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Atlanta Trip Report

April 1st, 2009

Earlier in the year, I asked my cousin for his performance schedule so that we could plan to watch one of his concerts. Originally, we weren’t sure we would be able to make the March 15th show. The trip ended up being a bit last minute, but I’m glad that we decided to do it! I’ve posted the photos and clicking on any of the photos in this report will take you to the album as well.

We usually stay with my parents in Davidson on the way down to Atlanta, but we decided to stay at a hotel in Anderson this time to get us a bit closer to Atlanta. We left early in the evening from Cary and met my parents for dinner near the interstate. Surprisingly, Maddie did not sleep at all for the entire 3 hours. We were shocked! She was happy for the majority of the trip, so we’re not complaining. She also spent about 20 minutes straight blowing raspberries about the time that we passed by Salisbury. Hrm, expressing disapproval of my hometown or what? Gabe took an amusing photo of her when he was checking to see if she was still awake.

We ended up stopping at Arby’s since the restaurant that we had in mind had a longer wait than we wanted. We had a nice time with my parents, and Maddie fell asleep shortly after we got back onto the road. She slept until just before we found our hotel. Great timing! Of course, this meant that it took us a while to get her settled in the hotel room. We are slowly learning what works best for Maddie when it comes to travel. It’s hard for her to get back to sleep when we have to move her from one place (the car) to another (the hotel room). We didn’t have the best night for sleep, even for us!

In the morning, we headed to Cracker Barrel where we had the WORST Cracker Barrel experience EVER. The service was ridiculously slow, and the food was awful. The eggs looked so bad that we declared them inedible. It was that bad. We never plan to stop at this particular Cracker Barrel again as we believe that they are the same one that had the bad biscuits on our last Atlanta trip. Ugh! That was not a good start or as early of a start as we wanted.

The rest of the day went much better. We stopped at a Publix on the way to my grandparents house to get a few things for Maddie for the weekend as well as a birthday cake for my grandparents and some festive helium balloons. Maddie has been noticing balloons in the grocery store lately, so this was a real treat for her to be able to bring them “home” with her. She was thrilled.

We had a nice afternoon with my grandparents and were later joined by my aunt, uncle and cousins for dinner. Everyone had a great time watching Maddie play and walk (and eat!). She has changed a bunch since December! We went back to the hotel around Maddie’s bedtime, and we had a much better night. We actually managed to get her to sleep for a couple of hours in the pack-n-play. This was a miracle in our eyes. When we walked through the lobby, someone had just ordered a pizza. Both of us decided that pizza sounded like a great idea, so we placed our order on the internet while the baby was snoozing. It was quite tasty!

On Sunday, we checked out of the hotel and headed to my grandparents house for breakfast. Maddie had her first experience with cheesy eggs, and she seemed to like them! Since then, she won’t touch eggs, so who knows. She’s so picky. She did eat really well the whole time we were in Atlanta. Bill, Frances, and John Thomas came over after a while. Bill and John Thomas had to arrive early for the concert, so Frances and I rode Marta downtown a bit later. Gabe, my grandparents, and Maddie spent time together while we were away. Maddie was the perfect baby while I was away, and they had an excellent time.

I was very impressed with the Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra. My cousin is quite serious about playing the trumpet and works very hard at practicing and honing his skills. He’s a talented musician, and I am proud of his accomplishments. I was thrilled to finally see an official performance.

After the show, we had a quick dinner with my family and hit the road again. It was late when we got to my parents house, and we were so tired! Maddie had a decent night, though she skipped the pack-n-play entirely. We spent the morning with my parents. Grandpa gave Maddie a few rides in her new wagon, a birthday present from my parents since they missed her party. She loves the wagon and should be able to use it for many years. We headed back home after lunch, and the trip was uneventful, thankfully. We had another successful family trip to Atlanta (Maddie’s 4th Atlanta trip!).

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