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Ben and Kristina’s wedding weekend: trip report & photos

September 18th, 2009

We went to see friends Ben and Kristina get married in Asheville at the Biltmore Estate. We decided to stay in Davidson with my parents so that they could watch Maddie while we attended the wedding.

We took a few photos (and I stole a few from my friend, Gwynn). Click on the photo for the rest of the album.

We drove to my parents’ house on Friday night, and Bapa and Nana were excited to see Maddie. She went to bed shortly after arriving, and of course the rest of us played a round of Tichu!

We spent Saturday morning with my parents and left during Maddie’s nap to go to Asheville. We set the GPS to find the Biltmore Estate, and it took us to some Biltmore office downtown. Oops! Fortunately, we had just enough time to correct our error and make it to the wedding with time to spare.

The wedding was very nice, and Ben and Kristina seem extremely happy together. We are thrilled for them. The wedding was quite fancy, and we rather enjoyed our dinner at the reception as well. We had fun with friends at our table and ended up leaving the reception shortly after 10pm. This put us back in Davidson fairly late, but it was still manageable.

Meanwhile, Maddie had a great time with Nana and Bapa while we were away. They went for a walk and played in the giant sandbox at one of the parks in their neighborhood. She didn’t ask for Mommy and Daddy at all, apparently! She went to bed nicely for Nana and only needed to be patted once afterward.

We spent some time with my parents in the morning and headed back to Raleigh after lunch. We have found that this is the best time to travel since it is Maddie’s natural naptime! Fortunately, this time we had a smooth trip with no blown tires like our last excursion to Davidson

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