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A Brief History of Kerry and Gabe in photos

October 24th, 2009

This was originally part of the anniversary post, but I thought it could stand alone. While reflecting on the last several years, I thought it would be fun to look at a few photos from our relationship through the years.

I believe that this is the first photo that exists of the two of us together (just the two of us, not including photos with other people). This was on a trip to Atlantic City in late 2005.

This one is from mid-2006, during my first visit to visit his family in Kentucky.

Of course, we had some awesome photos from our wedding. I’ve posted and reposted some of the best over and over, so this time I thought I’d pick one from our honeymoon in NYC:

From our first cruise in September 2007:

Just before Maddie was born in early 2008:

One of our favorite family photos in May 2008 (Maddie is 3-months old):

And one of our family portraits in the Fall of 2008:

On our cruise to Bermuda in May of this year:

And on our cruise last month to New England and Canada:

Last night at our anniversary dinner:

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