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Last Easter Post!

May 9th, 2011

Hooray! It’s the final Easter post! We were supposed to go to Keira’s neighborhood Easter Egg hunt on Saturday morning originally. The hunt was postponed to Easter Sunday due to the weather. This turned out to be good for us since it meant that all of us could go, including Grandma. Originally, Maddie and I were going to go by ourselves.

This was Cullen’s first Easter Egg Hunt! I was impressed at how well he did. He had no problems figuring out what he was supposed to do, and he filled his basket with more than a dozen eggs.

Maddie and Keira knew exactly what to do, too. Maddie kept picking up eggs, shaking them, and throwing them back down. All of the eggs were empty because they were supposed to turn in the eggs for candy and prizes. Maddie didn’t quite get that concept at first. She only wanted eggs with candy inside!

Cullen didn’t want to carry the basket, but he had so much fun gathering eggs.

“What, mom?? I’m trying to gather some eggs here! Can’t you see I’m busy?”

“Do you want an egg, Mommy?”

Cullen was very interested in seeing what was inside the eggs.

My boy is super sweet!

Cullen’s first Easter Egg Hunt was a big success!

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