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Weekend in Davidson trip report

July 6th, 2009

I didn’t take too many photos on our trip to Davidson last month, but I posted the ones we took on the website. We did a little better this past weekend…but I’ll have to write up that trip report later.

We took a quick little trip to Davidson about a month ago to visit with my parents and Bill and Dawn. We left Saturday after lunch with the hopes that Maddie would take a nap the majority of the trip. We were in luck! She fell asleep about the time that we hit the interstate, and she didn’t wake up until we got to my parents’ house. Wow! We were thankful that she took such a good nap.

We arrived not too long before Bill and Dawn, my mom’s cousin and wife. We hadn’t seen them in a little while, so this was the first time that they met Maddie. We spent some time visiting and catching up and then had a nice dinner together. Maddie was very taken with Dawn, which is pretty rare! She doesn’t usually warm up to strangers very quickly. Maddie showed off several of her baby tricks, and everyone enjoyed watching and interacting with her. She was interested in our shoes and tried to put on Daddy’s shoes. She played with her bugs and learned how to put them into her pockets after Dawn showed her. Maddie was in a pretty good mood.

After Bill and Dawn left, Maddie went to bed not too long afterward. Once she was snoozing, the four of us played Tichu. We had a great game! If we had just played to 1000, then my mom and Gabe would have won. We just kept playing as long as we could, knowing Maddie would wake up eventually to end our game. We got in a very good game and ended up with my dad and I winning by about 30 points. Fun!

In the morning, we took a walk around the neighborhood and found a nice park that has TONS of toddler toys. We didn’t have any sunscreen for Maddie, so we couldn’t take advantage of the park for too long. We’ll have to remember this for next time!

After lunch, we headed back home. Maddie only slept about 45 minutes, but she was quiet and happy the rest of the ride. We were amazed (but did not complain!). She’s been great on car trips lately! Our theory of getting her used to it early and often seems to be working so far…

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