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Weekend in Davidson

November 12th, 2008

We had been to Davidson on three trips earlier in the year – on the way to and from Atlanta in April, on the way to Gatlinburg in July, and on the way to Atlanta in September. We didn’t spend too much time in Davidson on any of those trips, so we decided to take a trip with Davidson as our destination solely to visit with my parents.

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Our drive on Saturday morning was uneventful. We made great time, and Maddie was happy for the majority of the trip. We thought we might have to make a stop somewhere around Salisbury, but she settled down and was calm the rest of the way to Davidson. We arrived around noon and all of us had lunch while we waited for Catherine to arrive. She had a photoshoot scheduled in Davidson, and we wanted to get a few shots for our Christmas cards.

My parents were able to see Catherine in action for the first time, and we walked around to several parks within my parents’ neighborhood. We took a few indoors as well. I’m excited to see the results!

Maddie was ready for a nap shortly after our photo session, and she took a fairly long one! We were planning to go out to dinner once she was awake, and we were all quite hungry by the time that she was finished with her nap! We went to an Italian restaurant in the same building that used to be an arts center where my parents had taken several classes. Maddie was very well behaved in the restaurant and enjoyed Cheerios and little bits of Italian bread.

Maddie had her dinner when we returned to the house, and then played a little before bedtime. She fought her bedtime, but we finally got her into the pack-n-play and the rest of us played Tichu. We actually were able to play an entire game this time, which was fun! Mom and I won against Dad and Gabe. Gabe and I were excited to play Tichu as we have been itching to play for quite a while.

We had a good morning spending time with my parents, and then Mom, Maddie and I headed to the outlet mall around the time that it opened. Mom and I bought some cute things for Maddie. Maddie was properly sized at Stride Rite, and we bought her first real shoes! The shoes are designed for “stage 2″ babies or “cruisers.” I think they are already helping her with stability when standing and should encourage standing, cruising, and walking.

We spent a little more time hanging out with my parents before heading back home. Our ride home was even less eventful, and Maddie slept almost the entire way! We made excellent time. We had a great weekend visiting Maddie’s grandparents!

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