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New York City: Day 3, Dinosaurs and Rock of Ages

July 1st, 2013

Starting out, as usual, with favorites!

Maddie’s Favorites

  • getting the penguin

  • the cookie sandwich [dessert at lunch]
  • seeing dinosaurs (especially the one in the foyer)
  • Daddy’s chocolate cake
  • Mommy’s chocolate mousse

Cullen’s Favorites

  • seeing the elephants

  • making the paper bag whale [they had a special whale event, and the kids each participated in a paper bag whale craft]
  • seeing dinosaurs
  • **his new baby dinosaur buddy**
  • the cookie sandwich
  • Mommy’s chocolate mousse

Gabe’s Favorites

  • **the dinosaur tour**

  • being at the museum

Kerry’s Favorites

  • **the dinosaur tour**

  • seeing the kids with their new buddies
  • being at the museum
  • when Maddie said, “next time I’m sharing THAT with somebody” about the chocolate mousse
  • Rock of Ages
  • jello shots at the show
  • the bar and watching karaoke after the show

Melissa’s Favorites

  • the bar before dinner

  • the pear gargonzola pizza at dinner
  • **Rock of Ages**
  • jello shots
  • the bar after the show

Jason’s Favorites

  • **the bar before dinner**

  • lasagne at dinner
  • Rock of Ages
  • jello shots
  • the bar after the show
  • his sazerac
  • bad karaoke

Summary and Photos from Day 3

We had a leisurely start and went to breakfast shortly after 9am. We saw Melissa and Jason at the end of breakfast for a few minutes before they headed to The Great GoogaMooga. The forecast had been a little iffy, and we saw that rain was headed our way by mid-afternoon. Considering that the weather app was showing a 0% chance of rain for the next few hours, we decided to head up to Central Park. Once we gathered the strollers and stepped foot outside of the hotel, we discovered that it was raining. We quickly changed our plans to the American Museum of Natural History. We hadn’t planned to go there, but we knew that the kids would love the dinosaurs!

Unfortunately, every tourist (and maybe even local) in Manhattan was headed to the museum. The subway cars were packed, and we ended up on different cars. Cullen and I weren’t sure whether Gabe and Maddie had made it on the same train. Fortunately, we found them when we got to the museum stop. Then everyone on the train exited at the stop and tried to get into the museum. The museum was extremely crowded and it took us a while to get into the building and then to get our tickets.

As soon as we walked into the museum, we noticed that they had a dinosaur tour starting in less than 5 minutes. Only a few people were waiting for the tour, so we waited with them. Considering how crowded the museum was, this turned out to be a great way to see the dinosaurs! The tour guide who showed us around was very enthusiastic about the dinosaurs. He had been with the museum since the 80s. I was amused that he seemed to be wearing ordinary khakis yet he kept pulling bones, teeth, eggs, and claws out of his pocket to show us. I am not sure where he was keeping them all! The kids did fairly well on the tour which was about 45 minutes. The tour guide had lots of fascinating information for us, but he wasn’t particularly engaging with the kids. Still, they behaved rather well considering.

After our tour, we went down to get food. After our experiences the previous day, we were quite impressed with the food offerings at the Natural History museum! Everyone had a decent lunch. We then headed back up to take another look at the dinosaurs. It was difficult to navigate the museum at times, but we still had a good time. We made a stop at the gift shop where the kids picked out t-shirts and new buddies. They were excited about their new penguin and dinosaur buddies. Doesn’t everyone get a fluffy purple penguin at the dinosaur museum? Maddie’s actually jumping for joy in this one.

The whole family enjoyed seeing dinosaurs!

And the kids enjoyed acting like angry dinosaurs.


We explored a little more of the museum before heading to meet Jason and Melissa for dinner. We had intended on going back to the hotel for a little rest, but it took us a while to finish at the museum and ride the subway back to meet Jason and Melissa (and Bridget). We learned that parts of the museum have a really terrible cell signal, so twice we were separated and had problems reuniting. Having a very specific meeting plan is key if your party is going to separate in the museum. Also, if you’re going to meet in the room with the African mammals, be sure to specify which floor you are on.

While we were at the museum, Melissa and Jason had a miserable time waiting for The Great GoogaMooga, a food and music festival. It was horribly organized, and they wouldn’t let them into the venue well past “opening” time. It was raining and cold and miserable. We felt bad that their plans were not going so well. They ended up bailing on the event and later received notification that it had been cancelled due to the weather! This put them in a bad mood for a while. They did have some tasty items from a Chinese bakery in Chinatown.

We were going to meet somewhere kid friendly and quick and decided on Burger Heaven. Unfortunately, the Burger Heaven that we had selected was closing unexpectedly (their usual hours would have had them open much later into the evening). Melissa, Jason, and Bridget found an Italian restaurant about a block away, so we met them there. It was a tad expensive, and Gabe and I didn’t feel like we ordered the best things. Maddie and Cullen had to split a $22 spaghetti as they had no kid options. The kids behaved themselves well, at least, and the desserts were fabulous. Gabe shared chocolate cake with Maddie while Cullen and I had chocolate mousse. Once Maddie had a taste of mine, she said, “next time I’m sharing THAT with somebody!” Chocolate mousse for the win!

On a side note, the Italian restaurant ended up charging us an ADDITIONAL $600 on our credit card. They must have quickly discovered their mistake and credited it back to our card the same day. Long story short, they actually managed to pay the entire balance of our credit card two days before the bill was due with that credit. I had paid the current balance really late in the last cycle, so the new bill was rather low for that card. As a result, we had no late fees or interest. Whew. As someone who pays off the entire balance of her cards every time, I was relieved that they covered for my rare mistake. So, I can’t say that I regret eating there! Best $600 mischarge ever!

We helped Gabe get the kids back to the hotel, and then Jason, Melissa, and I headed to Rock of Ages at the Helen Hayes theater.

We decided pretty late to get Broadway show tickets, so it was difficult to get ones that we really wanted. We had “settled” for Rock of Ages. What a fun show! I mean what other Broadway shows sell jello shots in the aisles? None that I know! The music was fun, and the story was entertaining and absurd. Good times.

We took a leisurely walk around Times Square…

…and Rockefeller Center…

…before ending up at a bar near our hotel (which Jason and Melissa had visited before dinner with Bridget) for drinks and yummy philly cheese steak egg rolls. I had some sort of drink with Sweet Tea Infused Bourbon. We enjoyed some entertaining karaoke at the bar next door. It was clear that we had some Broadway hopefuls bartending at the karaoke bar! We witnessed a heated fight between some of the bar patrons and decided that maybe it was time to head home.

It was another fun day in NYC!

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