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Emmaljunga Prams

August 24th, 2009

UPDATE 03/11/2011: This post was simply intended to show the beautiful stroller that came into my possession (and that we sold to benefit the National MS Society). This is not intended to be a stroller swap board, though you are welcome to leave your contact information in the comments. Note that you must include your email address in the body of the comment for it to be displayed on the page. I suggest that you check out the StrollerSWAP Yahoo group for all of your stroller swapping needs. If you want to see some pretty pictures of a (sold) Ringo from the late 80s/early 90s, read on…

We received a huge variety of donations with the over 50 families that donated to our National MS Society yard sale. Some donations were quite interesting. Perhaps the most interesting set of donations that we received were three Emmaljunga products – a Ringo stroller, a Kimi stroller, and a bassinet with stand. All of them were products from the late 80s and early 90s. It took a bit of research to find out what models that I had (and approximately what years that they were from). I found that there are quite a few people who are very excited about these strollers, which surprised me considering the age of them.

I got in touch with a variety of collectors – some who were using the strollers for their babies, some who just liked to collect them. Apparently, Emmaljunga is a very high end brand. I have no idea how much that they cost new considering that I have been able to find very little information about prices (nothing on new strollers). I saw one on ebay that was about 3 years old or so that was going for over $700. The two that I’m selling are still worth $60-150, and they are more than 15 years old! Emmaljunga no longer allows sales to the United States.

I posted a few photos onto the stroller board, and I got several responses about them, identifying the models and years. From this, I learned that the stroller pictured in this blog post is a fairly rare Ringo model from the early 90s. Just by posting a few quick photos, I had one person in Washington state who was very interested in purchasing the stroller and having it shipped to her. I had not even tried to market or sell them yet! I was thrilled that someone was interested in the stroller. Unfortunately, the stroller is huge and shipping it is a bit of a pain. Gabe painstakingly took it apart and packed it very nicely into a very large box. We are hoping that the shipping doesn’t cut too much into the profits for the National MS Society (since I agreed on a price that included shipping).

I asked Gabe to take some more photos of the stroller before he dismantled it, and as he did he learned that the stroller is really quite neat. It has many different ways that it can be configured (and the wheels had mechanisms that allowed it to pop off easily). He took several photos of the various configurations. It rolls very, very nicely, too. One of the enthusiasts on the board was talking about her Ringo and how she can go off-roading over tree stumps and uneven terrain with her stroller and the baby never feels a bump. I guess there’s something to be said for fancy strollers!

Overall, it has been an interesting journey. I have been intrigued by the stroller culture, amazed at how excited people have been getting, and have a bit of appreciation for the merchandise. Will our next baby be strolling around in an Emmaljunga stroller? Probably not! But he or she will probably be drooling if we encounter one on our walks!

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27 Responses to “Emmaljunga Prams”

  1. Ann Says:

    They are so gorgeous!! I really think you need to keep the other one for your new baby! Or maybe if I show JC these pictures, he’ll agree to a fourth baby and I can buy one? LOL! Not in this lifetime. I wish you had gotten these a couple years ago! I would have snapped one up!

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  3. Ari Says:

    Do you still have stollers for sale?

  4. Cesar Ramirez Says:

    Hi we were interested in your strollers that u have n we wannet 2 know if u have them 4 sale? Whats the price that your saleing them for… Where are you guys located at? Hope i get a message soon…. We are really interrested in them……..


  5. shannon Says:

    i have this exact pram with the bassinet piece as well that im looking for more info on so i can try and sell it. if you could email me with some info please i would love that!!! they are beautiful strollers and are fantastic but my little guy just wont sit still for me!!!!

  6. Annie Wilkins Says:

    We are using these strollers in our show Cirque du Soleil’s Mystere in Las Vegas and we could sure use these for back ups. If they are still for sale please contact me.

  7. Brenda Puertas Says:

    i am looking for one for my sister she is delivering in July and she would love this type of stroller and i would love to give it to her as a surprise. If you can let me know if you still have one or if you know of anyone else that might i would really appreciate it. Thanks

  8. Barbara Says:

    I have a blue Emmaljunga pram simliar to the one shown except mine also has a bassinet. I am located in DC if you are interested!

  9. David Earp Says:


    I’m probably one of the people you mentioned being on the stroller board who collects Emmaljungas. The Ringo in your photos is absolutely gorgeous and still looking like new. I wouldn’t have given you any less than $200 for it myself – still appears so pristine even though about 18 years old. Someone took really good care of it! I’ve got a Ringo from 1989 in mint green leatherette in VG condition and could never bear to part with it – one of the gems of my Emmaljunga collection. Thanks for posting the Ringo photos. What a beauty!!! :)


  10. Thomas Mercuriio Says:

    Hello Strollees,
    My wife was giver one of these with the bassinette when our son was born in 1994. We also used it for his sister in ’97, then lent it to a good friend. i just got around to getting it back and want to sell it- maybe on craigslist. We’re located just outside Philadelphia, Pa. Our has the orginal white wheels, front facing stroller that detaches for the bassinette and cover. Not mint but in very good condition. Anyone interested ? Not keen on shipping but would maybe meet partway. Thanks for the info,

  11. Jordan Says:


    I have a Ringo in mint green leatherette as well, unfortunately mine is missing the sun shade for the seat(my uninformed uncle threw it out when he got divorced bc he didn’t know where the stroller was, it had been placed in storage) have you ever found replacement pieces for yours? Would you be willing to share where you found them at? Kerry, your stoller is beautiful!



  12. Judy Farrell Says:

    The stroller (shown above) is exactly what I am looking for. Is it still for sale? How much are you asking for it? Emmaljunga are beautiful strollers! Please let me know as I understand they aren’t sold in the United States. I am from Canada and I don’t believe they are sold here either. I am from Victoria, British Columbia. I am anxious to hear from you! Thank you.

  13. Judy Farrell Says:

    Hi Kerry,
    Sorry, I don’t mean to be a pest but I can’t get these strollers out of my mind! I was wondering if you still have the last one for sale and for how much. I’m also curious as to how much you sold the stroller shown in these photos for. Lastly, are you able to put me in touch with Shannon, Barbara or Tom or pass my name and email address along to them. I would absolutely love to own one of these strollers. They would be wonderful to push my grandchildren in. Thanks alot! Judy

  14. Dorothy Lapre Says:

    My (Emmaljunga) stroller is exactly like the Ringo & it also has the bassinette with( light pink & blue stripe) cover, it is navy blue, and is in very good-excellent condition with the exception of the wheels. My wheels began to crumble & and break away from the metal frame (the metal is excellent) probably due to the heat in my attic. I just need to have the wheels re-filled with the foam-like material. Does anyone know where I can have the wheels replaced or repaired? I have had this stroller since my sons & daughter were infants in the 80′s & 90′s. I would love to sell it or possibly keep it for my future grandchildren. Please contact me via e-mail @

  15. Julie Says:

    We just put our combination Emmaljunga pram-stroller, that looks like this, up for sale in a local children’s re-sale shop. It was made in 1992 and I used it very briefly for our child in 1993. Wish I had seen this post beforehand! It will be at the shop until the end of April 2011, unless someone buys it before then.

  16. Julie Says:

    The above mentioned stroller was purchased rather quickly and is no longer available.

  17. Elizabeth Says:

    I have an Emmeljunga stronners, Navy Blue and White. Really Good condition. I want to sell it.

  18. Elizabeth Says:

    Oops, Stroller

  19. Elizabeth Says:

    I am in Pomona California. If anyone is interested in my stroller please email me.

  20. Kelley Says:

    I’ve recently been diagnosed with MS, so I applaude your efforts with the yard sale! I have the exact same stroller, as well as the bassinet attachment – was one of my most cherished possessions! I’m thinking of parting with it, as we could really use the money. In Northern California if anyone is interested. If the stoller sales from a lead on this site, I will donate 10% of the sales price to the National MS Society when I participate in Walk MS in May.

  21. sasha Says:

    Is the one in pomona still available?

  22. Judy Farrell Says:

    I would love to be able to contact Kelley!!! Is there any way that you can help me to be able to reach her. I would really appreciate it.
    Judy Farrell

  23. Felix Says:

    Please email me if you ever get another Kimi or Ringo. My son had a Kimi, and I still have it. It is simply gorgeous, and was a delight to use. They corner like Ferarris; their balance is superb. Anyone with a good lead on a VG kimi or Ringo, please keep me in mind! -My email addy is

    Thank you.

  24. sue Whelpton Says:

    Hi. I am desperately trying to find some Emmaljunga 12 inch wheels from a late 80″s pram just like the Ringo. I would gladly even purchase a whole used pram if that was the only option. If you come across some wheels please let me know. I would like to use my pram for my grandchild expected July 2011.

  25. Judy Farrell Says:

    Sorry to be a bother. If you have either Elizabeth or Kelley’s email address, I would be happy to contact them directly regarding the sale of their strollers. Thanks, Judy

  26. Sue Whelpton Says:

    Hi as stated earlier I am in desperate need of 4 wheels for a late 1980′s Emmaljunga pram. I would consider buying the whole pram if that was the only option. I am reposting since I forgot to include my email address Please contact me with any possible solutions to my problem. I loved my pram and really want to use with my grandchild but cannot do so until I get new wheels.

  27. hefina higginson Says:

    Hi , My daughter bought this sroller in 1993 for our grandson and used it for just under 2years, since then it has been in storage, we are looking for 4 white wheel caps because they have split. also 2 rubber break pads , any idea where we can purches these befor we can sell . my grand son is now 18 years old, the stroller is in ex condition , just needs a chrome clean.thats in progress. we live in NSW Australia. Searched high and low for spare part stockist.This pram, stroller was once quoted as the royalty of prams. They are the best.