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Allure of the Seas – Day 1, part 3, exploring the ship

January 5th, 2012

We gathered the people on our floor (everyone except my parents who were already exploring the ship) and headed to Deck 15 to see the pool and the view from the top of the ship of Fort Lauderdale.

Everyone was quite impressed about the amenities around the ship. Some of us grabbed soda packages, and others grabbed some fruity welcome beverages.

We looked down into Central Park.

It was quite windy on the upper decks, but we loved the views (of the ship features as well as the ocean and Fort Lauderdale).

It was difficult to stick together with so many people, but we did explore a little of the ship together.

We checked out some of the pool decks. We looked down onto The Boardwalk and Aqua Theatre and saw the zip line, mini golf course, and flow riders (surfing simulations) on the sports deck.

And then…we ran into my mom! And she told us that we JUST missed Dad doing the zip line! I can’t believe we missed it, and only by a few minutes. Darn! The zip line was shorter than I expected it to be. The “ride” was less than 10 seconds. My mom caught it on video, and I’ll have to put it all together when I get the cruise footage sorted. We have video of Dad, Melissa, and Jason all doing the zip line (at different times, of course).

Cullen and Maddie checked out the little kid mini golf.

It’s a very cute area right next to the regular mini golf course (which has 9 holes). The kids had fun playing around on it. We really thought we’d get back here with the kids, but we found a million other fun things to do and never got around to it.

…which is too bad, because they really did enjoy it!

And while we were playing on the sports deck, a beautiful rainbow started to form. If you’ve ever tried to take photos of a rainbow, you know that photos do not do it justice. It was just amazing.

The rainbow was just starting to form when we got this photo but was already very bright.

Our turn to be photographed under a rainbow!

The rainbow just continued to get bigger and bigger and became a complete, brilliant, double rainbow. It was just about the most amazing start to a wonderful cruise vacation. Again, the photos do not do it justice!

…and with the rainbow came the rain, so we had to cut short the kids’ fun with minigolf and head for shelter. We thought it was almost time for the muster drill, so we headed back to the room to unpack a few more things. It turned out we had a bit more time than we expected, but we were nice and unpacked beforehand.

I’m glad we decided to ditch the stroller before the muster drill. Our muster location was Studio B which was crowded (and it wouldn’t have been easy to take the stroller in the theater).

Along the way, one of the crew members put their “Assembly Station Team” vest onto Cullen (on the back, it said, “Assembly Station Team, Ask Me”). He was quite cute walking around in the vest.

By the time we arrived at Studio B, Cullen was starting to get cranky. He was tired since he hadn’t had a nap (we still didn’t have a pack-n-play in our room by this point). He did not want to be in the drill area. We temporarily made him happy by letting him play Monkey Lunchbox on the iPhone. Then, we were told that we had to put away cellphones and entertainment devices. Cullen was extremely mad about that. In retrospect, I would have let him continue to play until someone told me personally to turn it off so that he stayed happy a little longer. Everyone in the (ice) theater knew we were there! They were late getting started with the drill, and it was a miserable wait for us (and everyone else, I think!). That boy can scream.

If we had had an actual emergency, I would have been screwed as I had no idea what they told us during the drill. I think we would have all been able to pay attention much better if the one year old could have played with the iPhone!

We walked through the casino on the way back to our room, and I told Cullen all about slot machines, table games, and roulette.

Next up….sail away!

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