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Maddie’s 2nd Bike Day

January 13th, 2012

Maddie’s 2nd bike day was held in early October (yes, you’re going to be seeing some old posts as I get caught up on photos). She couldn’t decide the day before which “bike” she wanted to ride. She was trying to choose between the tricycle, balance bike, and scooter. She ended up choosing the tricycle at the last minute, and we were pretty sure it was going to be her last bike day with the trike. She is almost too big for it! She will be getting a bike with training wheels for her birthday (we thought we could skip that kind of bike with the balance bikes, but I guess we need both?).

I wasn’t happy with the photos this time (despite taking many), but here are a few from her second bike day.

She wasn’t the only kid with a trike, but most of the kids have training wheel bikes. A few kids zipped around the circle without training wheels.

She was excited that we came to watch her (and proud of herself!).

Afterward, we went to have lunch at the cafe with Keira.

She has developed this goofy, new smile.

Then, we left the girls to play together on their playground! BFFs!

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One Response to “Maddie’s 2nd Bike Day”

  1. Ann Says:

    I would totally skip training wheels! It just screws up their balance completely…she’s much better off going from the balance bike to a regular bike.