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The Sunday Somethings, 07nov10

November 10th, 2010

Something that makes me happy: The idea of sleep. Too bad it’s not my reality. And, for the record, the time change business is stupid…especially when you have a baby and a toddler. It isn’t to blame for the majority of my sleep issues, but it DID NOT HELP.

Something I’m thinking: I’m exhausted after our weekend trip to Atlanta, especially now that our whole family seems to have gotten a cold.

Something I’m hoping: I hope that we didn’t pass along our germs to anyone else this weekend.

Something happening around the house: So, uh, remember the bushes that we removed from the front of our house? It seems that they were blocking the huge window above our front door. In the past day or so, it has confused two birds to their deaths. I hope that this isn’t a new trend. I am sad for the little birdbrains.

Something I’m reading: The Secret History by Donna Tartt. I am pretty sure I’ll be able to finish it before our book club meeting.

Something I’m watching: Gabe and I took an extra day of vacation before our trip and went to a see a lunchtime showing of Despicable Me at Raleighwood. We loved it!

Something I’m playing: We played some euchre with my parents on Thursday night. We stayed with them on the way to Atlanta (and took my dad down with us).

Something tasty: The honey roasted BBQ sauce from Chick-fil-a. Gabe has always complained when he finds that his sandwich order was missing the special sauce. Now I understand why. Yum!

Something Maddie is doing (32 months old): Maddie continues to amaze me with her language skills. She seems to be able to communicate almost anything now, and it is not often that we do not understand what she is trying to say. Yesterday morning, she refused to wear her orange and pink jacket and said, “No, Mommy. It doesn’t match. I’m not wearing any orange.” Oh, boy. At breakfast on Sunday, I allowed her a special treat of some Fruit Loops. She systematically ate all of the pieces of cereal in one color and then moved to the next color. This weekend, we made our first trip to the American Girl store. We all thought that was pretty cool (except for maybe Cullen who was positively indifferent). Maddie exclaimed, “these dolls have hair!” Santa did some shopping when she wasn’t looking. She also went crazy for the Cars movie car figures in the Disney Store. She has been convinced for the past few months that Santa is going to bring her some cars. Indeed.

Something Cullen is doing (41 weeks old): Cullen continued to have some rough nights this week, despite stopping the antibiotic for a few days. Unfortunately, we can’t tell if the antibiotic might have been the cause since he came down with a cold at about the same time that we stopped it. Frustrating! The last couple of nights have been better, which makes me think that the antibiotic may have been the issue and then he came down with this nasty cold. I’ve been sick, too, and it hasn’t been fun for me, either. Cullen went to the doctor on Monday (Nov 8th) to talk about his chronic terrible nights which has been going on for about 6 weeks now. We are trying to determine whether it is a reflux issue, a hunger issue, or (in my opinion) an issue with the antibiotic. Cullen and I went to the lactation consultant yesterday, and she suggested that I take fenugreek for a week to see whether or not my supply is an issue. The lactation consultant was very impressed at how efficient and quick that Cullen is when nursing. As usual, he was not very focused when nursing and kept popping off and on and was constantly “doing gymnastics” while nursing. The lactation consultant was shocked when we weighed him and he had actually taken in the proper amount, even with all that flailing around. That was a relief to me as I always wondered whether he was getting anything, given the amount of time that he actually seems to be nursing! Cullen has continued to add to his list of foods, this week eating Kix cereal, bits of pancake, green beans, peas, pasta, french fries, bread, and baked beans. I’ve been trying to give him more and more from my plate, and he’s definitely getting less interested in the purees. The doctor and lactation consultant suggested higher calorie and high protein foods, so we will be trying to focus on those. I’ve been eating some dairy, though I’ve tried to make good choices and stay away from it when possible. Oh, and the best news of all is that he did fabulously on our road trip to Atlanta! He barely fussed in the car at all, though he cried every time we approached the car. We didn’t even have to be putting him in the seat, he knew what was about to happen. Sometimes, we wouldn’t even have to be opening the van door. Once, he started screaming when I took the keys out of my pocket! When you try to put him in the car seat, he arches his back in an attempt to keep us from physically getting him in the seat.

Something I am struggling with: This yucky cold, bad nights with Cullen, and endless video tapes.

Something I’m doing towards my goals: I’ve been converting the tapes from our video camera to digital form so that we can sell the video camera. We never use it, and video is so overwhelming to me. I figure we may want a proper video camera a few years down the road when we’re dealing with recitals and school plays. For now, the snippets taken on the digital camera and iPhone are sufficient for us! It’s my goal to sell enough stuff from around the house so I can get the camera lens that I’ve had my eye on for a few months. We are also making progress toward our goal of each of us having a unique credit card in our wallet in the event that one of us loses a wallet or has it stolen (or just loses our main credit card since we have just one). This happened to my parents on our cruise last year, and they were grateful that their cards had different numbers! Gabe has a new card, and I hope to get mine soon. I just have to figure out which one is going to give us the best benefits.

Something I learned: The Target credit card now gets you 5% off of all purchases at Target! It doesn’t have any real benefits when used elsewhere, but we spend so much at Target that we’re glad to have 5% off everything!

Something I’m looking forward to: Dinner (and possibly a movie) with a friend tonight, dinner and games on Friday, and games night on Saturday. Fun stuff!

Something random: You’d think that this would be the easiest category to write about, but I find myself stumped quite often.

Something captured: It was challenging to get a photo of the four generations this weekend, but here’s one of them.

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