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Allure of the Seas Cruise Highlights Video

January 13th, 2012

In addition to my incredibly long summaries that aren’t even half finished, I now have an incredibly long highlights video of our mediocre video footage. But, you know what? All of this stuff makes me happy, and I can look back and relive it through the posts and video over and over. The quality of the video suffered with the scaled down version uploaded to YouTube. Oh, well. You get the idea.

Video moments:
0:08 – My dad ziplining
0:23 – Jason ziplining
0:33 – Melissa ziplining
0:43 – Jason on the FlowRider
0:54 – Maddie dancing in Central Park
1:05 – Cullen dancing at breakfast
1:20 – Maddie dancing crazy in the Promenade
1:28 – Flash mob clips
1:55 – 70s dance party clips
2:04 – Belly flop finale
2:07 – Bartending Demo
2:10 – Qwest clips
2:24 – Italian night
2:31 – Cullen attempts the head waiter’s “mouse” napkin trick
2:48 – Carousel clips
3:33 – Parade clips
3:45 – Character breakfast clips
4:23 – Maddie dancing with Fiona
4:45 – Fountain shows

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One Response to “Allure of the Seas Cruise Highlights Video”

  1. Ann Says:

    That was really cute! Loved Maddie dancing with Fiona. What was up with the guys dancing around in their boxers? That looked a little creepy! You have much better video editing skills than me!!! LOL! :)