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New York City: Day 4, part 2, Central Park, Baseball, and Chocolate Fondue

July 3rd, 2013

After the meal, Melissa and Jason rushed off to the Ed Sullivan Theater where they had tickets to see David Letterman. They had signed up for the lottery, and Jason got a call a few days before we left for NYC. He had to answer some easy trivia questions about the show in order to get the tickets. Gabe and I were a little jealous as they also got to see Will Smith!

Meanwhile, we went to Central Park. Cullen fell asleep on the way, so he slept through our stroll in the park. We ended up doing a bit of walking since we weren’t exactly sure where the carousel was. We wanted to surprise the kids with the carousel since we had been misinformed that it wouldn’t be open on Monday. We stopped at an ice cream cart and Maddie chose a Hello Kitty popsicle. She had a treat filled day!

We found the carousel, and it was running! The look on Maddie’s face when she realized that she was about to ride the carousel was priceless. It was too bad that Cullen missed out on the experience, but he definitely needed his nap. He slept through all the excitement.

Cullen continued to snooze while Maddie climbed all over Central Park rocks.

This was clearly another highlight to her day (and the entire trip).

Cullen was still sleeping when we exited the park to head to the Ed Sullivan Theater to meet Melissa and Jason after the taping. We were supposed to meet them somewhere across the street, but that place turned out to no longer exist! Fortunately, the taping let out right after we arrived, and Melissa and Jason spotted us (and we spotted them). They had a great time at the show!

We split up again, but this time Jason and Gabe headed to the baseball game while Melissa and I took the kids for further adventures. We at a Applejack Diner which was right on Broadway, and we all thoroughly enjoyed sitting on the sidewalk. The food was just ok, but the meal was a great experience. The waitress was very good with the kids and very nice to us. I just thought it was neat to watch the world go by during our meal. I think this was the first time that I had had a meal on a NYC sidewalk.

The big event of the evening was a trip to the Dylan’s Candy Bar and Cafe, or as we called it, “the candy restaurant.” Of course, the kids were excited about that! Melissa and I may have been a little bit excited, too. The restaurant is cute, and we sat inside of one of the cupcake booths (though you can’t tell from this picture). The kids thought the gumball table was really cool.

Melissa had a Sour Patch Kids margarita which was apparently quite sour and yummy.

The kids loved it, of course. I mean what’s not to love about chocolate fondue? We had marshmallows, bananas, strawberries, and gummy worms with the fondue. Cullen was a crazy nut with the marshmallows. He made an absolute mess of his shirt, prompting me to buy stain stick to pre-treat his shirt on the way back to the hotel!

It’s hard to tell whether Maddie was more excited about the chocolate or gummy worms. Both rank pretty highly in her world!

The kids were pretty spoiled on this day as I allowed them to pick out something at the candy store as well. They both picked cute donut pillows (and have been enjoying them ever since! Maddie even uses hers as her regular pillow at night).

Melissa helped me settle the kids down when we got back to the hotel. Needless to say, they were a little bit crazy after all of the treats and excitement of the day.

Meanwhile, Gabe and Jason were at the baseball game. When we found out that the Mets just happened to be playing the Reds while we were in town, we knew that Gabe was meant to go to a game.

They had great seats, and Jason was able to get some nice photos with their SLR.

They even managed to get a picture of the two of them together (which was my only request of the game).

Jason and Gabe were amused by the section of Choo fans in the stands. Apparently, they were Mets fans but also crazy about Choo from the Reds.

The Reds won! Gabe and Jason went to the bar near the hotel after the game, and Gabe was able to experience the tasty philly cheese steak egg rolls. Yum!

Our last full day in NYC was a great one!

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