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Best of 2010

January 14th, 2011

It’s time once again for my “best of” list for the previous year (inspired by Cindy in 2008). I looked back at 2008 and 2009 for the categories. I also stole some ideas from Cindy’s 2010 post.

Best Restaurant: We didn’t visit too many notable restaurants this year. Most of the restaurants that we frequent these days have high chairs, grilled cheese, and a lot of background noise. Two restaurants were in the running this year: Acme Food and Beverage Company and Sitti. I didn’t have a problem picking Acme, which is where we dined on our 4th anniversary. My appetizer, in particular, was divine. I never know that tomatoes (the teeny heirloom kind) could be so tasty, and I made sure that our anniversary fell during a dairy trial so I could have the fresh mozzarella/tomato salad. YUM!

Best Book: I had a hard time finishing books this year, but I still managed to finish most of our book club reads. I still read enough to make it difficult to choose one best book. Considering how quickly I read the first two books of The Hunger Games, I’m going to have to choose that as my book of the year. I still need to read Mockingjay. I’m looking forward to discussing the series with book club next month (so I guess I better finish that 3rd book). I would have finished it quickly as well, but it hadn’t been released yet when I finished the first two. I always have trouble finishing up a series when I have to wait for a book.

Best Vacation: Our day at Magic Kingdom made that trip the best of the year! I’m so glad that we decided to go at the last minute. The day was wonderful and made us excited about returning in a couple of years. We will fly next time. No way I’m making that long drive to Orlando again, if I can help it!

Best Movie: Despite the fact that we don’t make it to movies very often, I’m finding it difficult to pick just one in this category! We are very selective of the movies that we go out to see. Oh, how I miss the days when we could say to each other over dinner, “hey, let’s go to a movie!” and then we could just go to the movie. Or what about the days when I was able to stay awake through a 9 o’clock movie (and even the midnight showings!). Those days seem to be in the distant past now! This year, we had a couple babysitters and we managed to sneak off during the day while the kids were in daycare. I went to some movies with girlfriends, too. So, out of the movies that I saw in 2010, I liked many of them. The movies in the running for “best” movie of the year would have to be Toy Story 3, Inception, and The Social Network. Despicable Me would have been in that list if we hadn’t seen Toy Story 3. It’s hard to choose between the three in the running because they are so different! I can’t help it, though. I have to pick Toy Story 3. Pixar continues to be a sentimental favorite for me. It’s hard to beat. Which brings me to the next category…

Best Non-Pixar Movie: That’s right, I’m cheating and adding another movie category. It’s just not even fair for other movies to compete. The best non-Pixar movie that we saw was Inception. The Social Network was certainly good and had interesting content, but Inception was the type of movie that I wanted to own and see again.

Best Reunion: I stole this category from Cindy, and every year I almost choose not to use it. I do have a good answer, though. I think the best “reunion” this year is the start of the new Mothers & More chapter. The old chapter had been looking like it would fall apart for a while (and I thought that it had), so it was awesome to have a new chapter open up with many of the great women from the old chapter plus some new wonderful friends. The meeting locations are more convenient for me, too, so that’s a bonus. I look forward to seeing this chapter develop this year.

Best Album: I don’t acquire many new albums these days. Gabe ends up getting more albums than me. The two main albums that I got this year was Barenaked Ladies’ and Jack Johnson’s new albums. Between the two, I’d have to pick To the Sea by Jack Johnson. I enjoyed both albums (and both concerts).

Best Board Game: We actually managed to play quite a few new games since we attended That Board Gaming Thing this year. Almost every game that we played was new to us. I’m going to exclude party games from this category (see the next category). Our favorite non-party game of the year goes to Macao.

Best Party Game: The best party game that I have discovered in a while is Telestrations. We played it quite a bit since That Board Gaming Thing, and it has been a recent favorite at games nights. We’ve had some hilarious moments with it.

Best TV Show: Our TV watching declined rapidly this year. We aren’t too interested in any of our shows these days. I think that the award this year has to go to glee. We caught up on the first season (first half of the first season? when it came out on DVD and have been keeping up with it since then.

Best Toy (for Maddie): Even though the Bitty Twins are currently a big hit, they were a late arrival for 2010. I’m entitled to pick them, but I think the toy that got the most play and use in 2010 had to be Baby, the baby doll she had before Henry and Annabelle. She took that doll everywhere. It helped her develop imaginative play, and she cared for that doll and practiced things like changing diapers and feeding the doll that she saw us do with Cullen. So while Baby was not acquired in 2010, she wins for Best Toy (for Maddie).

Best Toy (for Cullen): My pick for Cullen was a toss up between the Fridge Farm and the Little People Barn. Both were hand-me-down toys from Maddie, and Maddie still gets play out of them, too. As with Maddie, I think I will have to go with the toy that got the most play out of the year. That award goes to the Fridge Farm. He started playing with the Fridge Farm around 6 months old and still plays with it almost daily. It’s great for keeping him entertained and distracted while cooking dinner, too.

Best Children’s Book: We did a ton of reading to Maddie (and some to Cullen, too). Even though we haven’t read it as much lately, I think this award goes to Pinkalicious. She received it for her birthday, and it has been a favorite since then. In 2010, Maddie got more into longer stories and can sit through multiple books of decent length. It’s been fun reading with her.

Best Maddie Moment: This one was an easy pick for me. The absolute best moment with Maddie was when she met Winnie the Pooh at Magic Kingdom. I wasn’t sure how she would do with the characters, but she was so excited to meet Winnie the Pooh. She waited patiently in line (until the last few minutes when we were almost there), and she stood by herself with the characters for pictures. She then gave Winnie the Pooh the longest, biggest hug. It was just about the sweetest thing ever.

Best Cullen Moment: This one is harder. I could just go the easy route and say the moment he was born! I’m going to instead pick a moment that isn’t quite as specific as Maddie’s moment. I have loved the few times that I have seen Cullen interact with the music teacher at school. Little dude LOVES music and LOVES that teacher. It’s so cute!

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