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The Sunday Somethings, 23jun13

June 23rd, 2013

Something that makes me happy: We had this month’s kid book club this morning. Of course, it’s too bad Maddie missed it since she was in trouble. Cullen had a great time in her place.

Something I’m thinking: Maddie seems to have a lot of anxiety about the changes happening in her life with her starting kindergarten in a few weeks and her brother starting to have interests that are different from hers.

Something happening around the house: I’m losing the Lego wars.

Something I’m reading: I finished Happy Choas, and it was disappointing. Some bits of it were entertaining, but her parenting advice goes between obvious and pretentious. Her name dropping starts out as interesting but becomes annoying by the end. Still, I finished the book and got a little glimpse into what “Punky Brewster’s” childhood (and adult life) was like. I can’t recommend the book. Then I started The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared. Some parts of it were very entertaining to me, but other parts were tedious. I decided about halfway through the book to quit and move onto something else. I’m now reading the first book of Hugh Howey’s Molly Fyde series.

Something Gabe is reading: Gabe finished the 2nd Molly Fyde book and is now on the 3rd one.

Something I’m watching: We started watching the third season of Downton Abbey since it’s now on amazon prime! We also went to see Monsters University as a family. It’s fun that the kids are now old enough that we can all go to see movies together!

Something I’m playing: Letterpress on the iPhone. I think I forgot to mention that Gabe and I played Machinarium on the iPad for a few days, but we both completed the game right before I went to San Francisco. And I was planning to bring it as entertainment on the flights. Oops!

Something about both kiddos: Their fights have escalated lately, but they are still great friends. Unfortunately, the kids are starting to want to “play” different things. This frustrates Maddie as she’s no longer able to boss Cullen around. Her favorite way to combat that seems to be biting. Ugh. They did compromise on the way to school one day this week. Cullen had “Spider-man powers,” and Maddie had “Hello Kitty powers.” Spider-man powers involved the usual web throwing, and apparently Hello Kitty superheroes throw lollipops. Maddie’s idea was to throw so many lollipops at you that you would get sick. Oh, and while I was gone they added a new word to their vocabulary. Gabe had warned me that they got a kick out of repeating Daddy’s “damn” on the way to school one day. Maddie would say, “Cullen, I can’t get into this damn pocket [of her bookbag]. Cullen, now you say ‘damn!’” Nice. Maddie ended up telling me about it on the way to school one day this week. The other day, Cullen wasn’t thrilled about watching Monsters Inc. and got up and turned off the TV saying, “this is a damn movie!” Well, at least they have the context right. The whole family enjoyed Monsters University (even though Cullen claimed he wasn’t going to like it). The kids were excited about our outing to the cafe this week. We are realizing that we’re running out of time to take Maddie to the cafe! Friday night, we made our scavenger hunt nature boxes and the kids had a scavenger hunt in the backyard.

Something Maddie is doing (5 years old): She’s pretty nervous about starting kindergarten. She was disappointed that the backpack that we ordered for her didn’t have the promised butterfly patch. So, we are sending that one back and ordering another one. It’s a little tricky to get backpacks this time of year! Most places don’t have their acts together for year round school. She’s making a little progress with swimming, but I’m wondering if it might be better to take a break and start back up in the fall once we’ve gotten into the swing of the kindergarten thing. We’re really not happy with her new biting-her-brother habit. I don’t remember if I have mentioned that Maddie’s first official day of kindergarten will be July 11th. We won’t know her teacher until after that day.

Something Cullen is doing (3 years old): Cullen really milks it when he gets bit by Maddie. He gets extra attention and cuddles and he laps it up. Poor boy, he’s had some nasty bites in the past few weeks. I hope we can get through this phase quickly for everyone’s sake. Cullen was so excited to go to book club in Maddie’s place. He was also excited to get some extra playtime all to himself with Sophie. Cullen hasn’t had potty accidents in a while. Woohoo! Cullen is still very interested in music and dances when he hears something he likes. He is always asking me who sings the songs we hear on the radio.

Something I’m looking forward to: Maddie has swimming lessons, I have book club and lunch with a friend, we have dinner and games with friends and a kid birthday party.

Something random: Do you really think Jesus wants you to walk across a tightrope over a canyon with no harnesses or safety nets?

Something captured: The kids at today’s book club – Olympic champions!

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One Response to “The Sunday Somethings, 23jun13”

  1. Marie Says:

    Aww. Book club made the “made you happy” section. That makes me happy. We were disappointed that Maddie had to miss it.

    As for the walking across a canyon with no harness . . . No, Jesus doesn’t want you to do that. But Darwin sure does.