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New York City: Day 4, part 1, Chocolate and American Girl

July 2nd, 2013

I had so many photos that I wanted to share from Day 4, so I split it into two posts. As I have been doing, I’ll list the favorites (from the whole day) first.

Maddie’s Favorites

  • having chocolate milk at dinner
  • going to the Hershey store and getting the tin
  • going to M&M’s World and getting the light saber
  • **having lunch at American Girl and getting doll accessories**
  • riding the carousel at Central Park
  • climbing on rocks at Central Park
  • chocolate chip pancakes at dinner
  • **Dylan’s Candy Bar** (she listed this one as a favorite before we even went there saying, “I know what’s *going* to be one of my favorites today!”) (later she referred to it as “well, the candy bar thing”)**
  • having dinner on the sidewalk
  • the Hello Kitty popsicle

Cullen’s Favorites

  • watching the taxis at dinner
  • the Hershey place
  • M&M’s world and getting the light saber
  • dinner on the sidewalk
  • **Dylan’s Candy Bar**

Gabe’s Favorites

  • the baseball game
  • Central Park
  • the kids at American Girl
  • **the look on Maddie’s face when we surprised her with the Central Park carousel**
  • the woman and kids on the subway jeering at him in his Reds shirt and Gabe talking trash back

Kerry’s Favorites

  • **lunch at American Girl**
  • having dinner on the sidewalk
  • the first moment of the kids in the Hershey store
  • seeing Maddie so happy in Central Park
  • Dylan’s Candy Bar

Melissa’s Favorites

  • buying the dogs with Statue of Liberty outfits for Maddie and Cullen
  • **Letterman**
  • dinner on the sidewalk
  • chocolate fondue at Dylan’s Candy Bar
  • Sour Patch Kids Margarita at Dylan’s Candy Bar

Jason’s Favorites

  • the trombone joke at Letterman
  • Will Smith and Summertime
  • the baseball game
  • the Choo fans at the game
  • **Letterman**

Summary and Photos of Day 4

We started with breakfast again around 9am and then headed to the Times Square area where we had been talking about visiting “the chocolate store.” We had planned to go to the toy store as well, but we ran out of time. We started at Hershey’s World which is quite tiny on the inside. I think it’s probably one of the few stores in the world where the signs outside are like ten times bigger than the interior of the store. The kids didn’t seem to care. They were in heaven.

They spent a bit of time browsing the chocolate options.

For some reason, Maddie really wanted to buy baking melts. We wanted to get them something unique to the store and ended up with two Hershey Kiss metal tins with a NYC themed design.

Next, we headed across the street to M&M’s World which is three floors of chocolatey goodness (and related merchandise). The kids picked out unique colored M&Ms.

Oh, and Melissa did, too.

They met the red M&Ms guy.

They were allowed to pick one item from the store (in addition to the special colored M&Ms), and they both decided on the light saber. Cullen very seriously touched his light saber to every M&M pillow in the store.

We saw the same light sabers in a Cracker Barrel the next weekend. So much for getting something unique to NYC! Oh well, the kids had a great time in the store.

We didn’t have time to make a stop at the giant Times Square Toys R Us (and never made it to the store on this trip). We needed to head to our lunch reservations at American Girl so that we’d have a few minutes to browse the store.

The American Girl store is HUGE! It has three big floors of merchandise. If you’ve never been to an American Girl store, it really is a neat place. Sure, they have some crazy prices on some of their dolls and accessories, but it’s fun to “window shop.” The store is almost set up like a museum with all of the dolls and accessories on display.

Both kids had a lot of fun looking around the store. Cullen wanted to bring home another doll. We let them pick out some accessories, and Melissa and Jason surprised them with dogs that look like their dog Hugo (complete with little doggie-sized Statue of Liberty foam crowns).

It really is a fun experience (and no, we didn’t leave the store without spending some money!).

After browsing the store a bit, we were seated for our lunch reservation. They do a nice job with these lunches! Both kids were able to pick a “loaner doll” for the meal since we didn’t want to travel with their dolls just for lunch. We were not surprised that Maddie chose to dine with one of the Bitty Baby dolls.

I had to set a lady straight while we were waiting to be seated. She said to Cullen, “I’ll bet you’d be more excited if they had cars in there!” I said, “Actually, he’s really excited, too, and he has his own Bitty Twins.” Cullen didn’t list the doll store in his favorites at the end of the day, but I know it really did rank up there for him. He was a very happy boy during the meal. He chose to dine with one of the “real” dolls. He liked this one because of her purple dress.

The meal consists of a cinnamon bun starter (Maddie loved the idea of dessert before the meal), an array of fruits and vegetables appetizers, a main course (plenty of kid friendly and adult friendly options to choose from), and a trio of desserts with a pretty presentation. They have a lot of extra details like heart shaped fruits and napkin ring hair ties that you can take home with you. Quite a few girls in the room were celebrating birthdays.

Cullen enjoyed feeding carrots to his doll.

Maddie enjoyed every bit of the meal.

The dessert included a flower pot filled with chocolate mousse and chocolate cookie crumbs and a flower that we could take home with us.

It was a wonderful meal and one of my favorite experiences from the trip. I am glad we were able to get reservations and decided to experience the NYC American Girl Cafe!

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