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Walkin’ Maddie video

March 11th, 2009

We haven’t taken any photos for the past few days, but we did actually manage to take a little bit of video. By a little bit, I mean literally two minutes which I cut down to about a minute. Enjoy the video!

2 Responses to “Walkin’ Maddie video”

  1. Lacey Says:

    YAY! Maddie’s walking! Yesterday Charles (from daycare) was telling me how amazing it is to watch a little one learn to walk. I told him it is scary to me…it increases the distance they have to fall to the ground.
    Watching the video of Maddie reminded me how precious it all was. Mallory has been running for a while now, I do enjoy watching her. But that’s with most things she does. I am constantly awed.

    It’s great you have a video of this early walking. It’s harder to take pictures of moving targets!


  2. Ann Says:

    Cute! How did you do those fun transitions in the beginning and at the end that looked like a photo album?