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The Sunday Somethings, 14oct12 and 21oct12

October 22nd, 2012

Something that makes me happy: Disney World! Getting home makes me happy, too.

Something I’m thinking: I’m thinking about all the fun and exciting things we did on our trip. I can’t believe that it is over.

Something I’m hoping: I hope to start writing up our trip reports soon, though I have to wait a week or so before I can get the photo pass photos. I have a lot of thoughts on posts in my head…now I just have to type them all out. Well, and sort through the almost 3000 photos.

Something happening around the house: It was nice to come home to a clean house, but a weekend at home destroyed our chances for that!

Something I’m reading: I read a little more of the 2nd book in The Mysterious Benedict Society, but then I switched to start and finish Let’s Pretend This Never Happened: A Mostly True Memoir. I didn’t get too much time to read at Disney, and I wanted to make sure I finished it before book club this week.

Something Gabe is reading: He started and finished Prince of Thorns by Mark Lawrence. He has started reading The Blinding Knife by Brent Weeks.

Something I’m watching: We have been watching Amazing Race, Survivor, Elementary, Hart of Dixie, and Revolution. I’m also trying to keep up with Gossip Girl, 90210, and Grey’s Anatomy. It’s hard to keep up with everything after being gone for a week and a half!

Something I’m playing: The kids and I played Kids of Carcassonne this afternoon, and Gabe and I have been playing some Ticket to Ride Europe on the iPhone.

Something tasty: I had a bit too much tasty food this week. Good times! I think my favorite was probably the Dole Whip, maybe mostly because I hadn’t expected to like it at all!

Something about both kiddos: We all had a wonderful, wonderful time at Disney. Too much to think about or cover here tonight! It was a long time for them to be in Disney. You could tell that they were pretty tired by the end – an extra rest day would have been beneficial. But they had a wonderful time. Both kids had haircuts today and look totally adorable. Now I just wish we had done it before our trip!

Something Maddie is doing (4.5 years old): When asked when we should go back to Disney, Maddie said, “Next Sunday” (today she said “Next Monday”). We told them that we probably won’t go again for a few years, maybe when Cullen is going to kindergarten. Maddie said, “no! that is too long! I’ll be 7!!!” Maddie didn’t get quite enough sleep while we were gone. It’s tough when your brother keeps waking you up and gets you up too early in the morning. It’s also impossible to get her to nap when we’re on trips (or at home), even when she needs one. So, she was a bit whiny and clingy when we weren’t doing something she enjoyed (and she was quite opinionated on what she enjoyed!). She hated being called “princess” everywhere we went by cast members. She started saying, “I am NOT a princess” to them. They didn’t know how to react. I guess they don’t cover that in their Disney training. I’m guessing they don’t run into very many preschool girls who don’t want to be called a princess. Maddie’s favorite started out as Dumbo, but then she rode Goofy’s Barnstormer, a kiddo rollercoaster. She absolutely loved it. It was amazing to watch her ride it! One of my best moments of the trip was riding it in the front car with her. She throws her arms way up in the air and couldn’t be happier. I love that little rollercoaster girl! She talked about how her favorite part was when it goes FAST. She says, “no one can catch us!” (and said the same thing about Dumbo the first few times when she was flying really high). Small World was also one of her top favorite rides. She was excited about trying some things, but she didn’t like everything she tried. She even rode Tower of Terror!!! But she did not like that one. She talked about it a lot, and she almost rode it again. I think that both kids enjoyed things better the second time they rode them. It helped them knowing what to expect. When you asked Maddie about a ride that she didn’t like, she would say “NEVER!” as in she’s never riding that again and she will NEVER like it. She said that about Tower of Terror, Pirates of the Caribbean, and a few others. She did say that about the Epcot ball ride (Spaceship Earth), but then she was begging to go on it later (after she had ridden it a 2nd time). She was very particular about characters. She wanted nothing to do with princesses or Tinkerbell. Her favorites were Minnie, Mickey, and Daisy. She refused to pose with Donald and Goofy most of the time. It always took her a few characters to warm up at the character meals. Fortunately, we usually were able to see the first characters more than once. Maddie really is enjoying saying “NEVER!” when she doesn’t like something or when she doesn’t want to do something we ask her to do.

Something Cullen is doing (2.5 years old): Cullen had a big time in Disney, too. When asked when we should go again, he said, “in 3 days.” Cullen’s favorites were Dumbo and Small World. Sometimes he’ll tell you that Goofy’s Barnstormer was one of his favorites, but he really didn’t like it! It was one of the moments on the trip when he was really scared. He wanted it to stop, but he still wanted to ride it twice. Both times he was not a fan. He absolutely loved Dumbo and Small World! He was a little scared about rides that had dark parts. He loved riding the Winnie the Pooh ride (especially the part where we bounced with Tigger). He loved driving the cars in the Tomorrowland Speedway. Cullen and I spent a lot of time together because he wanted to do everything with Mommy and Maddie wanted to do everything with Daddy. I loved seeing his joy on the rides he loved! The Spinny Minnie that he got from the Halloween party (her dress lights up) helped him in some of the rides with dark parts. He was awesome with the characters. He loved Minnie, Mickey, and the princesses the best. He told Rapunzel that he would protect me from the dragon. He gave Minnie a kiss at two different meetings. He’s such a sweet boy! He was doing great with pottying the first few days. He had no accidents until his first unfortunate incident with the tummy bug he had the rest of the trip that started late afternoon on Monday at Hollywood Studios. In the resort, he was even going to poop in the potty on his own without even telling us. He did that at least 4-5 times before the stomach bug started. That was magical. He had NEVER done it unprompted at home. He even had his nighttime pull-up on at least one or two mornings when he went to the potty. And then he got the awful bug. And the rest of the week he had the runs and that was not pretty. We had to resort to pull-ups at the park because he really couldn’t make it to the potty every time. Still, he was asking to go to the potty when he needed to go – he just didn’t have enough time every time. And then he even threw up on one day. Despite all that, he never really felt all that bad apart from some diaper rash and being tired here and there.

Something I am struggling with: I’m so glad that we had no plans this weekend. I can’t seem to get enough sleep or recover from the trip!

Something I’m doing towards my goals: We had a wonderful, amazing trip to Disney!

Something I’m looking forward to: Our anniversary is this week! We also have book club and photos with Catherine.

Something captured: I just randomly picked from the tons of photos that we have…a squinty one from Magic Kingdom.

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