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The Sunday Somethings, 27jan13

January 27th, 2013

Something that makes me happy: Our monthly craft subscription to Kiwi Crates. The crafts are high quality, and all of them have been functional so far (board game, instrument, postcard, etc). The kids love them! Thanks, Nana and Papa!

Something I’m thinking: I’m thinking about what needs to be done for their joint birthday party next weekend.

Something I’m hoping: I’m sorta hoping that a local bakery can make the cake. It would take a lot of pressure off of me if I could get someone else to handle that detail…

Something happening around the house: I’m constantly amazed at how quickly my kids can trash a clean house.

Something I’m reading: I finished Pandemonium, the sequel to Delirium. I’ll have to wait for the 3rd book to come out later this year. I did see that she has released a few companion books that show the perspectives or backgrounds of some of the secondary characters. I was able to get Hana from the library, but the other two don’t seem to be available. They seem a little pricey considering they are only about 40 pages each. I’ll probably want to read them eventually. I did start reading City of Bones from The Mortal Instruments series. I’ve been wanting to read this since I knew it was going to be a movie (this year?).

Something Gabe is reading: Gabe finished book 6 of the Wool series and is starting book 7.

Something I’m creating and playing: The kids and I made their games this weekend in this month’s craft crate. We had fun making and playing the board game. Cute craft!

Something Maddie is doing (4.5 years old): Maddie is very interested in reading right now! We have been reading every night (though of course she wants us to read to her, too!). She read one of her picture books this week and was so proud that she read a “real book.” Ha! It wasn’t really more difficult than the Level 1 readers that she has been reading. She wants to get some Level 2 readers now, but I think it might be too overwhelming to have too many words on each page. We still read some of the easier phonics readers, too, as it helps build her confidence. I’ve also been making sure that she rereads ones that she has already read. She likes to read new stuff, but it’s good for her to practice the same patterns over and over. Of course, she ends up memorizing parts, but that’s all part of reading. She sometimes anticipates the wrong word, and a lot of times she ends up laughing and correcting herself. She is very proud of herself. She’s had some bad nights this week, but she had a couple of good ones, too. I guess that’s progress? It’s been frustrating. She may be getting sick. We’ll see how she is over the next few days. She had the sniffles last week along with Cullen, but tonight she was not feeling quite herself, it seemed.

Something Cullen is doing (3 years old): Cullen woke up on his birthday and said, “I’m 3 already!” He also spent the day before saying, “Today is the last day that I’m 2!” We had a cupcake party in his classroom on Wednesday (the day after his birthday). We went out to dinner the evening of his birthday. He requested fried pickles and a hot dog for his birthday dinner. Fortunately, we actually do have a place around here that has both. He had so much fun at his birthday dinner. He was in a wonderful mood and ate quite a bit. He didn’t end up eating too many fried pickles, but he discovered the wonders of fried cheese curds. They were quite yummy! He had a bit of a cold this week, but it didn’t seem to go much beyond sniffles and a little extra crankiness. We are still waiting to hear which classroom he will be moving to (and when he will be moving).

Something I’m looking forward to: This week, I have a couple of lunches with friends, Cullen’s 3-year old check up, and ballet and rollerblading for the kids. Next weekend, we have a combined birthday party for the two of them. I also have book club!

Something captured: Gabe loves his new office! More pictures coming soon…

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