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The Sunday Somethings, 17jun12

June 18th, 2012

Something I’m thinking: We had some rough moments with kiddo sleep this weekend, but overall we had a great Father’s Day weekend!

Something happening around the house: We’ve been eating outside on the deck a bunch in this beautiful weather! The kids love it, especially when they get to play in their little pool and eat in their bathing suits.

Something I’m reading: 11/22/63 by Stephen King for book club.

Something Gabe is reading: Chats from his buddies in Valor. I think that’s about it.

Something I’m watching: I started watching Bunheads and recognize some of the fast-talking fun that I liked from Gilmore Girls. We also went to see The Lorax as a family!

Something I’m playing: What else? Mystery Manor for both of us on the iPad and Valor for Gabe.

Something tasty: We’ve been eating tasty dinners from the new grill. Yum! Oh, and I made homemade blueberry/banana muffins with streusel topping on Father’s Day.

Something about both kiddos: We took them to Goodberry’s for the first time! Of course, they loved it. They shared a chocolate frozen custard with sprinkles (and some of my blueberry concrete with marshmallow, sprinkles, and oreos – why do they always want MY food, especially the tasty treats?). We also took our first family outing to the movies on Sunday, and that went better than expected. We went to the dinner theater for lunchtime. The kids didn’t pay much attention to their food, but they seemed to grasp the overall idea of the movie. They have been talking about how the town had no trees and people were sad about that and eventually they grew new trees. The kids played in their little pool a bunch. We all went to Pullen Park on Saturday. Maddie was excited to show Cullen the park. We rode the carousel and train, and the kids did the little kid boat ride. They played on the swings and see saw and played in the sand. We all left the park exhausted and happy.

Something Maddie is doing (51 months old): Maddie has been able to propel herself on the swings for a couple months, though I’m not sure I remembered to mention it here. She still wants us to push her often. Maddie was very cute about showing her brother around Pullen Park. When we told them that we were meeting friends at Pullen Park, Maddie got excited and told him, “Cullen! Pullen Park is AWESOME!” This was Gabe and Cullen’s first time to the park. When we were there, Maddie told Cullen all about it. “Cullen, over there is the carousel! It has its own house!” She’s still working on her moveable alphabet, though she is reluctant to spell things for us at home (despite her ability to do so). She will do it when she’s in the mood, but she’s not generally in the mood! Her favorite response to us asking if she can spell a word is to tell us that she can spell cat.

Something Cullen is doing (28 months old): Cullen remains attached to Charlie and Minnies, especially Maddie’s Princess Minnie. Why oh why did I bring back a Princess Minnie for Maddie and a Sorcerer Mickey for Cullen? Why didn’t I bring back two Princess Minnies?? I should have known…and the thought did cross my mind. Maddie allowed Cullen to bring Princess Minnie to school today, but she refused to let him take her to bed tonight. Charlie was in desperate need of a bath after a mishap this morning. So that left Cullen without his two comforting buddies. He had a total meltdown at bedtime. He’s not been going to bed very well lately. For a little while, he was coming out of his room once or twice. I would put him to bed after stories and songs, and then he would come out until Gabe took him back to bed (with a song or two). Sometimes he would come back out, but we would tell him that we both already covered him up and he needs to go back to his bed. It’s been getting worse and worse, so the last two nights we told him that we would each cover him up and sing songs, but then we weren’t going to respond to further requests. Tonight was the first night that he stayed in bed after Gabe tucked him in. He’s been waking up far too early, too. On Saturday, I don’t think he went back to sleep after waking up the whole house at 5am. He was completely inconsolable, so I am thinking that maybe he’s getting teeth or something. He did fabulously at his very first movie! He was excited and allegedly told all of his teachers about it today.

Something I am struggling with: Blogging…organizing photos…I can’t seem to get organized.

Something I’m looking forward to: Dinners with friends and a play date with two other families.

Something captured: The kids and their very special treat!

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