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Worthless Baby Product: The Medicine Pacifier

January 20th, 2011

I’m sure that someone out there finds these products useful. They wouldn’t exist otherwise, right? I was excited to try the medicine pacis. We actually tried two different brands. We tried Munchkin’s The Medicator and Kidz Med’s Pacifier Medicine Dispenser. Cullen hates taking his daily antibiotic. It’s a giant struggle and takes more than one set of hands to hold his arms and legs, lean him back, dispense the medicine, wipe his chin, insert his (normal) pacifier to encourage him to swallow, and to cover your ears to avoid hearing damage from all the screaming. It’s awful. And we don’t even know how long we’re going to have to administer this stuff.

Cullen loves his pacifier, most of the time. We thought that a pacifier that could deliver medicine would be perfect for him! The products claim that the medicine is delivered to the back of the tongue, bypassing the taste buds making it more likely that the child will swallow. We did not find this to be the case. We tried each pacifier at least twice, and the results were the same. Each time was an abysmal failure. The best that we did was to get down less than half of the teaspoon of medicine with the Munchkin pacifier. The Kidz Med version had the plunger. I thought that might be better, but considering that he just kept spitting out the paci or taking it out with his hands or swatting at us when we tried to put it in his mouth, it was no better than the syringe method.

So…I think the medicine pacis are going to be tossed into the trash. We’re back to the old hold-him-down-and-shove-meds-into-his-mouth-with-the-syringe method. At least he forgives us quickly for the torture. I think I might be in the market for a toddler straight jacket (kidding!).

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