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The Sunday Somethings, 18sep11

September 19th, 2011

Something that makes me happy: Four days of games. Just finished up this year’s That Board Gaming Thing (TBGT) last night, and I was too exhausted to come up with a post.

Something I’m thinking: I’m thinking about all the various ways that I can get in more sleep and more games next year. I only had about 3 hours of sleep each night, and that’s really not enough for me to function reasonably. I enjoy the late night crowd…but the kids still wake me up at 7am. We might have to do something differently next year.

Something happening around the house: I don’t really get how the house can be such a disaster when we haven’t even been here for 4 days. Oh. Right. I guess it’s probably because it was a disaster when we left.

Something I’m reading: I finished A Great and Terrible Beauty (this month’s book club selection) and sorta started on Rebel Angels. I just didn’t have time for reading this week between preparing for TBGT and attending it.

Something Gabe is reading: He finished Dooms Day Book and started on Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson.

Something I’m watching: Not much, but we’re about to start watching a bunch of stuff. I did catch a few episodes of Jake and the Neverland Pirates with the kids. Yo Ho!

Something I’m playing: Le Havre, Forbidden Island (twice), The Adventurers, King of Tokyo (3 times), Thunderstone, Catch Charades, Quarriors (3 times), Cornucopia, Attika, Jaipur, Witch’s Brew, For Sale, Fortune Cookie Charades, Time’s Up (twice), Galaxy Trucker (twice), Rallyman, Tobago, Jamaica, Songburst, 7 Wonders w/ Leaders Expansion, Fits, and London. Gabe played Le Havre, Quarriors, Cornucopia, Attika, Witch’s Brew, For Sale, King of Tokyo, Kingsburg, Cargo Noir, and Die Burgen von Burgund.

Something tasty: Gabe bought me Whimsical Cookies for my birthday. Yum!

Something about both kiddos: We stayed in the hotel for TBGT for 3 nights, and we tried to put the kids in the same room. One night, they finally went to sleep almost two hours later. My sister came to the hotel one night so that Gabe and I could both play some games. Maddie kept getting out of her bed to get something out of her backpack. Kristin was watching them on the video monitor and returning to tell Maddie to get back in her bed. She did this several times and then removed her backpack. She then heard Maddie say to Cullen, “Cullen, we can’t let her come back in and see us!” She was the instigator this time, keeping Cullen up. “Baby, don’t go to sleep, baby. Baby, wake up!” By Sunday midday, the kids were a bit cranky from several days of missed sleep. I think for the cruise, we’re going to have to separate them. I’m a little worried that we’ve ruined them after sharing a room on two trips. Maddie’s going to be disappointed not to have Cullen in the same room next time!

Something Maddie is doing (42 months old): She’s learning how to spell certain words (obviously it’s memorization at this point, but it’s still exciting!). She has been able to spell her first name for a while, and now she can spell “mom” and “dad.” She’s able to spell it out loud as well as write it. I noticed that she started writing “MOM” on some of her papers (in addition to “MADDIE”). She’s also getting much better with her coloring. At dinner the other day, she colored a sheet from the restaurant and mostly stayed in the lines. I was impressed! I think that her Crayola video game has been helping with that. She does quite a bit of coloring on there.

Something Cullen is doing (19 months old): Little boy can throw a tantrum! This isn’t exactly new, but he really is good at the whole “I’m unhappy and now I’m going to throw myself on the floor and scream about it” thing. I’m sure that his increasing ability to communicate should help. He now says things like “Maddie right there” (for identifying where people and things are), “Goldfish in here” (when referring to his goldfish in his snack cup), “I don’t like it” (he says this in a variety of situations), “Get Maddie” (when he gets into the car and we head over to pick up Maddie), and “Get me book” (or whatever else he has dropped that is out of reach).

Something I am struggling with: I thought I was experiencing allergies on Sunday night and Monday morning, but by Monday afternoon, I knew I was sick. Ugh! Bad timing! I didn’t feel well on my birthday on Tuesday, but I took a vacation anyway and got my license renewed and went shopping at the outlet mall. And then we had one of Maddie and Cullen’s teachers babysit on Tuesday evening, and I backed out of the driveway and sideswiped her car. I felt awful about that! I don’t have a good track record when it comes to backing up. Can we just invent a car that rotates around for me?

Something I’m doing towards my goals: I took Gabe bowling for his first time ever!!! Yes, that was on my “life goals” list. I think he’ll actually go again sometime.

Something I learned: Tons of new games!

Something I’m looking forward to: Not too many plans this week, thankfully. I do have a wedding to attend next Saturday, and one of Maddie’s best buddies is having a birthday party.

Something captured: My family at TBGT!

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