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Allure of the Seas – Day 2, part 3, finishing our walking tour

January 11th, 2012

After the Queen’s Staircase, we headed to another highlight of the walking tour – Fort Fincastle. Fort Fincastle was also built in the late 1700s, and it offered us the best views of the ship and surrounding area. Between the Queen’s Staircase and Fort Fincastle were more vendors and “tour guides.” The area has quite a few pushy people trying to get your money.

I was walking with Grandma and Maddie when both Maddie and Grandma paused to see some straw items. Grandma couldn’t resist getting Maddie a purse with her name on it and a hat with Cullen’s name. Both items were really cute. The lady stitched the names quickly.

You can’t see the name (or “Bahamas”) in this photo, but Cullen was excited about his new hat.

We took turns going up into the fort. I love the opportunity to see the ship when in ports, but of course our view was partially blocked by the other ships. Ours is the one in the back.

It’s hard to see how much bigger it is than the other ships from here, but it especially towered over the Carnival ship next to us.

We were amused that the cannons were pointed directly at the ships.

We weren’t going to take Cullen up into the fort, but he couldn’t stand that Maddie was going with Daddy and he had to stay behind. So, I ended up going twice so that Cullen could see what everyone was doing. I carried him the whole time as I didn’t want him running around up there! You can see Maddie’s new purse in this photo (it also had “Bahamas” on one side and “Maddie” on the other).

We continued on our walking tour after the fort, and Jason tried to steal one of our kids again. We really had to keep an eye on Jason! (In reality, Jason was a huge help throughout the cruise – we just enjoyed teasing him!)

We took more photos of random buildings that were listed on the tour, even if we didn’t know the significance of the buildings. “Jason, what’s the Unwalla House?” “Well, it’s a building called the Unwalla House.” “Oh, ok. We should definitely all take photos of this.”

We headed back towards the main part of town, and it was quite crowded. We got our free charms and necklace from the two jewelry stores and hunted down some bottled water. By this point, it was harder to navigate with all the people, and all of us were pretty much done with Nassau. My parents headed off on their own. The rest of us decided we should at least walk through the straw market. We passed by this building, and I swore I could smell the building as if it had just caught on fire.

It turns out that they had just had a fire the previous week. The fire had destroyed part of the temporary straw market as well as two historic buildings. They suspect it was arson. The straw market had suffered big losses in September due to the hurricane damage, so I’m sure that this was another devastating blow to their local economy. That might explain why we didn’t see as much in the straw market area as we had expected.

We headed back to the ship. All of us were quite ready to be back on Allure!

If I am on another cruise that stops on Nassau, I think I’ll take the opportunity to enjoy a less crowded ship. I may consider going on an excursion to Atlantis, but otherwise, I’ll pass on exploring Nassau.

We went through the vendor buildings again and through customs. We went straight to have lunch at the Park Cafe in Central Park. Seating was again a little bit of a problem, but we found a spot. After our tasty lunch, we headed back to the room to get Cullen down for nap. Maddie and I went back out with Nana to ride the carousel, but it was closed again. We were starting to wonder when the carousel was ever open!

Stay tuned for the rest of our afternoon on the ship while in port in Nassau…

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