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Allure of the Seas – Day 2, part 4, departing Nassau

January 12th, 2012

Every time I think I need just one more post to wrap up a day, I find that I have too many stories and photos that I want to document. So, back on the ship, Cullen was napping and Gabe was reading and snoozing in the room. We snapped a few photos before leaving the Boardwalk area (after discovering the carousel was not open).

We headed to the 2pm trivia which was an interactive trivia called, “Logos and Mascots.” Melissa, Jason, Mom, Maddie, and I ran into Melissa’s parents on the way. I grabbed some cookies to distract Maddie while we played the trivia. The interactive trivia is much like NTN/bar trivia with multiple choice questions (and a speed component to the score that we didn’t learn about until halfway through the questions). The questions were far too easy, even without the multiple choice options. The remotes didn’t always work (in a session later in the work, they barely worked at all). I can’t recommend the interactive trivia based on the ones that we attended. It was annoying to learn about the “fastest fingers” tie-breaker midway through the questions. We got all of the questions correct, but we weren’t the fastest. We did end up with the coveted keychains, anyway. Maddie was proud to have her own Royal Caribbean keychain. It’s still fun to identify the logos, but the whole thing would have been more fun with an open ended question sheet.

Next on the cruise compass was an opportunity to meet the penguins at the carousel. We hoped that we would be able to ride the carousel this time as well! We were excited to see the carousel running, so we hopped on for a few rides before meeting the penguins. Maddie rode a different animal each time.

The penguins showed up while we were enjoying one of our first few rides. We went to meet them, and Maddie was adorable. She hugged each one, and the penguins had great character.

Most of the character meet and greets had short lines on the cruise, and we usually had plenty of time to get the photos that we wanted.

After we met the penguins, we got back on the carousel. She rode several times with me and then rode different times with Nana and Melissa. Maddie loved it! I swear over half of the photos from our cruise may be carousel related.

Nana and Papa decided to get their photo taken with the penguins as well. This was one of the meet and greets that stated you should bring your own camera. They had handlers who would take your photo for you. Other character opportunities were official photographer events, and they did not allow you to take your own photos.

After our fun on the Boardwalk, we headed to the 15th deck for sail away. I called Gabe in between each activity, but he seemed content to stay in the cabin with Cullen. It was interesting to look down on the other ships. We could see the pools and mini golf and people on the top deck of the Carnival ship, at least 5 decks below ours. Allure of the Seas felt huge docked next to one of Carnival’s smallest ships. The Carnival ship looked so tiny!

Our ship left first, and once again I find myself taking photos of other people’s ships and wishing I could swap photos with the people on those ships.

We saw that maybe Nassau has some beaches and nice resorts, but I don’t think I’m going to be itching to explore Nassau again, regardless.

We spotted some of the landmarks that we visited and viewed from our walking tour. I pointed them out to Maddie. She also pointed out random things that we passed like rocks and smaller boats.

Maddie always has fun hanging out with Melissa and Jason. I think she also enjoyed doing some special things while Cullen was napping.

I called Gabe again, and Cullen was still snoozing. He was making up for his lack of nap the previous two days! Gabe still claimed to be enjoying his relaxing time in the room, so Melissa, Jason and I decided to take Maddie to the play area in Adventure Ocean.

The playroom was geared more towards babies and young toddlers, but Maddie had fun playing. Only one other child was in the playroom, and that child didn’t really interact with us at all. The dad was totally disengaged from us. In fact, at one point he was just sitting there picking his nose! Wow!

I thought that being on a ship full of children would mean more interactions with other kids and parents, but we didn’t talk to ANY families on the cruise (despite there being allegedly something like 1000 kids on board). I think that perhaps we got to know other families a little better on other ships because they were so few and far between. I remember one of our cruises had less than a dozen babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. As a result, we saw the same families all over the ship and would recognize them. They stood out in the crowd. We chatted with them, played with them at playgroups, and saw them around the ship. We didn’t see any Crayola Beginnings, Bedtime Stories, or Royal Babies/Tots organized opportunities on Allure of the Seas. The ship has plenty for the children, but not the small group type that gave us the opportunity to meet other families on other ships. It’s not a complaint by any means, just an observation of the differences in approach between the ships. The ship had more entertainment for the kids but encouraged less interaction between families.

We let Maddie play a little bit, and then Maddie and I headed back to the room to get ready for formal night. We couldn’t believe that Cullen was still sleeping! Cullen woke up shortly after our arrival, and we all got our formal clothes on and headed to the Madagascar photo opportunity!

Coming soon…photo ops, ice show, dinner, and evening activities…

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