it. She said that it was smelly and didn’t like sliding around without seat belts. She did great at rollerblading this week. It really makes a difference for her to have her friend at the lesson! She still wants to take ballet lessons, but she is considering taking gymnastics with Sophie! I hope that we can coordinate that. She’s been trying to do cartwheels around the house, so I think she’d love gymnastics.

Something Cullen is doing (3.5 years old): Cullen had his bike day this week, and he rode his “real” bike this time. He was so proud of himself! He had soccer on Saturday morning and seems to enjoy it. He has a new friend in the class (a coworker’s son), and it’s great to see him making friends! He has made a close friend in preschool, too, and we love hearing about his new friendship. This week, he was telling us about his new friend and said, “I was running out on the playground, and Austin came up to me and said, ‘oh, HEY!’ and I said, ‘oh, YEAH!’ and then I thought to myself, ‘there’s my little friend who always likes to play with me!’”

Something I am struggling with: I had a migraine this afternoon. Ugh!

Something I learned: I’m not sure I like corn mazes!

Something I’m looking forward to: I have a PTA meeting and a conference at Maddie’s school. We are looking forward to celebrating our anniversary on Wednesday! We’re supposed to get a new roof on Friday and Saturday. The kids have their usual rollerblading and soccer on Saturday and this month’s kid book club. They each have a birthday party to attend on Sunday. Busy week!

Something captured: My two favorite boys after the fair today!

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