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Allure of the Seas – Day 2, part 1, arriving in Nassau

January 9th, 2012

The kids didn’t sleep particularly well towards the end of the night. They were pretty restless from about 5am until our 7am wake up call. Maddie ended up in our bed at some point during the night, which has not been terribly unusual lately on trips. We got ourselves ready and coordinated with Jason and Melissa and Gabe’s parents. The eight of us headed to Johnny Rockets where they have free breakfast. They didn’t have any seating inside, so we pulled together a couple of tables outside. Well…it was windy. Mick and Debbie ended up going inside with Maddie while the rest of us put up with the wind.

Maddie and Cullen ate almost two full sized pancakes each, so they must have liked the breakfast. Jason had an omelette, and I had an egg, ham, and cheese english muffin. We were the only two adults who thought our breakfast was fine. Everything else was extremely mediocre. We declared that the free breakfast at Johnny Rockets left something to be desired.

We had some difficulties coordinating our group. We got our certificates for free charm bracelets, put sunscreen on the kids (and me), and lost Mick. The last part was frustrating since we had no way to contact each other while on the ship. Unless we’re in a US port, the roaming fees are extraordinary. All of us had our phones in airplane mode or turned off completely, so calling and texting each other was not an option. Debbie had his passport, so we weren’t sure what to do since we knew he wanted to get off the ship. Eventually, he made his way back to the cabin and was there when we called from the gangway.

One of the many neat things about this ship is that they have a gangway button on the elevator. The deck that you use to get on and off the ship can change from port to port, so you have to usually pay attention to figure out which one you need. On this ship, you just get in the elevator and press the magic button. It’s quite convenient!

We were getting antsy waiting for Mick, so Maddie, Jason, Melissa, and I exited the ship.

We were out there for a little while, especially considering that we thought Mick was coming right down. I always like to get photos in the port, and my parents are the same way. I’m not sure that everyone else really cared about it. Both Gabe’s parents and Melissa’s parents avoided the ship’s photographers any chance they had. I love having at least a few decent photos of ourselves, and I do like having the frames from each port.

We were standing around and waiting, and who walks up to us but Mick AND my parents (um, that’s not Mick in the photo below with my mom, ha!).

So, Jason went back onto the ship to grab Debbie, Gabe, and Cullen. Finally! We were on our way. Gabe and I insisted on getting a mediocre photo of our family. The kids were especially cooperative! Their expressions in this one cracked me up.

At least 3 other ships were docked in port with us. I was excited to see Disney’s newest ship, the Disney Dream. It looks so neat…who knows, maybe our next cruise will be on the Dream or the Fantasy!

The fact that our ship was so massive combined with the large number of ships in each port made it difficult to ever get a great photo of the entire ship. We tried anyway in each port.

Next up…our walking tour of Nassau…

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