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New York City: Day 5, The Library and Central Park

July 4th, 2013

Our flight wasn’t until evening, so we had some time to do a little more touring on our travel day. We even had a few favorites.

Maddie’s Favorites

  • Melissa pushing her in the stroller
  • Playing with her new baby chair accessory in the hotel
  • **climbing the rocks at Central Park**
  • the meatballs and cheese at dinner

Cullen’s Favorites

  • the meatballs and cheese at dinner
  • **seeing the library**
  • going back to the hotel
  • climbing on the rocks at Central Park

Gabe’s Favorites

  • Central Park
  • **getting photos in the same spot from our honeymoon (and the ones with the kids)**

Kerry’s Favorites

  • hanging out in Central Park
  • Cullen’s excitement about visiting the library
  • Getting family pictures and recreating the honeymoon photo
  • seeing the kids excited about climbing rocks
  • climbing the high rock with Maddie
  • the look of joy on Maddie’s face when we had to cross the street, weaving the strollers in a sea of taxis

Melissa’s Favorites

  • eating Cap’n Crunch at breakfast
  • **going to Central Park**
  • the weather being nice
  • when Maddie said that she loved her again

Jason’s Favorites

  • going to Central Park

Summary and Photos from Day 5

Fortunately, we had packed an extra (empty) suitcase for the way home, and we needed it to pack all of our new goodies! We were glad that we wouldn’t have to pay extra baggage fees (due to a free bag per person on JetBlue), but we were a little concerned about how to get everything back to the airport!

We had breakfast in the hotel and finished packing our suitcases before our final adventures in NYC. We checked the bags with the hotel and headed to Central Park since Melissa and Jason hadn’t had an opportunity to see it on this trip. They wanted to replicate a photo from their engagement trip, and Gabe and I wanted to replicate a photo from our honeymoon.

First, we had to make a little stop by the New York Public Library. Cullen was very interested in seeing it since it is prominently featured in both of his storybooks. We walked through Grand Central on the way to the library.

Cullen was not satisfied with merely seeing the lions outside of the library. He wanted to set foot into the library as well. We didn’t see any books, but we were treated to two Lego versions of the lions.

It was fun to see how excited Cullen was about the library.

We headed to Central Park and took a variety of family photos, thanks to Melissa and Jason!

They weren’t able to find their exact spot from their honeymoon picture, but we did get some similar shots of them in front of their hotel.

We found the spot of our honeymoon photo, though we had a little difficulty getting the same angle (and apparently didn’t have the right lens). Still, we were excited to have a photo at the same spot!

The kids were fairly agreeable to photos, so we tried several different spots.

My sweet family!

The kids were then able to run around the rocks like crazy nuts for a little while before we had to head back to the hotel and airport.

They loved jumping and playing and collecting rocks.

Maddie and I climbed to the top of a bigger rock, but unfortunately I couldn’t tell that we weren’t totally visible. The photos didn’t turn out as I had hoped.

Maddie (and I) loved the experience, anyway!

We had already gotten giant pretzels for the kids earlier at Central Park, and we grabbed “lunch” on the way back to the hotel from other food carts. We debated whether to take a cab or car service, but we decided on hauling all of our luggage to the subway. We knew this time where to find the elevator at our closest station, so that made it a lot easier! We were once again quite thankful for Melissa and Jason’s help in getting the kids, strollers, and luggage from point A to point B!

We thought we needed to make one transfer in order to get to the AirTrain, but we accidentally ended up on a different train that did not require a transfer. That was nice! When we got to the airport, we were disappointed to find that our flight had been delayed for 2 hours. If we had known that, we could have squeezed in a little more fun in the city first! Oh well. Instead, we had a relaxing, decent meal at the airport before heading to our gate. The next day, JetBlue had sent all of us $25 vouchers to compensate for the delay. I didn’t even feel that the delay was all that bad or even unexpected, so the vouchers were definitely a nice surprise! Of course, we may not get a chance to use them in the next year, so we’ll see…

The flight home was uneventful, as the best flights always are. The kids were good little travelers.

We were a little nervous about taking the kids to NYC, but I’m so glad that we did! We had a fantastic trip and the kids will be talking about their experiences for a while.

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